"Throw your soldiers into positions whence there is no escape, and they will prefer death to flight. If they will face death there is nothing they may not achieve. Officers and men alike will put forth their uttermost strength. Soldiers in desperate straits lose their sense of fear. If there is no place of refuge, they will stand firm. If they are in the heart of a hostile country, they will show a stubborn front."-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

August 21st, 2058

Capital Homeland, Dallas

The city cheers...the beastmen are victorious. They have pushed back the human threat. The cheers come from the arena, where the crowd goes rampant, confetti flying as high as the roars of the mob. In the arena's sands, restricted to anyone who's not to fight in them, stand three or so men, clad in power armor. At the helm of these men is someone who the crowd had a previous hate for, wearing his infamous black armor...the Butcher, but in the middle of the euphoria there was no room for hatred or disgust, hence their approving roars continued. New Mexico was secured, and across all frontlines crushing victories against the human armies took place, but it all began on that fateful day of spring.

A figure walks into the arena, a coat flying in the wind, a helmet firmly placed over his head, a pair of horns protruding from them. The new arrival took off his helmet, revealing the face of the Lord General, which drove the crowd into a frenzy, seeing their "savior" come to the spotlight. He waved at the crowd and took a microphone before calmly speaking into it.

-"Homeland. Welcome! Today is a very special day. Today we celebrate the bravery of not just these men, but the hundreds of others who perished in the fight. Let us remember them as the heroes they were, immortalizing them in our hearts and memories, honor them with the blood that'll be spilled in this arena today. Record them in our history by marking this day as the day when we gained the upper hand, when our turn to attack came, when we showed our enemies that we are not pushovers. Thus these three hundred men will be awarded with the Distinguished Silver Cross of Bravery"-he began, before taking his sabre and unsheathing it. As he did this, the crowd gradually went silent, until nothing but the Lord General's voice could be discerned. The sword itself was very ornamented, but that wasn't where the story ended. It had a chemically treated blade, a very small plasma generator within the hilt of the blade unleashing a blue hue which would allow it to tear through armor. He then turned to Captain Wilson.-"Take a knee"-He lowly said, which the Butcher did. Ryder then approached him, sheathing the sword and removing it from his waist.-"And to these men who held out against these impossible odds, you will no longer be known as a simple regiment. No...just like the Hellenics who held out against the Persians in the Hot Gates, you too will be now and forever known as Spartans. And who to lead the Spartans into battle but their Captain!?"- He shouted, before presenting the sword to the Captain. Theodore would gently take the sword with both his hands. -"Thus I dub thee, Spartan Captain Theodore Wilson. Rise!"

The crowd stares as Wilson takes the sword, strapping the sheathe on his belt, opposite to his sabre. The silence remains for a second or two, before being broken by a few people cheering. He was hated by the public...the Butcher...but that didn't stop them from recognizing his victories...as the hero he was at the moment. The cheering evolved into a raging roar as the arena was filled by the voices of the many beastmen who attended...and Wilson just stared.

January 7th, 2031

14000m above Flagstaff, Arizona

I look at my hands, particularly my L-10P, equipped with a muffler to remove the traces from the shots and minimize the sound of the bolt exiting the barrel little more than the sound of a small vapor release. I can see my reflection on the metal casing where the battery goes, the collapsible stock, different from the usual L-10s. Everything is being swallowed by a red hue as we fly high above the clouds. We're about to drop...enemy HQ is in Flagstaff...the humans have dug out just east of the city and we can't move because of Artillery...what a shit show…


I sigh, everything around me seeming muffled as I try to focus, try to put myself in the right mindset.

-"Wilson!"-I hear once more, looking to the direction of the voice.-"Everything alright?"

-"Yeah. Just thinking"- I answer him, looking over to him, already set up, only his helmet's faceplate lowered, showing a bead similar to that of a bird of prey, like a falcon, complete with a black set of feathers, lined by a golden beak and eyes with large pupils. My good friend Alex…known the little bastard since we were just five. We used to be humans back then. Me a grizzly old wanker and him a young boy with a lot of hopes for the future -"Trying to convince myself I won't fuck up"

-"Oh yeah...you just got promoted to Sergeant, didn't you? Don't worry about it, it's just like being a grunt, only now you get to scream at people for fucking up, hahaha!"-He said, laughing.

-"Alex, don't forget those words when I make you PT so hard the wings that you didn't grow are gonna come into existence to help you, hahaha!"-I laugh with him.

Our dimly lit cargo hold is then lit by a red light, signalling our time to drop.

. -"We're nearing the drop zone"- Alex said.

-"No shit, Sherlock, what gave it away?"- I jokingly replied.

-"Jeez, don't need to be a dick about it."

I shake my head get up from my seat, my helmet's faceplate dealing shut, before I strap my armor to a cable above us, as at this altitude the plane's doors would literally throw us out otherwise. Our Lieutenant stood in the back of the transport, where the ramp began and looked at us.

-"All up!"-He shouted, his voice imposing over any charter that may have been present. We all stand up and organize in files of ten, totalling one hundred and fifty men across six files. After that we strapped ourselves to a wire running all the way to the back of the plane and the Lt. shouts at us once more.

-" on!"-He barked out, which leads to us tapping a sequence of buttons on our armor's left forearm, followed by a beep and our legs firmly locking onto the aircraft's floor.A good minute passes with no contestation from anyone, thus the Lt. speaks up once more.-"Radios and gear, check!"-he commands, before pressing a button by the ramp, which made it start lowering. The radio chatter floods with the sounds of checks. I tap my body with my armor's gauntlets, feeling my gear on me and then providing my own check. After another two minutes, the light turns green. I'm first in my file and step forward, my feet heavy due to the on my armor. I step forward to the edge of the ramp and look at the Lieutenant on my right, who then shouted.-"GO! GO! GO!"

The first line disengages the straps and jumps forward, making the also shut down, before being essentially thrown out of the plane. The next file did the same, and the next, and the next, until eventually one hundred and fifty men had dropped out of the plane. We dived down head first against the wind, our pointed helmets and overall aerodynamic of the armor giving us little wind resistance and allowing us to amass massive speeds. After a short while, our armors, which were fitted with a sort of metallic wings on the back would extend the things, our HUD shifting to something more akin to what you'd see on an aircraft. As always these wings were connected to our nervous system, thus controlling them was a matter of thought. We tilted ourselves slowly upwards, until we were no longer diving, but gliding at massive speeds across the air. It's now where we start seeing the enemy ahead of us. The muzzle flashes of artillery, the endless tracers of AA guns, the fires brought on by war…

We can see the AA guns occasionally look towards us, but just as we fear doom, they continue on their way. We are too small to be seen the humans' automated AA systems, a weakness we exploit. Our LZ is just behind them.

-"Raptor 1-1 I see the LZ ahead, deploying chutes in 30"-I say over the radio as me and my men wiz over and past the humans, silent as the night and unseen. After 30 more seconds of flight, my men start unleashing their shutes, from last to drop to first to drop, the first being me. We felt our bodies being suddenly pushed back, as if we were about to run away but the wind itself grabbed us by the shoulder and pushed us back and pulled us back, allowing us to slowly drop onto the ground like a leaf carried by a breeze.

I look up to where we came from, only seeing the clouds, the planes either long gone or far, far up in the clouds, away from prying eyes. I check my belongings, noting everything's with me, my armored hands patting my chest, legs, arms. I roll my chute back into the backpack that's between my armor's wings, which are now folded back. I turn my head back to see everyone either landing or already on the ground, ready to go on with the mission, when a buzz comes through to my ear. It's the radio.

-"Company, check"- Said the Lieutenant, an order that was quickly answered with multiple "checks" from the several squad leaders.

-"2nd, Check"- I say after all the troops have landed, the armor automatically activates the microphone as it senses I'm about to speak.

-"Good. Proceed to your objectives. The offensive force is relying on us."

With that he cuts out and I once again look behind.

-"Form up"-I say over the radio, and the men start coming over to me.

Once we've all formed up, we start moving forward, heading towards the darkness of the city, seemingly abandoned as the power was cut from the civilian sectors in order to curb bombing raids, which only further aids us. To the east we can see the faint blaze of floodlights lighting up what would the next day become a battlefield, Echo Company's objective surely behind it. But we're in the 2nd Company. That's not our problem…


We approach the southwestern side of the city. Everything looks empty, abandoned, derelict. Windows on buildings are boarded up, cars are all pushed onto the sidewalk. It feels like nobody has lived here in days, but the eerie presence of the many humans who live in Flagstaff haunt it. We move from cover to cover when we spot our entry point. Dead ahead we spot a human barricade, about twelve humans, five of which were manning the defensive works. Sandbags make up cover, two of them with machine guns mounted on them while the rest are more or less scattered about, patrolling the general location. Behind them a Humvee stands, it's imposing figure looking over the others like a mother watching over her children. I raise my hand above my head in a closed fist and everyone comes to a halt, looking over to the fortified positions. I lift four fingers and use them to point to the right, before repeating the same motion but this time to the left, my fellow beastmen spreading out along the cars and other things in the road, using them for cover and hiding and taking positions. I look to the left and then the right, giving a nod each time, before looking down my rifle's sights. I place my finger into the trigger guard, using my thumb to press off the safety, prior to gently squeezing. The rifle barely moves back and the only thing that seems to come out of the barrel is a small puff of smoke, the noise barely existent as a seemingly invisible projectile heads straight to the human's chest, piercing past his plate carrier and out the other side, clean, leaving only a scorched hole where it hit. That little "puff" was soon followed by eight more as the rest of the squad fired, each shot hitting true. After that we get up from our cover, starting to move in unison, each step looking like it was perfectly synced, our rifles moving left and right, up and down, checking the windows with a careful gaze, as any of these could possibly be inhabited and give away our operation. The city streets are black, illuminated only by some spotlights and the moon above us, windows either gone or minimally boarded up...as if that would stop anything.

We walk past the ADF's checkpoint, me and four others taking point, another four taking the rear and the rest scanning the buildings that tower over us. The silence on the streets is ominous, a stark contrast to what the skyscrapers that adorn the city would indicate. With every step I take I feel as if the ghosts of those that once dwelled in the city watched over me, looking over me, the enemy, the invader...the silence is broken after a short while, the sounds of gunfire piercing the skies as tracers start to fly across the night sky, putting on a display of firepower accompanied by the symphony of death. Their target? The scout planes that came to mark targets so that dive bombers could soften up the enemy defenses and take out key positions artillery can't, like bunkers. All we can hear is the all mighty and deafening "BRRRRRRRRRT" of the Phalanxes as they unleash a deadly torrent of forty five hundred 20mm rounds per minute. That's our target, now showing us their location.

We continue to move onwards until we come across another checkpoint, this time right in front of the Sechrist Hall building, where the tracers are coming from. Sandbags line the entrance to the building complex, an M2 in the middle of them. Soldiers patrol around the entrance, flashlights visible through windows every now and then as the humans roam the halls, oblivious to us, for now

-"I count 6"- I say over the radio,

-"I got 8"- Alex promptly replied"

-"There's more inside"-One of our squad mates said, to which I sigh.

-"We're gonna have to take the building"-Alex said, tapping the side of his helmet so that his visor would zoom in.

-"Yeah. Take the building, blow the AAs, call a dropship"-I say, before looking back at the rest of my men-"Me and Alex will take overwatch on this building right here. The rest of you will take and secure the building, we'll join you after you clear the building. We won't have long till the fort comes crashing down on us and the airforce wants to hit their targets by 2 AM.

I hear a plethora of "Roger that"s and "Copy"s, to which I nod and, shortly after, me and Alex head into the building. Quietly forcing the door of the apartment open wasn't difficult nor noisy, revealing to us an elevator and a set of stairs. We slowly walk up the stairs, always looking upwards, ready to fire with our fingers within the trigger guard. We make our way to the third floor, where we enter one of the apartments with a view of the Sechrist Hall. Alex places his hand on the door frame once we've forced the door open, leaving a motion sensor behind to notify us of any threats that may come to shoot us in the back.

-"This looks like a good spot"-Alex said, checking corners I could not, whilst i do the same.

-"Clear"-I said over the radio, my rifle, previously aiming forward and ready to fire now linged and facing down. The house is derelict, just like the streets, objects seemingly thrown about in chaos as the residents were forced out in a rush for their own safety.

-"Clear"- Alex replies back to me after a couple of seconds, coming into the same room as me. He takes a chair from a dinner table and sets it up by a window in the target's building. My eyes scan back and forth along the windows in search of hostiles. Alex is standing guard by me.

-"So how's your sister been?"- He asked. I sigh.-"She's still mad I signed up for the army?"

-"Not a good time"-I answer him after a short silence.

-"I guess that's a yes"-He quickly replied, looking at me.

-"No, it's that this isn't the time for this"-I say, but avoiding his eye contact, instead only looking through the window.

-"Look I know she's pissed, but what was I gonna do? I had no job, the recruiter said they paid good cash. I don't love her no less because I left."-He begins.-"Plus you're not one to talk. It ain't like she gave you consent to hop on a plane and join the paratroopers either."

-"The difference is that I haven't even finished high school. I don't have anything else"-I tell him.-"Now for fuck's sake do you mind shutting the fuck up about thi? We're in the middle of something in case you haven't noticed"-I add, before I speak into my radio-"Squad, we're in position. Whenever you're ready, let me know."

-"We're ready, Sarge. Waiting on your go"-I hear as a reply.

-"Move in"-I say, before looking down the sights at the soldier guarding the entrance.

I squeeze the trigger, the muffled bolts of my rifle moving forward and piercing through their armor, coming out the other end of the soldier manning the M2 and only leaving behind a burnt mess of charred organs and liquified flesh. As I fire, I take notice of my squad below me starting to move up and open fire on the human defenders. One of them moves to man the now vacant MG, only to be put down by my shots.

-"Tangoes coming for the windows, second floor"- the golden eyed falcon said.

With the position of my enemies notified, I shift my aim upwards, before resuming my automatic hail of gunfire. The recoil is non existent, allowing me to continue to lay down fire, shots bursting through the windows and into the enemy's head, shoulder, torso or whatever may be hit, only leaving behind a bloody mess at best or a charred hole at worst. By now the guards at our entry point are gone, dead or dying, my men form up by the front door, entering to breach and clear. We can see some enemies taking cover below the windows on the second floor, taking peak every now and then to try and spot us. Before I even line up a shot, the other beastmen rush into the second floor, their lasfire blasting into the humans and riddling their bodies with charred holes.

-"First floor clear"-we hear over the radio, as the squad keeps on moving along the building.

-"Second Clear. Overwatch, you're clear to move up"-We hear, all while the remaining resistance is crushed by our mighty guns and our armor.

-"Copy that, we're moving up"-I answer them, getting off the window.

Alex takes point this time, placing his hand on the door frame where he had positioned the motion sensor, removing it and then looking left and right, examining the hallway, before moving into the stairs, going down with me closely following behind him. Just like on the way up, our rifles always face the direction opposite to us, but facing down rather than up as we descend.

-"Wilson, I can see an enemy transport heading towards us. We'll give you cover, but you gotta make it snappy"- One of my squad members says, Garth.

And true enough I start to hear the faint rumble of an engine in the distance as we arrive at the ground floor and exit the building. Now the previously dark city is lit around us as the spotlights face our target's building. I can see my men take position by the windows, the rumbling of the distant engine now coming closer and turning into a raging roar.

-"We're almost there"-I hear Alex say as we hear the screen of an engine.

I look behind, seeing an APC and a pair of Humvees with an M2 mounted on top of each. My eyes widen under my helmet, as I face forward and shout.


As my voice rings out, it is quickly overshadowed by the sound of the machine guns firing off. Their bullets impale into the ground, shooting gravel up. We hear then whizzing past us we jump over the sandbag fortifications and crawl into the first room of the building we can, using the walls for cover as the .50 cal machine gun rains down destruction to the fortifications the humans once held. My squad upstairs fires back at the humans who take cover behind the APC, buildings, pieces of rubble, etc, but the sound of their shots are but a single string instrument in the orchestra that the pair of machine guns play. Me and Alex make a break for the second floor once we hear a break in the enemy fire.

-"Garth, start planting the charges, we're gonna have to evac through the roof!"-I say over the radio, quickly receiving confirmation.

I can see Garth start moving up the stairs, taking his position on the window, ducking down.

-"Bird's Nest this is Raptor 2, requesting immediate evac on the Sechrist building, grid Delta Foxtrot. We're under heavy fire!"-I say into my radio. A brief silent follows, but it's quickly broken by the buzz of the radio coming to life.

-"Raptor 2, the earliest we can have an evac ready is 10 mikes"

-"Fuck"-I scoff under my breath, before starting to speak into the radio again.-"Negative, we aren't gonna last another 5 minutes let alone ten"

-"We'll see what we can do, Raptor 2, but we can't guarantee anything"-The radio operator warns.-"Nest out"

-"We're on our own, boys"-I say after sighing

-"Yeah, well we won't be alone for long. Skinners 'bout to to breach the entrance!"-a private shouts.

And just as he said that, we hear a blast downstairs, as the human troopers enter the building, the shuffling of their gear being heard coming from the stairs.

"Fuck it!"-I shout.-"Everyone, roof, now!"- I continue, starting to head towards the stairs.

We began to run up towards the stairs, rifles raised, when the humans began to reach the floor we were in, exposing their bodies as they came up the stairs. Both me and Alex fired our rifles, the bolts of energy tearing through the poor bastard and hitting the guy behind.

-"Garth, take point. Me and Alex will cover the retreat!"- I command, to which the young private doesn't reply, but does just as instructed.

Me and Alex take position by the stairs as the men retreat upstairs towards the roof, walking backwards ourselves once they have all gone through. Alex recoils as he is hit by one of the human's bullets square in the chest, using the wall for support.

-"FUCK!"-he shouts in pain as the bullet didn't go through, but still caused pain, denting the front plate in slightly. He then got up and regained his composure, before continuing the journey upwards. -"Skinner's are gonna overrun us at this rate!"-he then added.

-"Over my fucking dead body…"-I answer him, my voice teaming with anger.

I grab a grenade from my belt and twist the cap, before counting to three before letting it go down the stairs.

-"FUCKING RUN!"-I shout, before running up the stairs, helping whoever is falling behind by pushing them up.

The grenade exploded, the last thing heard before the explosion overshadowed all sound was the scream of the poor sucker who got the blast face first, shrapnel impaling past skin and bone and the shockwave causing the stairwell to shake. We ran into the roof, the enemy CWISes now having ceased fire, an intermittent red light blaring lowly. They were the explosives, more than enough to blast the roof nothing but rubble. I panted, changing the battery on my rifle and looking at my men. Five of them were already dead, but there was no time to mourn the dead, for the shuffling of boots could still be heard coming up the stairs.

-"Star the timer. Set it to 10 seconds"-I ordered our demo specialist, who nodded and took a hold of a remote. Before pressing the button to start a countdown, he would look at me.

-"Sir, I don't mean to be a bummer, but you give any thoughts about how we leaving this roof? I'd rather my only choices not be gunned down by the Skinners or blown up by my own arse"-He told me, masking his concern with a joke. I took a look around and took a deep breath, before speaking up.

-"We jump. We deploy our gliders, make a run for a vehicle and make a run for our trench"-I tell the man, who is understandably not buying it.-"If we stick a proper landing we won't break any of our bones."

-"I got a bad focking feeling about this…"-He uttered under his breath in a barely audible manner.

I then take another look around and see Alex, before starting to walk towards him. Alex pants underneath his helmet, but is still on his feet.I put his arms over my shoulders, helping him walin to the edge of the roof.

-"Let's go. You jump first"- I said, letting go of Alex, who jumps forward out of the building. I followed him shortly after, extending my arms outwards as my armor's wings unfolded from within.

I look down at the ground, which approaches fast...too fast, the explosives going off behind me, the roof collapsing onto the lower floor. About ten feet off the ground, I shift my body backwards to create as much drag as possible to help with the landing, my feet hitting the ground but not being able to help me much, as I fall forward with the momentum. I get up to my feet, grimacing as I feel my feet in pain...not broken, but they still hurt like a bitch. I press a button on my helmet, a single word coming out of my mouth…"Status?". There's a brief moment of silence, but soon enough I start to receive confirmations of life from some places and gunfire from the other. I sigh, looking down, before saying: "Rendezvous on Kilo Alpha 0692. We don't have long"

Radio silence follows, as I walk the solitaire streets, clutching my rifle. This silence is...strange to say the least. It makes me feel a certain unease and paranoia. The silence makes it so that every minimal sound I hear drives me closer to the edge. The ghost city was once again a ghost. I walk towards one of the larger abandoned cars, as the smaller vehicles won't fit a beastman's larger form and punch through the glass. The alarm goes off, as expected and I open the door, crouching down and starting to hotwire the machine, one of the basic skills we are taught during Airborne training, since you never know when you'll be alone and behind enemy lines. After making short work of the wiring, I get in the driver's seat of the jeep, my clawed hands clutching the steering wheel and driving away to the rendezvous point.

After a short drive I arrived only to be greeted by two soldiers out of the ones I commanded.
-"The others?"-I ask the two survivors, Alex and Garth, both of whom shake their heads. I let out a sigh and motioned them to enter the jeep, who started to head towards me. Just as they were at the door, the booming of machine guns would go off, a bullet hitting Garth in the head, he's dead on the spot, while another hits Alex in the chest again and in his right arm. He nearly falls down onto the ground, but clings on to the window I broke. I hold on to his hand and try to pull him, only to have Alex pull against me. -"COME ON!"- I shouted, more then happy to get the fuck out of there.

-"No…"-Alex said, shaking his head.-"Finish the mission...victory or death."-He added, before another hail of bullets hit him, finishing off and also hitting the rear door. I stare in horror for a second, but then start to drive away, my eyes tearing up. I start to drive away as the machine guns hit the rear of the jeep, soon getting off range...I was in the clear now...hopefully it was all worth it...that our sacrifices weren't in vain.


I woke up in the bed...I made it past our lines...mission accomplished. I get up, groaning and looking at my hands...why me? Why did I make it? Why not anyone else? Before I can ask myself any more questions, a voice comes from the other side of my tent. Looking at the person who spoke, I can see that they are a beastman, like me, though of higher rank, as signalled by his pauldrons. A Captain.

-"Hope you slept well"-he. Said, to which I simply nod, letting out a sigh. The Captain continues to speak.-"HQ has received your report. We are sending you back home for recovery and to tell the families of the men under your command what happened. My condolences, Sergeant Wilson"-He starts to walk away, but I pause for a second, before speaking up.

-"Wait...did we win?"-I asked, getting up and looking to the side where my armor sat, as well as my L-10P, walking forth and starting to put it on.

-"I called off the attack"-the officer told me as I donned the armor, but before I answered, he continues.-"Airforce missed their targets. Enemy fortifications still stand. They took some casualties, but that's it. We'll wait for further reinforcement from the east"-I pant, rage starting to boil within me. What did we die for? What did we suffer for? WHAT DID WE SACRIFICE EVERYTHING FOR!? All these thoughts ran across my mind as I came to the realization that it was all for naught.

-"You can't call off the attack…"-I say, now in my full suit of armor.

-"Hmm? And why is that?"-He asked, turning to face me, only to be shot in the head twice by my L-10.

-"Victory...or death..."-I say in between pants, letting out growls. I walk out of the tent, noticing how nobody has noticed the las-shot and start to look around, seeing a damaged tank just begins our trenches. It didn't seem operational beyond the machine gun mounted onto the top. I took my radio and then began to speak.

-"ATTENTION ALL FORCES! ATTENTION ALL FORCES! THE TIME OF ATTACK HAS BEGUN! CHARGE!"-I shout over the radio...and nothing. Nobody started charging. I let out yet another growl and get on the tank, manning the turret, the shields still operational and now protecting me.-"I said...CHARGE!"-I shouted once more, before starting to fire onto our own trench lines. Some soldiers turn to face me, but without machine guns or small arms, they can do little, as the machine gun fires shot after shot and tears through them. Fearing certain death, some men would start to go over the wire and into no man's land, charging as they were ordered, more and more following suit.-"DO NOT LOOK BACK THE WAY YOU CAME FROM! YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES HAVE ALREADY LEFT YOU! YOU HAVE ALREADY PERISHED TO THE WORLD! YOU ARE MEAT FOR THE GRINDER! YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD! BEHIND YOU THERE IS NO SALVATION, THERE IS NO HOME TO RETURN TO, THERE IS NO LOVING EMBRACE! BEHIND YOU THERE IS ONLY ME, AND I WILL NOT HAVE MY NAME ASSOCIATED WITH COWARDS IN THE AFTERLIFE! I DO NOT ORDER YOU TO FIGHT, THAT'S FOR YOU TO ORDER YOURSELVES! I ORDER YOU TO DIE! VICTORY OR DEATH!"

The men charge straight into the ADF's own charge, meeting them halfway through no man's land, machine guns firing from both sides...I killed 200 of my own men that day...but we won. We broke through their lines and took the city...I was arrested and court martialled...the Butcher of Arizona. Released only because I got results, and with a crosshair on the back of my head. I screw up and I'm dead. That's where I began...that's where I am...I can't let their lives be in vain...we have to win this war...