Author's Note: Hey there, Readers!

This is a story set in a fictional high school in the U.S, and it will feature characters from my other works. Just a fun little project to have a break with before getting back to college work.

Before we follow two sisters on their first day, I just want to wish you other high schoolers well in life. Don't let anyone put you down, because you are great people.

Now then, let's raise the curtain and start the show!



A girl groaned from under her blanket.


A tanned hand with skinny fingers crept out of the covers and turned off the alarm clock, then retreated back in.

Not even a minute after, there was a hard knock on the door.

"Viridi, time to get up!" Another girl called.

The girl under the blanket let out another annoyed groan, but reluctantly crawled out.

Drowsy amber eyes looked at the clock on the nightstand.

7:00 AM

Viridi let out a yawn before getting out of bed.

Ten minutes later, she was checking herself out through a mirror on her door.

Despite being fifteen, she hadn't yet grown into her womanhood. In fact, she was kinda small and awkward looking. She was still cute in a nerdy way, thanks to her periwinkle dress and copper-framed glasses.

"First day at a new school." She said to herself, a little anxious. "I hope it goes well..."


Later, Viridi was walking down Hanes Street with Fiora, her older sister.

At sixteen, Fiora had developed quite well. She showed it by wearing a tight shirt and skinny jeans. Combined with her smooth white skin, she was like a model ready to go down a runway.

Viridi glanced at her sister, feeling her anxiety settle in. If it wasn't for them sharing the same hair and eye colors, they probably wouldn't be considered sisters.

"I'm not sure about this Fiora." The younger girl muttered. "I mean, what if I don't fit in with the other girls?"

"Just be you." The older one replied kindly. "Viridi, I know it was rough at our last school, but you can't let that keep you from trying your best. And from what Uncle Ferdie said, Fairville is one of the nicer schools in the state. You got nothing to worry about."

"I guess..."

Viridi looked like she wanted to say more, but she just shook her head and stayed silent for the rest of the walk.


Fairville High looked nice enough.

It was a big stone building, which had just gotten a fresh coat of paint. To the right side of it, there was a smaller building, which was labeled 'GYM'. Standing beside it was a pole, wear the school's green flag waved back and forth.

Nearby was a baseball field, which looked a little worn from years of use. Someone could be seen mowing the grass, apparently preparing it for later use.

Some students were just barely arriving on time, and were rushing into the school. Others were just hanging around, not really caring about being late.

"This is it!" Fiora said excitedly. "Ready for your first day?"

"Y-yeah." Viridi said hesitantly. "Totally ready."

"Let's hurry and find our classes. We only got five minutes until the bell rings."

They hurried up the steps and tried to go through the doorway, but ended up freezing in front of it.

A cute, ginger haired guy was riding down through the hall on a skateboard, and he was headed straight for the sisters.

"INCOMING!" He warned.

Fiora recovered from her surprise and pulled Viridi out of the way, letting the skateboarder pass by.

He whooped as he kicked off the steps, soaring through the air for a moment. Then he landed perfectly back on his skateboard and did a victory lap around the parking lot. Some students laughed and cheered him on, entertained by the stunt

"Who's the best!?" The guy hollered, waving his arms. "Warren's the best!"

"Wha..." Fiora sweatdropped.

Just then, a suit-wearing woman with braided blue hair came stomping out of the school. She was actually fairly pretty, but the furious look she sported made the students around her back off.

"MR. MOON!" She shouted. "You are in so much trouble when I catch you!"

"As if you could!" Warren jeered, sticking his tongue at her.

He sped over to the flag pole and proceeded to ride around it.

"I am the man!" He boasted, pumping his fist.

Then suddenly he was lifted off his skateboard, which continued to circle the flag pole.

Holding the ginger was a well-dressed man in his mid-fifties, with peppery hair, grey eyes, and an amused smile.

"Mr. Moon." He greeted.

"Eh..." Warren smiled nervously, green eyes widening. "Heya, Mr. Dyke..."

"Do I need to go over the Code of Conduct with you?"

"N-no Sir."

"Then get to class while I confiscate your skateboard."

"Yes Sir!'

And just like that, Warren was running towards the building. The other students laughed at him as he passed by.

"Excuse me!" He said as he dashed past the girls.

Fiora stared after him in disbelief. "What the heck?"

"That was..." Viridi tilted her head. "interesting..."

She looked up at the teacher.

"Um...could you direct us to-"

"Hold on a moment." The lady held up a finger.

She turned to the crowd of students, took a deep breath, then let out a shout.


They all froze for a moment, then made a mad dash for the building.

After that, the teacher took a moment to compose herself, then smiled at the sisters and greeted them.

"Anyway, welcome to Fairville High! I am Mrs. Elise Bishop, the History teacher. You must be Mr. Viento's nieces, right?"

"Yeah." Fiora raised an eyebrow. "How did you-"

"I live across the street. Your uncle is a family friend, you know." Mrs. Bishop looked at Viridi. "I got a son about your age. He's in the Gifted Program too."

"Really?" Viridi was amazed.

"Yes." The teacher's sapphire eyes shimmered. "He's made me so proud!"

The teacher coughed and composed herself, cheeks red from embarrassment.

"Well, I'll show you to your rooms. The least I can do for my friend's relatives."

"Thank you!" The sisters said gratefully, bowing their heads.


The first was room 2-B, where Art class was being held.

"This will be your homeroom." Mrs. Bishop informed Viridi. "If you need any advice, refer to your teacher."

"See you later Viri." Fiora said. "I'll be around if you need me."

"Thank you." Viridi said with a slight smile. "But I'll be fine."

The sisters turned away from each other, ready to temporarily separate.

Viridi took a deep breath, then opened the door and stepped into the classroom.

She saw that it had three tables on each side, with two students per table. Only one student, a blonde freshman, lacked a partner. At the back of the room, the teacher was seated at his desk.

Viridi flinched when everyone turned their heads to her. The teacher clicked his tongue

"Ah, you must be Viridi Reese." He said with a frown. "Am I correct?"

"Y-yes sir." The green haired girl mumbled.

"Well, I just called your name. I'll let your tardiness slide this time, but you better be here on time from now on. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now go sit by Noah, he'll be your partner for this year."

The teacher pointed to the freshman, who sat in the center table at the right side. Viridi nodded and went to her seat.

When she got there, the young man greeted her with a heartmelting smile.

"Hi Viridi." He said smoothly. "I'm Noah Bishop. Pleased to meet you."

Viridi shivered slightly, now aware of how cute he was. His sapphire eyes seemed to stare into her soul.

"U-um..." She put her hands on her lap and smiled nervously. "N-nice to meet you too."

The teacher cleared his throat before speaking again.

"My name is Gavin Kane. You'll refer to me as Mr. Kane. It's nice to meet you all, and I hope to bring out some passion for art out of you."

He passed out blank sheets of paper to all of the students.

"Now then, I want each of you to draw a picture of yourself. Just so I can know where you all stand."

Viridi's eyes lit up, and an excited smile crept on her face. This caused Noah to chuckle a bit.

"I take it you like art?" He guessed.

"Yep!" She chirped. "It's my favorite subject, and my talent!"

"Huh, your talent. Okay, show me what you can do."

Viridi's hands were a blur as she grabbed her backpack and dug through it. In seconds, she had brought out a pencil, some colored ones, and an eraser.

Then she went to work, sketching bits of her life onto the blank space in front of her, like it was a natural thing to do.

Ten minutes later, she was proudly showing off her creation.

It was herself, sitting amidst a field of flowers. Among them were pink carnations, purple amenones, and white lillies.

Despite the colorful scenery, Viridi's depiction on herself was a little...bittersweet. There was a smile on her face, yet there was a bit of sadness behind it.

"Very good!" Mr. Kane praised. "Such remarkable handiwork! That's what I expected from the artist of the Gifted Program."

The other students looked at Viridi's art in awe.

"So pretty!" One girl complimented.

"Think you can tutor me?" Another blurted out.

The green-haired girl smiled sheepishly and set her drawing face down.

Now with an example of great art, the other students went back to work with greater motivation. Meanwhile, Noah talked to his partner.

"Your uncle did say you were a good artist." He said in amusement. "But I didn't know it was actually your gift."

"It's always been something I had an affinity for." She said, blushing slightly. "So you're Mrs. Bishop's son. You guys live across the street?"

"Yeah. Surprised you didn't notice us, honestly."

"Well...we just barely moved in yesterday. We just spent the day recovering from the flight, that's all."

Noah nodded in understanding, then started to rummage through his bag.

"Well, I need to start drawing. I might not be as good as you, since Algebra is my style, but I still hope to impress."

Viridi had a pleasant smile on her face as she watched him draw, and it was still there even after the bell rang.


As Fiora walked to her next class, she bumped into someone.

"Ah!" She shrieked as she fell back.

She landed on her side with a 'thud', and her school supplies spilled out of her bag.

"Watch where you're going!" The young man scolded.

Fiora shook off her daze, then scowled up at him.

He was around her age, and had shaggy brown hair that matched his eyes. He had the typical 'bad boy' getup, which consisted of a brown leather jacket and a baggy black shirt, with a dark pair of pants to match.

"Sorry." Fiora spat, getting to her feet. "But do you have to be so rude?"

He huffed. "Just get out of my way."

And with that, he shoved past her and went to his next class. She glared after him until he was out of sight.

"Could have at least said sorry." She grumbled. "What a jerk."

She looked at the mess on the floor and sighed.

"I'm going to be late..."

Then she heard someone speak to her from behind.

"I can help you with that."

The green-haired girl turned and saw the skateboarder, Warren Moon, grinning at her.

"Can't leave a lady to pick up her stuff by herself." He said with a wink.

She smiled in amusement. "And I thought you were a delinquent."

"Oh, I am. But even delinquents can be chivalrous."

The ginger knelt down and began to collect Fiora's stuff. After rolling her eyes, she joined him. In just a minute, all of her things were back in her bag.

"Thank you." She said. "Well, I need to get to class before the bell rings."

"You're going to Mrs. Sanchez, I take it?" Warren guessed.

"Yeah. You too?"

"Sure am." He grinned. "Guess this means I can walk with you. It's my lucky day!"

"Heh, whatever. But it's nice to have company. Come on."

Together, the delinquent and the beauty walked to their second period.


"So we're going to be in every class together?" Viridi asked Noah as they walked to second period.

"Yep." He said with a frown. "Your uncle and my mom set it up with the principal. I told them they didn't have to do that, but...they thought it would be better to have someone looking out for you. Don't know why."

For a second, Viridi looked scared. But she shook her head and put up a smile.

"So you're like my personal knight."

He chuckled. "I guess so."

They stopped at room 1-A, the Literature classroom. Noah opened the door and held it out.

"Milady." He said with a bow.

The green-haired girl blushed. It took all she had to not scream with joy.

"T-thank you!" She said hastily, darting into the classroom.

She froze when she saw her uncle, Mr. Ferdinand Viento, giving her a stern look from his desk.

Just like his nieces, he had amber eyes and dark green hair, which was well-combed and had streaks of gray in it. His tan face looked a little worn, as he was in his late-forties with a somewhat stressing job.

And upon seeing his Viridi running into the class, his blood pressure took a small spike for the first time that day.

"Viridi," He warned. "you know better than to run in the building."

She bowed her head. "S-sorry Uncle Ferdie!"

A few students snickered at that, which made Mr. Viento scowl and blush in embarrassment.

"D-don't call me that here!"

After taking a moment to compose himself, he directed Viridi and Noah to some seats at the back.

In between them was a well-dressed boy with black hair and gold eyes, who greeted Noah with a cheerful look.

"Hey there Noah!"

"Heya Ron." The blonde greeted back.

Ron turned his head to Viridi, rather curious.

"So you're one of Mr. Viento's nieces?"

"Yep." She answered, tilting her head. "So you two know each other?"

"He's been my best friend since we were in first grade." Noah clarified. "He's also a Gifted kid."

"Reading and writing are my talents." Ron said proudly. "My full name's Ronald Maverick. Most people call me Ron." He held out his hand to Viridi. "And you are?"

"Viridi Reese." She replied happily, shaking it. "I'm glad to have another friend."

At that moment, Mr. Viento started roll call, which made the new friends end their conversation.


When second period ended, Fiora and Warren walked out together.

"So who do you have next?" He asked.

"I got my uncle next." She answered. "Mr. Viento."

"Figured. You both have the same hair color."

The ginger frowned and crossed his arms, much to Fiora's confusion.

"What's wrong?" She wondered.

"Eh, I'm just not fond of him. Nags on me all the time. Well, most of the staff do."

"For good reason, I think."

"Okay, I goof off alot. That doesn't mean I deserve to be yelled at."

Warren stopped in front of Room 4-A, which held the History class.

"Well, time to face the Fearsome Holy Maiden." He said with a cocky grin. "I shall see you at lunch."

Fiora smiled at him in amusement. "Behave yourself."

"You know I won't."

After flashing a peace sign, he opened the door and went into the classroom.

"What's up my homies!" He shouted before closing the door.

Fiora shook her head and chuckled. Then she turned to resume walking to her third period.

However, she stumbled back upon smaking her forehead into someone's chin. She barely managed to avoid falling over for the second time that day.

The green-haired girl looked up to see who she collided with, then scowled when it turned out to be the rude brunette from earlier.

"Didn't I tell you to watch it?" He said with an edge, clenching his fists.

"I'm sorry." Fiora said as calmly as possible. "If you'll excuse me, I need to get to class."

"Just get out of my way."

Once again, the guy shoved past her with no apology at all. She glared after him until he walked into Mrs. Bishop's classroom.

"What the hell is his deal?" She muttered.


The cafeteria was quite big. Besides enough tables to hold all the students and teachers, there was also a stage that was currently closed off with green curtains.

Viridi squeezed through the crowd of students and sat down with her new friends. There was a look of joy on her face.

"Been awhile since I sat down with someone!" She said.

Ron and Noah looked at each other quizzically, then at her.

"What do you mean?" Ron asked.

Viridi hung her head, now looking rather sad.

"I didn't really have friends before I came here." She muttered. "Well, I did once, but..."

She silenced herself, and the boys nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, I get it." Noah said with sympathy. "A lot of people resent others like us."

"They just don't understand that being gifted doesn't mean we have it easier than them." Ron added.

"Heh...yeah." Viridi said with a wry smile. "Nothing is easy."

"And that's why we'll have your back. If you ever need anything, you can tell us."

"We Gifted kids gotta stick together, after all." Noah said in agreement.

The green-haired girl giggled. "Thanks guys."

At that moment, Fiora walked up to the ninth-graders, with Warren in tow.

"Hey sis." She greeted. "I see you've made some new friends already."

"And so have you." Viridi said, eyeing Warren. "Isn't he the delinquent from this morning?"

"Yes, yes I am." He said proudly, striking a pose.

Everyone at the table sweatdropped.

"So uh..." Noah looked at Fiora. "I'm Noah. That's Ron over there."

"I'm Fiora." She introduced. "Has my sister been alright?"

"No need to worry. We're taking care of her."

"Phew...thank you. I know it's not easy, but...she really does need a friend."

"Yeah, I get that." The blonde put a hand over his heart. "I promise to make sure she's safe and happy."

Viridi looked down to hide her blush, and tried to keep herself from screaming like a fangirl. That got Fiora to laugh.

"He is such a charmer." She whispered to her. "You like him?"

"D-don't tease me!" Viridi hissed, putting her hands on her lap.

"She totally has the hots for him." Warren gleefully whispered to Fiora.

Noah and Ron looked at them in confusion, not really knowing what was going on.

Then a voice boomed from the stage, startling everyone.


The students turned their heads to see who was up there.

It was a young man who looked around seventeen years old. His shoulder-length hair was scarlet colored and intentionally messy. A pair of equally red eyes could be seen behind a pair of black shades. His dark clothes were baggy and kinda torn, just barely hanging on his lean frame.

He was almost like...


He was interrupted by a furious Mrs. Bishop.


The redhead was taken aback, but he quickly recovered and said one last thing to his peers.

"Come to Trenton Park at 8 PM!" He looked towards the back of the stage. "Time to split Erica and Wendy!"

"Yes Armand!" Two girls said in unison, suddenly appearing from behind him.

Erica was tall and skinny, and looked just as wild as Armand. Her golden brown hair was very frizzy and stuck out all over. Her baggy pink tank top and very short purple shorts were really pushing the dress code.

Wendy was rather short and slender, with short and neat pink hair that had a little butterfly clipped to it. Unlike her peers, she dressed rather simply with a white blouse and blue leggings. A pair of silver frame glasses were perched in front of her blue eyes.

They bolted off the stage along with their leader, with many students hollering in excitement for them.

Mrs. Bishop put a hand over her face and sighed, while Mr. Dyke chuckled from behind her.

"I don't know if I can handle them for this year and the next..." She muttered.

"Just try to enjoy it." He advised. "They do bring a certain liveliness to the town."

Viridi and Fiora looked at their friends curiously.

"Golden Phoenixes?" The younger sister questioned.

"They're quite the celebrities around the town." Noah explained, looking amused. "They're a rock band that formed last year."

"Seems they're holding a concert tonight." Warren said with a grin. "How about we all go together?"

"I don't know..." Ron said skeptically. "Don't these things usually have beer and stuff like that? I was always taught to stay away from places like that."

"Oh yeah, your old man is the pastor of the Christian Church." The ginger waved his hand dismissively. "Eh, don't worry about it. Armand has someone to check for anything like that. He knows underage people go to his concerts."

"If you're sure...then I guess it's fine. I just need to tell my parents."

"I doubt Mom would let me go to a, in her words, 'gathering of delinquents'." Noah said with air quotes. "But I'll try to convince her anyway."

"We'll get our uncle's permission." Fiora said. "Although, we don't really know where the park is."

"My dad can take all of us." Ron offered. "You two live across from Noah, right?"


The niner looked at Warren. "You want a ride?"

"Nah." The ginger shook his head. "I'll just skate over there."

The bell rang, signalling the students to head to their next class.


When school finally ended for the day, the sisters met up with Noah to see Ron off.

"My dad and I will pick you up at 7:30." The dark haired boy said as he opened the door of a white SUV. "See you then!"

"Later." Noah said with a wave.

A few seconds later, the sisters' uncle arrived with a small suitcase in hand.

"Hello, children." He said politely.

"Ah, Uncle Ferdie!" Viridi said excitedly. "Fiora and I were just wondering if'-"

"Before you ask Viridi, there is something Mr. Dyke, Mrs. Bishop, and I would like to discuss with you. Come."

Seeing how serious her Uncle Ferdie looked, she reluctantly complied.


"You two go home." He told her sister and Noah. "We won't be long."

Despite their concerns, they turned and started to walk.

"I wonder what's wrong..." The blonde wondered.

"My sister...has medical issues." Fiora said hesitantly.

"Medical issues? What do you mean?"

But she remained silent the whole walk home, not even looking Noah in the eye.


Viridi was seated in Mr. Dyke's office, looking down at her feet.

Her uncle was standing beside her, with a comforting hand on her shoulder. Mrs. Bishop was at the door, keeping a lookout for eavesdroppers. The principal himself was facing uncle and niece, looking rather serious.

"Miss Reese," he said carefully. "I understand how difficult life is for someone with your condition, so-"

"It's not a condition." Viridi snapped, scowling up at him. "Don't call it that."

Her face immediately fell back down upon realizing how harsh she sounded.


"No, I'm sorry." Mr. Dyke said, inclining his head. "That was insensitive of me."

"If even you can be like that..." Mr. Viento shook his head and sighed. "I shudder to think of what everyone else will say. And what they will do."

"Which is why this is all confidential. Only the three of us know about Viridi."

"Even so...I can't help but worry."

The principal nodded in understanding before refocusing on Viridi.

"You kept it a secret at your last school for two years." He said softly. "Somehow, it got out. Tell me how. Maybe I can do something to prevent that from happening again."

The green-haired girl's eyes widened in horror as she began to remember.

"Oh my God, what is THAT!?"


"You're a creep! People like you shouldn't even exist!"

She quickly shook the memories away and covered her face.

"I'm sorry..." She sobbed. "I can't do it..."

"It's okay." Mr. Dyke assured with a nod. "When you're sure about it, you and your uncle can stop by my office at any time."

"Okay...thank you."

Viridi let out a sigh of relief and shakily stood up. Her uncle had his arms around her immediately, and she pressed her face into his chest.

After a quick check out the door, Mrs. Bishop came over and put a hand on the girl's back.

"We'll take care of you." She promised. "And when we're not there, Noah will be watching over you. So don't worry, okay?"

Viridi sniffed and nodded slightly, now starting to calm down.


On the drive home, Viridi brought up the Golden Phoenix concert. Her uncle didn't appear happy with that.

" and Fiora want to go to that concert." Uncle Ferdie muttered. "I don't know if that's fine..."

"It'll be my first time going to one." She said meekly. "I've never been to such big events, not since I..."

She became silent, and her uncle sighed.

"You shouldn't be left out because of that." He smiled bitterly. "You can go, careful, alright?"

Viridi looked at him ecstatically, and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Th-thank you Uncle Ferdie!"

Her uncle shook his head and chuckled. "What kind of uncle would I be if I didn't let you have a life?"


That night, Viridi and Fiora got themselves ready for the concert. They then went downstairs and said bye to their uncle. Then they walked out of the house.

"Stay safe!" Uncle Ferdie called out.

"We will!" Fiora shouted back, then shut the door.

She and her sister walked across the street to Noah's house. They arrived just as he was walking out. His worried mom was bombarding him with questions.

"Do you remember where the spare house key is?"

"Yes." He groaned.

"Do you have your hand sanitizer?"


"And the pepper spray?"

"Mom, I got it all. Stop being so concerned."

"Okay, okay!" She backed off. "I love you, Dear."

"Love you too. Bye."

Noah let out a sigh of relief when Mrs. Bishop finally closed the door. Fiora and Viridi looked at him in amusement.

"Momma's boy." The older sister snarked. "Does she tuck you in at night?"

Noah opened his mouth to retort, but stopped when Mr. Maverick's SUV pulled up.

Ron rolled down the window and called out to his friends.

"Ready guys?"

"Yeah!" Noah replied, hurrying over.

"Don't think you can step out of this!" Fiora shouted, following him.

Viridi giggled a bit before going after them.


At Trenton Park, the Golden Phoenixes were getting their equipment set up.

Watching them was a Chinese guy. His face was rather round, and he had only a stubble of black hair on his head. He wore a white suit and a pair of black shades.

Once a piece of equipment was set up, he would go over and examine it. Once he deemed it properly set, he would check it off the clipboard he held.

"All done." He said once everything was checked. "With a few minutes to spare.

"Good job, Lien." Armand complimented, patting his back. "You too, girls."

Erica started whooping and hopping around in excitement.

"First gig of the year!" She shouted. "This is soooo gonna be lit!"

Wendy shook her head and sighed.

"Just don't break the drums." She said, putting a hand over her face.

The gang walked to the edge of the stage and took in the night time sight of the park.

"I missed this." Armand said with a grin. "Summer break was nice, but my home is a stage in front of my loyal fans."

"And it isn't in a house with us?" Lien said in amusement.

He put an arm around the redhead, who chuckled and returned the gesture.

"Well, a house with you isn't home, I'll admit."

"Oh really?" Erica said playfully.

She got behind the boys and joined the hug.

"You better explain yourself." Wendy said with a slight smile.

She snuggled into the group and sighed contently.

"Hmph." Armand smirked. "A house with you guys is paradise."

After a moment of peace and quiet, people started to arrive at the park. That was cue for the gang to get to work.

Armand grabbed the red bass guitar on his back and took center stage, while Lien jumped off and headed for the crowd.

Wendy grasped her own blue bass and took position beside Armand, while Erica went to the drums behind them. All three then put in their ear plugs and waited for their audience to get settled.


Viridi looked around the park, awed by how many people came to see the Golden Phoenixes.

"Is it like this every time?" She asked Warren.

"Nowadays it is." He said with a grin. "Things were kinda rough for them at first. I'm proud to say that I was their first fan. I even got my jacket signed by Armand!"

He turned around and showed off Armand's signature on his back. Fiora smirked as she read it aloud.

"Thank you little buddy. We're grateful for your support. Stay cool."

"Awesome, right?" Warren said with pride.

"I guess you could say that."

After finding a good place to watch, the gang waited for the concert to start.

Armand cleared his throat, then spoke into his microphone.

"Good evening, people of Fairville!"

Some of the audience cheered and clapped their hands in response, which made him chuckle.

"We're happy to be back for another year of awesomeness! We really missed all of you!"

He put his pick on the guitar strings and smiled cockily.

"We're tearing it to shreds tonight, so you better have brought some ear plugs!"

Almost immediately, the audience began to dig through their bags and pockets. Viridi, however, froze in shock as she realized that she didn't bring her own plugs.

"Oh no..." She muttered.

"I got ya." Noah said, handing her a pair. "I guess my mom really does have the right idea."

She gingerly took them, smiling at him with a slightly red face.

"Thank you."

He smiled back. "What are friends for?"

Fiora and Warren stifled their laughs, while Ron raised an eyebrow at them.

Once everyone was properly protected, Armand resumed speaking.

"Hope you like this!" He glanced back. "Ready, Wendy and Erica?"

"Hell yeah!" Erica bellowed, spinning her drumsticks.

"Here it goes." Wendy said, taking a deep breath and readying her pick.

Armand raised his hand high, then brought it down on the strings.

The air vibrated as a powerful metallic sound echoed throughout the park.

He raised it again, then brought it down, repeating the same note.

Then he did it once more, and stayed still for a moment.

Then suddenly, there was a tidal wave of noise as he began to rapidly strummed the strings. A second after, Wendy's bass joined, and then Erica's drum beats another second after.

Armand began to shout into his mic.








"HEY!" Most of the audience shouted with him, now beginning to get into it.

Viridi got frightened and instinctively hid behind her sister, who couldn't help but laugh.

The Golden Phoenixes just played their instruments for a few seconds, then started to sing together.











As the song went on, Viridi gradually began to get used to everyone around her. Soon, she was enjoying the chaotic atmosphere and cheering along with everyone else.

"This is amazing!" She shouted to Fiora.

"Glad you like it!" She shouted back.

Warren whooped and pumped his fist. "I told you they were awesome!"

"This is not how I expected my first school night to go." Noah said, sweatdropping.

"It's really a far cry from the choirs at church." Ron said with a frown.

Fiora chuckled. "Don't start being wet blankets now."

Somebody suddenly bumped into her, and she almost fell to the ground.

"Hey!" She said angrily, turning around.

It turned out to be that shaggy-haired jerk from school, which made her even more pissed off.

"Why the hell do you keep shoving me around!?"

He glared back at her and scoffed.

"Why do you keep getting in my way?" He shot back.

The niners watched the two go at it, not even daring to interrupt.

Warren wasn't so disturbed. He approached the newcomer with a raised hand.

"Leon!" He greeted. "How's it hanging?"

"I would be fine without your idiocy." Leon replied, eye twitching. "Now if you would move it, I have my own things to take care of."

He shoved past everyone and disappeared into the crowd.

Fiora crossed her arms and sighed.

"Just what is his deal?"

"Don't worry about it." Warren waved his hand dismissively. "He's just a cranky guy. Don't get too worked up over it. Let's just enjoy the rest of the show."

Fiora still looked bothered, but she nodded anyway and went back to watching the concert with everyone.

Armand had just gotten into his guitar solo. The audience cheered him on as he struck the cords at lightning speed, maintaining the rhythm for over half a minute before finishing with one strong note.

Erica and Wendy played rather lowkey while their lead recovered his wind. Once he did, he sang rather softly into the mic.

I know how hard it is

To keep up a great big smile

Life may not be so fair at all

He gently strung his guitar and the girls sang the next line with him.

But you can make it all worth while

Then they suddenly brought all of their volume back up, and the crowd went wild.








"HEY!" The crowd shouted along.

And with one strong, final strike on the cymbals, the song was over.

As the audience clapped and cheered, the Golden Phoenixes went to the edge of the stage and waved to them.

"Thank you for coming!" Armand said ecstatically. "This was freaking awesome!"

"We're glad you enjoyed it!" Erica said with a wide smile.

"We hope this school year goes well!" Wendy said, adjusting her glasses. "And thank you all for supporting us last year. We wouldn't be here without you."

"Good night everyone!" They shouted in unison. "See you next time!"


On the ride home, Fiora asked her little sister a question.

"So, what do you think of our new home?"

Viridi looked up thoughtfully.

"It doesn't seem that bad."

She looked to her left and saw Noah smirking at her.

"Not that bad?" He feigned offense. "You wound me."

Ron looked over from the front seat and chuckled.

"You sure have some high standards." He said with a grin.

Viridi giggled at them, then thought about the town some more.

She had new friends, her uncle, and her sister. Aside from a few odds and ends, Fairville really did seem like a nice place.

"Maybe this town will be good for me." She concluded.

And with that happy thought, she went back home with Fiora, ready to take a refreshing shower and go to bed.

Whatever the coming days may bring, as long as Viridi had her friends and family with her, she could make it through all of them.