Formerly working as the Senior Partner at Neo Ogilvy in 2005, Steve E. Evans was accountable for all the financial and operational setup such as office/client P&L, balance sheet, and billing. Besides, he enforced proper accounting rules, treatment, and business controls to protect financial health and operational integrity.

Apart from his strong track record in business finance and operations, Steve E. Evans is highly competent in budgeting and cost management. He works to complete the project within the approved budget and believes that it is a very important aspect to ensure that there is sufficient supply of funds coming in, from the correct sources and at the correct time, in order to meet all the project requirements.

Steve started his professional career as an accounting clerk in Tennessee. Thereafter, he was promoted several times and was relocated to Florida as a Regional Finance Manager. Here, he oversaw the business planning, profitability, and revenue operations.

Pertaining to his education credentials, Steve E. Evans completed Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and MBA in Finance from the University of Tennessee. With growth and expansion strategies as his areas of expertise, Steve is a strong business development professional with MBA focused in Finance from University of Tennessee. Currently, he is serving as CEO at 6W Group.

Possessing strong interpersonal skills, Steve E. Evans is capable of resolving the multiple and complex issues and motivating staff to peak performance. Besides, he makes use of his keen analysis, insights and team approach to drive the organizational improvements and implementation of best practices.

About Steve E. Evans
Reporting to CEO and was responsible for all the operations including client management, campaign management, technology services, finance, HR, and general administration, Steve E. Evans worked with CIO on project management and improvements on the AiMG proprietary software, AiTrk which is used for digital media attribution and reporting across networks, sites, and other marketing channels. Besides, he worked with the leadership team to access the investment needs into headcount, services or technology. He worked to oversee general legal documents such as client agreements, scopes of work, NDA's, employment contracts etc.