The Grove Burger was a fairly popular restaurant in Grovewood. They were known for their namesake burgers that often drew crowds with lines going outside the door. It had been around since the early nineties where it started out as a small shack located on the outskirts of town. Since then, the shack had been transformed into a large building to accommodate more people. However, people claim to still feel the presence of the shake that once stood. While it was a shack, there was a fry cook that worked in the back. He was working Halloween night cooking up some burgers. As he was cutting the toppings to put on the burger, he had accidently cut off his own hand. Not wanting to halt food production he quickly wrapped the limb up in a cloth towel to prevent the bleeding from spraying all over the food and taped a spatula so his boss wouldn't become suspicious with the lack of burgers being produced. He hid his hand in the freezer since no one ever went in their other than him. The towel he used as a bandage eventually became so saturated in blood that it dripped from the edges. His vision began blurring as he started fading in and out of consciousness from the blood loss. Soon his legs fell weak as he dropped to the ground hitting his head on one of the shelves in the freezer knocking him out. Hours later up front, customers started getting angry that they weren't being served in a hastily manner yelling at the waitstaff wondering why their food was taking so long. One of the waiters when into the back to discover that there was no one in the kitchen grilling the burgers. He went to find one of the managers thinking they would know what was going on.

"Sir, we have a problem" He said to the first manager he could find.

"Yeah, I'm well aware we have a problem. I have pissed off customers who don't have any food. Where's Jerry?" The manager asked frustrated with all the customer complains.

"I have no idea. I was just back there, and he wasn't there" He responded. His manager looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. Jerry was very diligent with his work and never missed a day of work or randomly disappear during his shift.

"What do you mean he isn't back there? Who's cooking the food?" The manager questioned.

"No one" He responded. The waiter followed the manager into the kitchen. Just as the waiter said, there was no one back here. The two walked around the kitchen trying to locate any clues to where Jerry could have gone. The waiter noticed the knife in the sink. The knife itself was clean but there was a red handprint on the sink that seemed to alarm him. His eyes glanced down at the floor spotting a red trail matching the hand print all the way to the freezer. The manager seemed clueless to this as he asked once again about the whereabouts of Jerry.

"Uh Sir? I think you should see this" He spoke clearly nervous that something might have happened. The manager walked over with his eyes following the waiter's gaze to the floor. The trail led straight to the freezer. "You don't think Jerry could've locked himself in the freezer, do you?"

"There's only one way to find out" The manager stated. They cautiously walked over to the freezer. The freezer locked on the outside, so it was possible for Jerry to lock himself in. However, this wasn't the case. The freezer was unlocked. The manager pulled the door open, and the two gasped at the sight in front of them. There was Jerry, lying on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding his left arm. "Quick! Call 911!" He ordered in a panicked tone as he rushed into the freezer to drag Jerry out. The waiter pulled out his cellphone dialing 911 letting them know that they found a man unconscious in the freezer. Moments later the first responders showed up. The entire restaurant was evacuated, and paramedics came into the kitchen. One of them unwrapped the bloody towel from his left arm and saw his hand was missing.

"What happened? This guy's missing a hand" One of the paramedic's questioned. The manager and the waiter looked at each other confused. They hadn't noticed that Jerry was missing his left hand. Then again, that would explain the pool of now frozen blood in the freezer.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyway. This guy's dead" The other paramedic spoke.

"Dead? How?" The waiter asked.

"If I had to guess the blood loss from the trauma to his left arm" He responded.

"How did he manage to cut off his own hand and not say anything about it?" The manager asked. The waiter shrugged his shoulders.

Years had passed since that day at The Grove Burger. Once word got out about what happened to Jerry, the fry cook business started to decrease. The customers that still went to the restaurant claim they feel a chilling sensation whenever they sit at tables close to the kitchen. Stories began circulating that the restaurant was haunted. These stories were popular among teenage boys. Maison and Derek were having a sleepover at Derek's house when Derek decided to mention the story. "Hey Maison, have you heard the story of the Burger Slasher?" Derek asked.

"Oh seriously? Everyone knows about the Burger Slasher" Maison replied. Derek's little brother stood in the doorway and overheard their conversation.

"What's the Burger Slasher?" He asked. Both boys turned to the little boy standing at the door.

"Go away Alphie" Derek said trying to get rid of his younger brother. He claimed Alphie was annoying and tended to ruin his fun.

"Hey, wait a minute" Maison commented before whispering something into Derek's ear. Derek smirked before gesturing to his brother to enter his room. Alphie walked in and climbed onto his brother's bed.

"I'm going to tell you a story" Derek told his brother.

"A story?" Alphie questioned. Both Derek and Maison nodded their heads.

"The story of the Burger Slasher" Maison commented.

"Long ago there was a fry cook who used to work at The Grove Burger. Story has it that that while he was cooking, he managed to cut off his own hand and was found dead in the freezer on Halloween night" Derek told the story.

"That doesn't sound like a good story" Alphie commented. "That's cause we didn't finish telling the story" Maison stated.

"Every year on Halloween at night. The Burger Slasher shows up at the restaurant with a spatula as his left hand tapping on the window of the restaurant" Derek continued.

"Yeah and when the Burger Slasher appears the lights will flicker, and the phone will ring even though there's no one on the other line" Maison chimed.

"Are you sure the Burger Slasher is real? This sounds like the Hash slinging Slasher episode from SpongeBob" Alphie questioned now seeming skeptical. He probably would have believed them had he not been downstairs in the living room watching the cartoon prior to him coming up here.

"No, this is real" Derek stated. He hopped off his bed going over to his desk and grabbed and old newspaper article. He only had it because he did a report on local mysteries for his history class. Derek went back over to his bed showing his brother the article. "See real" He commented. Alphie didn't read the whole article, just the title.

"Fry cook Found Dead in Freezer of Popular Grovewood Burger Restaurant"

"Hey, tomorrow is Halloween. Maybe we should go down there during the night and see if we can see the Burger Slasher" Maison suggested. "Yeah good idea" Derek responded. Derek and Alphie's mom came up stairs instructing the boys that it was time to go to bed. Alphie hopped off his brother's bed and went to his room. He was excited that tomorrow he would get to spend the night hanging out with his brother, but at the same time he was nervous. He didn't believe in ghosts, although part of him couldn't help but wonder if the stories about the Burger Slasher were true. Derek was never the type of person to lie so they had to be true. Alphie didn't like that he was doubting the credibility of his older brother. In fact, he aspired to be like him when he grows up.

The next day, the three boys were dressed in their Halloween costumes. It was the weekend, so the boys were allowed to stay out a few hours passed their curfew. Maison was a senior in high school with a driver's license, so he offered to give the brothers a ride to the restaurant. The plan was to go there at night to try to and find the ghost of the Burger Slasher. However, they just told their mother that they were going there for dinner. She thought it was interesting that Derek wanted to bring Alphie since the two never got along. Although, she gave them permission to go, regardless. When they got there it was fairly busy, but not as busy at it used to be. Maison walked up to the counter to order food for the three of them while Derek and Alphie went to find a table to sit at. Derek scoped the place out hoping he would find a table near the kitchen so they could feel this so called 'chilling sensation' everyone claims to feel when they sit in that area. Lucky for them, a table became vacant. Derek quickly claimed the table sitting down in one of the chairs closest to the wall. Alphie sat down next to him. Maison came over after he was done ordering. Alphie, who still felt skeptical about the whole situation scoped out the area they sat in. They weren't sitting in the path of any of the air ducts in the restaurant. As it got late, the lights in the restaurant started flickering with the power going off for a brief moment. It was enough to make people panic with some running out of the restaurant. Derek snickered at how cowardly they were. The lights flickered once again this time accompanied by the ringing of the phone that sat on the wall behind the counter.

"Thank you for calling The Grove Burger. How can I help you?" One of the workers greeted as they answered the found. A look of confusion appeared on their face as they hung up the phone. "I don't know what's up with this phone but every time I pick it up after it rings there never anyone there" They spoke to a coworker. Derek and Maison overheard this with their lips curving into a smirk.

"He's here" Maison said in a menacing voice to try any scare Alphie, although it didn't seem to work. Alphie looked at Maison somewhat annoyed that trying to scare him. In fact, it made him more skeptical. He figured the two only brought him here to set him up. The weather as a crackle of thunder shook the building. The power went out once again this time staying off. The flashes of lightning illuminated the inside for a brief second. Tap Tap Tap, the boys turned around to see a man at the window tapping it with a spatula. "Dude, is that the Burger Slasher?" Maison questioned. He wasn't actually expecting to see him.

"I don't think so. Although it's kinda weird that some guy would be standing outside using a spatula to bang against the window" Derek responded.

"Oh, now all of a sudden there's no such thing as The Burger Slasher?" Alphie questioned as he crossed his arms over his chest. With another flash of lightning, the man disappeared. Soon a cold breeze blew into the front of the restaurant from the Kitchen. Maison shivered since he was the only one without a jacket.

"Yo, why did it get so cold in here suddenly?" Maison asked.

"Well, we are sitting in the spot where people say they feel a chill" Derek noted. The manager of the restaurant advised everyone to remain inside due to the poor conditions of the roads. Maison pulled out his phone texting his mom that he was okay. Derek did the same for him and Alphie. The rain became heavy as it started seeping through the roof of the building. A woman could be heard screaming from the other side of the restaurant capturing everyone's attention. She pointed to the window her finger shaking anxiously. There he was again, the man with the spatula in his left hand.

"That must be the Burger Slasher. The spatula is right where his left hand is supposed to be" Derek said. Everyone watched him walk over to door. A majority of the people cowards clinging to each other wondering who he was going to kill even though there have been no reported murders in the past by the Burger Slasher. The door creaked open revealing a silhouette of a man was water dripped from his body onto the floor. One of the guys took out his phone and used the flashlight on it shining it over to the man. Everyone gasped when they realized that the man was just a normal guy holding a spatula.

"Hey you guys hiring?" He asked. "I brought my own spatula" He then mentioned as he waved it in his hand.

"It's late. Why are you out there looking for jobs?" One of the employees spoke.

"I don't like going out during the day" He responded. Another employee walked over to him with their jacket draping it over his shoulders.

"You're crazy dude. It's nasty out there" They commented. Alphie turned to the boys with a smirk on his face.

"So, what were you two saying about this so-called Burger Slasher?" He questioned mischievously. The two older boys just looked at each other not knowing what to say. Either way, the was one Halloween the three of them were never going to forget.