3rd Person POV!
It was the 12th of FlowerBlossom (Spring) and the Devil queen was just in her throne room surrounded by her Grave-Guard waiting for the Same thing to happen as it has been happening since the 59th Of Snowfall (Winter). The Devil queen was Tall at about 6'5" with Cream white skin, Emerald green eyes, Long Red Hair that reaches to her Silky smooth legs, Long Black Horns that go out and curve forward in front of her head and Her Long red Demon tail with the spearhead shaped point at the end of her tail. She was also wearing a Long Black Hanfu (Chinese dress) with a Red and Gold Dragon shaped Print the goes from the bottom to her Chest and a Golden outline that glimmers in the fire of this Dimly lit room.
By the way, her throne room was a Brick and Mortar room with hug stained glass panels that depict events when the forces of when good and evil fought with heroes such as Gilgamesh, Hercules, Beowulf, and even King Arthur and his Knights. The Room was surrounded by her Elite guard the "Grave Guard" and they obtain the Title as they are the undead soldiers brought back to life with The Devil queens Necromantic magic. They each wield a sword, shield, lance and are Trained to use one specific shout-spell used to throw back their enemies away. The room was also huge as it was 150 Meters Long by 50 meters wide by 70 meters high and this only was set high on top of a massive castle that then again sat on top of a massive mountain where each layer of the castle was carved into the mountainside and the mountain itself as it clung to the cliffside.
Then as she expected the sounds of swords bashing together and fireballs being shot and soon enough the huge double door's busted open and revealed a Young teen who is about 5'5" with short Hazel brown hair that goes down to her chin with creamy white skin, Lips that splits down the middle to resemble that of a cat and sea blue eyes that also shimmered in the firelight. She was about 17 and was wearing a Dull Green-Gray cloak with the hood over her head and a White Long-sleeved button-up shirt, black dress shoes and a Navy Blue skirt that together makes a school uniform from the Academy she is from.
The Queen sighed and told her "Ah It seems like you have beaten all of my Generals again! But can you face me!"
"No." She said in Solidarity "I've come here to ask you again!"
"Oh my god!" The queen whispered under her breath "Not This Again."
The girl then Pulled out a Ring and asked her for the millionth time "Would you be my Queen?"
And For the Millionth Time, she Blushed and her eyes were shifted side to side to see if anyone saw her Blushing and then she got up and replied "For the Millionth time, No! Now get out of my Castle Peasant!" And she fired a Magical Blast of red Energy that fired at her and as it blasted it flew her out into the distance with her Yelling "I love you!" And the queen was forced to sit down and contemplate what was wrong with that Girl.
Chapter 1
The Academy
The girl and a Freind of hers were at the Academy Library studying As he Trained to be a Knight and she Trained to be a Battle mage. The Academy was first built 200 years ago to fight the Evil Devil queen when she first built her castle and to this point there is a 100 Million gold Bounty on her head for her head and everyone who is a great warrior goes to her castle to kill her but no one ever succeeded and This girl despite only being a student was one of the very few people to make it to the throne room but was the only one to survive and she refuses to kill the Devil queen because she loves her and wants her to be Her's.
"So Miyuki did you get blasted out again?" The Young man asked her.
"Yeah! but she actually spoke to me and that's a win! Miyuki said to him "Besides Kaden, I think I'm now closer to winning her heart!"
"Oh for crying out loud Miyuki!" Kaden yelled, "Why don't you just give up already!"
"Well, I never will!" She said triumphantly but then sobered back down and continued with "Besides I had to take the aggressive route when I learned she destroyed all of my love letters and Present's..."
"Well don't go back there if you know what's good for you!" Kaden said.
"Don't you believe True Love?" She asked him.
"No." He replied sternly.
"What about your Self-made OC X Naga Fanfics!" She asked while Pulling up a book filled with said Items.
"What?!" He asked scared "Where did you get those?! I thought I hid those from you!"
"Well I found them and If you tell anyone about my Love for the Devil queen or to try to hide this from me again Then I'll show this to everyone in the school!" She said.
"Wait a second?" I have the keys to the safe to that in my pocket so how did you steal those?" He asked again.
"Well... hehe... I learned some Sneak spells while I was training..." She answered.
"And why would you need that?" He asked for the third time.
"Well...hehe... I use it to keep an eye on my beloved while she's out of her castle to make sure she's safe..." She explained
"You're a creep!" he yelled and she replies with "Well I don't have a thing for Snake women! Now goodbye!"
She then bolted out fo the Library with Kaden chasing her but failing to catch up with her.
Time Skip!
Back at the Castle, the Devil Queen was there reading a book when Miyuki walked in again and The Devil queen was surprised to see her and said to her "Wow. Twice in one day and I thought you couldn't get any more stalker-ish."
"Devil queen I am here to ask you to-" She said before being interrupted by the Devil queen.
"I know you want me to be your bride and everything but tell me this... You must be really strong to get past all of my generals for like a million times. Tell me how do you do this?"
"Wellllll...hehe..." She said embarrassed.
"What is it? spit it out, girl!" She yelled at her to do so.
"Well, I never have to fight any of the generals to get up here..." She said blushing.
"What?!" the queen Yelled.
"I mean we are friends and..." She was cut off
"you mean to tell me that your all buddy-buddy with my Generals!" She yelled again her eyes all red and Fairy.
"Y-Yes..." She said embarrassed being revealed to be much weaker than The queen originally thought.
"Begone." She simply said with her blasting off again yelling the words "I love you!" And the queen continued with "I have my generals to talk with."
To be continued...