Warning: There will be Inudendo but there will be NO Lemon's or Physical stuff going on but Please still have caution while reading this as It is slightly more adult then Usual. Thank you.

Jackson's POV

My mother had only daughters for the Majority of her Adult Life. Five young beautiful Daughters to be exact. When her youngest daughters; My sister to be exact and when she turned ten she was Pregnant with me and to be truthful she loved me with all her heart my entire life and cared for me with her heart as well. All of my sisters had moved out now and either gotten jobs or are currently at college and since I'm eighteen years old it's my final year of high school and I am going to college soon myself.
I have arrived from school one afternoon and I noticed my mom wasn't home and I even have to check every room to clearly make sure she wasn't and I sighed a breath of relief when I realized she wasn't Home I breathed a sigh of relief and I do love my mom and she loves me too It's just she can be a little too affectionate sometimes and went to the kitchen to make myself a snack. I had made myself a sandwich and sat down the couch in the living room and ate it while watching TV After taking a quick shower of course. But when I finished my sandwich a pair of soft, Feminine arms wrapped around my body and I sighed instantly Knowing who it is. I looked over to see My Mom smiling kindly at me with that loving smile of her's. She had a Valumptious figure and is about six feet tall, with large D-sized Breasts with Long, Honey-Brown hair and Pink eyes. You could swear she looked like a 20-year-old as she really kept her age even when he was born as she always kept herself in shape and looking good being to look much younger than she really is.
"Good Afternoon, sweetie," She said with her Golden voice that sounds like it was coated with Honey "How was school today?"
"It was Good," I replied
"That's good." She replied continuing to Hug me "I've booked a table at a nice restaurant for us tonight."
"But, Uh..." I replied, "I have homework to do."
She Pouted and told me "And you're going to leave your own Mom all alone? You never know what could happen if you leave me all alone out there in town at night, Jackson."
I sighed and replied "Alright then... I'll go with you then."
Mom smiled brightly letting me go she started walking away but not before telling me "I'm going to take a shower, Jackson. You can Join me if you would like to."
She giggled to herself before leaving the room and I know This will be... A Long Night.
Mom's POV

I was in the shower Just thinking of My only son. I Knew He is MY SON but I just love him. Ever since his dad left us when he was twelve I had started to develop a crush on him. I even did things such as wearing tighter clothing around the house such as Tank tops and skinny Jeans that accentuate my best features, I had started to do more things with him so we could spend more time together and I even started sending him messages to do some rather... Interesting stuff to say the least such as Joining me in the shower like I did in the Living room but there is No such luck. When thinking about him my heart started thumping in my chest and my cheeks turned from a creamy white to a rosy red.
When I was finished for my shower I was in my room searching for something to wear that would send the right messages to him and I found a short red dress, strapless dress that I think he would Like. When I was finished Putting the Dress on and applying my makeup I knocked on his bedroom door and when he told me to come in I opened the door and his cheeks exploded in a blush. I knew I had him. I asked him sounding innocent
"What do you think Sweetie? Does it look good?"
He turned a bright pink and he replied
"It... Looks good... On you...Mom."
Gotcha. I walked over to him, cupped his cheek and asked him
"You ready to go Sweetie?"
He sighed and replied
"Sure Mom."
"I'll be waiting for you in the car."
I winked at him before seductively walking away and when I shut the door I heard a big sigh from him holding his breath and I knew my plan was working. I was waiting in the car for him to come and when He walking out I was blushing on how handsome he looked. I was preparing my seductive lines for him and checking my makeup as he walked over. I knew that tonight he will be mine. He opened the door and tiringly closed it and When he got in he told me
"Alright let get this over with."
I tried to suppress my girlish giggling and Replied
Time skip! and Third-person POV

Jackson and his mother were walking into the nice restaurant with His mother wrapping her arm around his and when they walked in a Man with an exaggerated fancy accent asked them
"Ah, welcome! I see this lovely couple is out here for a date tonight."
Jackson Blushed as his mother told the man,
"I'm his mother silly."
The Man replies
"Oh, sorry about that! You just look so young I assumed you were his age."
"It's Ok."
Jackson just stayed silent Blushing.
The man then brought them to a table and sat them down before leaving and Jackson and his mother began talking to each other. She told him with a big smile on her face
"I'm glad we can spend this time together Jackson."
"Y-Y-Yeah me too."
There was a short pause before she replied
"Do you like this place? I picked it just for you."
"Y-Yeah I like it, mom."
"Please don't call me mom. Just call me by my first name."
"O-O-Ok... Bianca..."
He was blushing a mad red and Bianca replied while trying to suppress her giggling
"Its Ok Jackson. I'm here with you."
He just continued to blush a mad red as if he resembled a strawberry. All part of her Plan.
After Dinner Jackson was beyond tired as he used up all his energy from blushing and his mother was giggling under her breath over how cute he is while tired. When they got home He was too tired just to walk out so Bianca asked him
"You want me to carry you to your room?"
He only nodded as she then picked him up and carried him into the house. She may be five inches shorter than him and has very little muscle but she can lift something twice her own weight and carried him into the house and instead of taking him to his room to him to hers and when she dropped him to the bed she went into the closet to change into something more... Appropriate for the situation And when she came out Jackson suddenly jolted with energy from surprise and also had a nosebleed. She was wearing some Black Langire with some see-through nightgown. She laid down next to him before he was able to squirm away and he asked her worryingly
"Mom? what is this about?"
She replied
"Well, Jackson As you can see... When your father left us... I kind of developed a crush on you."
"yes and now... I would like to cuddle with you."
"But mom! this is wrong and you know it! and You should know I don't love you that way!"
"Then why were you blushing and had that nosebleed?"

"See what I mean?"
"I get it now But what about all of THIS and what will everyone think?"
"Don't worry about that now. Let's just cuddle."
She then grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed for cuddling.
Three Weeks Later...
Jackson was on the phone with one of his sisters and he asked her
"Hey, sis how are you doing?"
"Doing good Littler Bro! How are things with you and Mom? I hope she isn't being too Affectionate again."
"Don't worry about it. I think I'm getting used to it by now."
She then walked from behind wrapping her arms around him before they kissed.
"Alright, then Bro I'll have to call you later. Bye!"
She then hanged up as they finished kissing and she told him
"Jackson I made you cookies in the kitchen If you want some?"
He got and replied
"Can We eat some while cuddling?"
"We might make the bed a mess with crumbs but I don't care as long I do it with you."
She then wrapped her legs around his body as they kissed as they went kitchen to get some cookies and then cuddled in bed.
The end.