One day I was walking through town shopping for new materials (Plastic Trash cans, Shelving and Picture portraits) for me and my girlfriend's new home. I was taking her out this time which was unusual as she doesn't usually leave home spending her time, watching TV, reading books and just sleeping. I looked behind and A blush grew across my face as we were just walking under the bridge and my girlfriend was stuck... You see She is a Giantess which means she would get stuck and trample things by accident so this is the reason she would stay at home. But despite this, I clearly love her no matter what, as we knew each other since we were two years old... and even though she stood seven feet tall at the time. She has sugar-white skin, big blue eyes, a shapely figure with a rather large bust even for her size and Long Pink hair tied in a Sailor Moon twin Ponytails that I just love. She said to me while still Stuck
"Sw-Sweetie... I-I'm stuck A-Again.."
I walked over to her and climbed onto her hand as she lifted me to her face. I kissed her softly on the corner of her lip and then I started to address the situation, sighed and told her
"You went underneath the bridge that's the problem so you need to go over the bridge Miyuki."
"I-I can't... I'm wearing a skirt... I couldn't just step over it."
"You're crawling anyway. People will be able to see up there."
Her Blush grew Deeper as she squirmed a bit and I told her that there were no worries as no one around here ever uses the overpass and there won't be people up here. I then told her I would be with her on her palm if she had any difficulties and she finally agreed as she finally walked over the bridge. Once over the Bridge she put me down and said
"Home's not far away."
I replied cheerfully
"Yeah! so let's get there!"
Time Skip!
As we made it home I started unpacking our stuff as Miyuki walked and around back and went into her bedroom as it was one of the very few places in the house she can fit. After I got all the stuff sorted out I decided to spend more time with Miyuki today, I then walked into Miyuki's room with her finished changing into some more comfortable home clothes rather than Outside clothes. I said to her
"Hey, Miyuki."
She laid out her hand which I climbed around her hand and she lifted me up to her shoulder and gave me a big O'l kiss. She asked me in her usual cute and quirky fashion as she looked down on me with her huge smile
"What are you doing here Baby?"
"I want to spend some more time with you today."
"Aww, that so sweet! I was about to watch Home alone if you want to watch it with me?"
"Of course I would. I would watch any movie with you as long your here."
She blushed deeply and could only mutter up
She pulled me in as we watched the movie as I nuzzled her neck the entire time."
Time Skip!
After the movie was finished I yawned and I went to go to bed until Miyuki stopped me and asked me while blushing to a new shade of red that gives tomatoes a run for their money
"J-J-Jackson Would you like to sleep with me tonight?"
This was surprising for me because she usually doesn't like to sleep in bed with other things but I snatched the opportunity and said yes. As she got into her giant wooden framed bed she held me to her face and she laid down she laid him on her face with her hand on top to keep me from falling off. She told me
"Goodnight Jackson I love you."
"Goodnight I love you too Miyuki."
I am pretty sure she didn't hear me as she already fell asleep.
Despite Miyuki being a Giantess I loved her dearly. And I wouldn't stop loving her no matter what happened.
The End.