The curve of her lips when she smiles fills me with desire. Whenever I see her all I can think about is that weekend we spent together in Fiji. The way she looked in the dappled morning sunlight that filtered through the gauzy curtains blown about by the ocean breeze. The way the sheets clung to her curves as she laughed and rolled away from me, teasing me. I grabbed for her of course, but she got up and ran from me. I could see the tops of her perfect breasts bouncing as she held the sheet and ran around the bedroom being evasive. Her hair, wild from sex expertly framed her face and reminded me of the sunset from the previous evening, all red and gold. How her eyes sparkled with joy and pleasure at it just being the two of us, alone together at last. And finally, I remember how she tasted when I was able to catch her and we tumbled back onto the bed in a heap of arms and legs. It was faintly of the chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne from last night.

"Why do you torture me so?" I asked and kissed her exposed shoulder. Her skin smelled like coconuts and sunshine leftover from the previous day at the beach.

"Because I can." She said with a twinkle in her eye and fell back into the pillows, unwinding the sheet from around her. "It's more fun when I know how crazy it makes you." She adds with a laugh.

"Oh, is it now?" I expertly roll on top and pin her to the bed with my hands. "I happen to know for a fact that it makes you crazy for me too." I kiss her gently on the nose and laugh. She shrugs from beneath me, her smile wicked as I gaze in wonder at the beautiful creature below. "How did I get so lucky?"

"What do you mean?" She frowns.

"You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and you somehow end up with a schmuck like me." I sigh and roll off her to ponder my insignificance. "I am in awe every day that you have chosen me when so many other guys are more worthy."

She rolls onto her side, her hand holding up her head. "You don't think you're worthy? Well, then what the hell is that doing in the room?" She points to Mjolnir in the corner of the bedroom resting comfortably on a chair. "How did it get here? Hmmm? Sure, I found it amid the rubble at the beach, but I couldn't even pick it up. I thought it might have been stuck on something so I called you over. I realized what it was when you arrived but didn't say anything. I was going to make a joke when you couldn't move it either. But you did. You picked it up like it was nothing and carried it up all those flights of stairs. You are worthy, Luca! So, stop moping and let's enjoy ourselves. It took us a lifetime to get here."

I didn't say a word but drank her in. The soft peaks and valleys, gentle curves of her hips and slight swell of her middle. She was perfect and I really did feel unworthy of her, but she was right. I was the one who had picked up Mjolnir. It had been there for years; I could tell the way the plants clung to it. "You are right as always my sweet, sweet Dahlia. Forget I ever said anything." I grab her free hand and kiss it, slowly making my way up to her neck.

"You are forgiven, Luca." She answers heavily as I continue my feathery kisses. Making my way down her body. I reach her breasts and blow hot air on them; the nipples harden and she sighs in pleasure. I rub my thumb over them in slow circles as I continue south, to the land of milk and honey. When I get there, I take my time, using my other hand to tease her opening, waiting for her to beg me. "Luca. Please." She finally mewls, her breath heady with need. I plunge my tongue into her sweetness, lapping, and licking, relishing her deliciousness. I grow hard beneath her as the sighs of delight reach my ears. Soon my head is wedged between her thick thighs unable to move as she squeezes me, coming close. I can feel the heat rising from her core. I reach my hand back up to her breasts and find them, giving the nipple a sharp flick. She screams out as she comes, the orgasm so intense I feel my head might pop between her legs. She rides it out, the aftershocks lessening as she loosens her hold on me, but I won't let her go so easily. I climb on top of her and slide my stiff cock into her welcoming warmth. She cries out as her desire is stoked once more. I thrust, gently at first then harder as her need increases once more. I can feel my own craving rise, I will never tire of this. I feel at home inside her. Like she was made for me and me alone. I'm also nearing so I give a few more thrusts and we both climax, this time together. It's the most amazing feeling in the world, the passion you feel when you orgasm. I collapse in a heap next to her, breathing hard, my face red from exertion and enthusiasm.

Dahlia sighs with happiness and leans into me, trailing her arm over my chest. I feel the fast beating of her heart and how it slows as she starts to doze off, as do I. "That's another reason, you're worthy Luca. No one else can make me feel that way." She smiles and kisses my bicep. "I love you. I hope you know that."

"I do now," I reply.