3rd Person POV!
The Devil queen is the child of the Demon King and the Demon queen who had ruled the monsters for Millenia but when The Humans started fighting the monsters for control of land, livestock, resources and most Importantly Mana crystals She had to grow up fast to take her Parent's duties and when she did she fell in love with a stranger but that Is another story for another time...
The Castle
The Devil Queen was at a Meeting with her most trusted generals... Well, Now least trusted generals as they seemed to trust the young girl who would dare enter her castle. There was a Manajarie of Different monsters that were here 10 Generals. There was a Rare White-skinned Orc (instead of the more common red or Green-skinned), A Capuchin (A Half-Human Half-Monkey Man), A Centaur, A Wraith, A Harpy, A Saurian (Dinosaur Man), A Baa (Goat Demon), A Shadow Creature, A Jellyloid (A Telepathic Jellyfish creature) and a Naga. They were all very Capable fighters but still Lack much common sense.
The Queen slammed her painted nailed hand on the desk and Yelled "What the Hell Guys! What! The! Hell!" She then pulls up a stats chart on her Wall that showed Miyuki's predicted Stats and asked them "Now does anyone mind telling me what's wrong with this?"
The Orc raised his Hand and The queen said: "yes Snow-cloak!"
"Um... Queen Atalia, I think it's maybe that She's a young girl." Snow-cloak said with an unusually timid tone for an orc as orcs are usually crazy and warlike. She just scowled at him and he looked down and slumped in his seat trying to avoid contact with her Maddning stare. She then turned to her attention to the Baa and asked him "Baasith! Do you know what is wrong with this?!"
He replied "Baa! Maybe its because she is too young to be doing this?" He said sounding like a sheep would.
Atalia shook her head and asked the Jellyloid "Silent steve! Do you know what is wrong with this?!". He silently telepathically communicated with her and she got so pissed with his answer she fires a fireball at him which nearly killed him! He was able to survive though and get back up.
She then turned to the Naga and asked her "Serphina! do you know what is wrong with this?!" The Young Naga who had a long Red snake body, A sexy Human top with Long jet black hair and a Pair of Round shiny glasses only wearing a Blue Top that resembled that of A Bikini as it seemed to fit her best despite her intelligent and Nerdy disposition replied: "I-I don't know?". She lied as she already knew what was wrong.
Atalia slammed her fist on the Desk again almost destroying it and screamed in total frustration and anger "The Problem here is that She's too weak to be getting to me all of the time and I now know You have been just letting her through!" They all froze knowing she just found out... well except for the Wraith who walked up to her in a Steel armor and Black cloak as he stood a whole foot taller than her and said to her "So what Sis? She's actually nice to us and Treats us like people instead of the Animals you treat us like!" She readied her fist to punch his Face which was covered by a Steel Mask resembling a skull and when she launched it and it was about to make contact before Serphina got in the way and She immediately stopped her punch before it hit her.
"What is it?!" She asked Angrily
"If there's anyone to Blame it would be me, Your Majesty..." She said honestly with her eyes closed.
"What?" She asked confused "Why?! You have always been my most loyal general so why would you do this to me?!"
"Well, Atalia..." She Began "...I told everyone just to let Miyuki pass by because She seemed really nice and I think she can be really good for you considering she really likes you And everyone here Agrees and seems to like her as well."
"Yeah." Snow Cloak said, "The other orcs made fun of my snow-white skin but Miyuki said it made me special and I now I do feel special"
"Baa!" Baa said, "And she helps me with shearing my fur whenever she stops by and asks for nothing in return Baa!"
Dexter (The Capuchin) said smiling "She always makes sure to bring me A Banana when she stops by and it's very nice for her."
Hermes (The Centaur) then said: "And she always makes sure to change my Shoes every other weak which I really need but can't do myself considering my arms are too short."
Then the Wraith (His name is Angthor or the Witch King of Mount Angthor) replied: "Yeah and she doesn't treat me like a soul-sucking monster everyone treats me as."
Canary (The Harpy) said, "She always helps get me to get designer clothes that only Humans can get!"
Raptor (The Saurian) Replied "She always comforts me when I have to deal with my Lost Parents..." He started tearing up "...No Raptor! Don't cry! Crying is for Babies!"
Wither (The shadow creature) said in a dark and raspy voice "She treats me as an Actual being and not the shadow of a lost soul..."
Silent Steve had nothing to say but Telepathicly said it to everyone which was nice but still cursed filled so we won't say it here.
Seraphina finished it off with "And I think she'll a be great for you... and that she always gives me her opinion on my Real life fanfic- Yuri filled stories!" And she finished it with glee!
Atalia just shook her head and told them all "Oh my Gods! You can't possibly be serious!"
Before they can answer a Voice came in the intercom and the person said "Uh, My queen there is An Intruder in here and-" Before he can finish he said over the intercom without even realizing it "Oh Hey Miyuki! Oh Yeah, you can see Atalia. But be warned she's a little Cranky today so please be mindful of that. Thanks!" And then He hung up and Atalia was left steaming mad.
She went down there to give her a piece of her mind and maybe blast her out of her castle again with another one of her Red Mana Blasts but Serphina stopped her and said "Don't worry My queen. I'll take care of this." That was able to calm her down just a little and The Naga woman went down the building of the castle in order to intercept Miyuki before she gets to an Already pissed off Atalia.
She met her on the 32 of the 101 floors and Miyuki Immeaditly went to greet her.
"Hey, Serphina!" She said Happily "Arent you usually on the 51st floor? Now to come to think about it Snow cloak, Baa and Dexter arent on their floors today."
"Yeah about that we just had a staff meeting and Let's say Atalia is not happy with just happened," Serphina said
"Aw, I hope it wasn't me that made her upset..." She said sadly
"Oh no! It's not you!... It's more like us letting you up there she's mad at." She replied and Miyuki started tearing up and Started wiping the tears away and she asked her "Hey, Hey, what's wrong?"
"You guys are *sob* getting into trouble *sob* because of me!" She said sadly.
"Don't worry about it. We're all but too happy to help you get her. Even she needs a loved one in her life but she's too stubborn to admit it. something about her past or something like that but she Never Tells us so I don't know." Serphina stated
Miyuki then got happy and started hugging Serphina and started thanking her. Serphina then asked her "So what are you going to do this time to win her heart?".
She then replied, "Well I thought today I might give her A Present!"
"Man do you have pictures of her plastered in your room or what?" She asked sarcastically and Miyuki froze. It was true she did have wanted posters filled with her beloved's face plastered across the room. Hell, she even had a pillow with one of those posters duct-taped to it. She loves her dammit and is not ashamed to go as far as To keep her Lovers face all around her in her sleep! "Anyway" Serphina continued "If you want I can possibly put in a good word for you if that would help."
She was about to thank Serphina but Atalia walked in ready in her cranky state to basically blast Her out of her castle again but before she can Miyuki had gotten hearts in her eyes and basically hugged the evil queen so tight even with great strength she can't pry her off of her. She kept trying to and even went as far as to say "Damm you! You life-sucking Leech! Let go of me at once!"
"But I got a Present for you!" She said and The Evil queen went from mad and cranky to surprise and blushing.
"Y-Y-You got me a gift?" She asked
"Yeah." She replied and she handed her a teddy bear with one side being an angel and the other being the devil and commented: "The two halves represent me and You." Atalaia was touched in a place deep in her stone-cold heart but still kept her cool and replied "Yes. A Very Pitiful gift from a Peasant such as yourself."
"I didn't hear an "I don't like it!"!" Miyuki said
Atalia then gritted her teeth and blasted Miyuki out of her building again and she yelled again "I love you!" as she flew off into the distance. Atalia further examines the bear for any hexes, spells, traps or anything as she never trusted a human for 200 years and never will but she did find a button and when she pressed it the Teddy bear smiled and said in a cutesy voice "I love you!" And Atalia couldn't help but just a teeny tiny crack in her stern look that resembled a smile and a slight blush that is Barely noticeable but then she said to herself "No. Not again." And walked off into her chambers.
"Atalia." Serphina said, "Arent you going to burn that like all the other presents?"
Atalia turned over to her and replied "Oh...Uh... We'll do that later... I'll have to um... Examine it for anything suspicious."
She then left And Seraphina slithered for Joy and said: "Oh My! This gives me so many ideas for my for Atalia X Miyuki Fanfiction!"
Angthor who stood right behind her the entire time as she said that and started writing stuff her Fanfic book said "So that's your Hobby? You ship the two?!"
Seraphina jumped into the air by surprise and asked him in fear "How long have been standing there?!" and He replied, "Enough to know your Yuri themed fantasy's of our boss and Our friend." She then slithered away muttering away brand new Ideas for her Fanfics and He just sighed in discontent wondering what the world has gone to.
To be Continued...