So as you may remember, i was going to get my revenge on the socker. Then he fucking turned into a giant sock monster with six arms.

But lucky for me, I am a magical girl. (Don't say anything about me being a guy, mum)

So I do my magical girl thing, of course, and that takes a while, but the socker is a polite villain so he patiently waits for me to be done.

I'm already blinded by all the sparkles, and like doing my dance, WHEN A FUCKING CAR HITS ME! THAT'S RUDE! Now my dress is wrinkled!

And you know what the socker does? He, as a gentleman, pulverizes the car with his laser eyes. He apparently is very polite, except that he socks people that are high in their bathrooms.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, REGARDLESS OF YOU BEING POLITE RIGHT NOW!" I shout, in my best magical girl voice. He transforms back to a human, and has a confused look on his face. "What have I done to wrong you, friend?" "You socked me last night!" his look of confusion get even deeper, as he scratches his head. "I haven't socked anyone." He says.

"What? But I followed your car!" his look of confusion disappears. "This is a rental." Shit, I think to myself. "But since you have been wronged, I will help you find the one who socked you."