No Tomorrow

Depression can go awfully quiet at times.

Everything is calm. Life is peaceful, happiness, love, luck; you have it all.

You would think nothing can possibly disturb this moment.

You'd think you have finally healed, you have moved on, you're Free!

But just a second of bad luck, the wrong time, the wrong place; and the fragile but beautifully crafted glass shatters to a thousand pieces.

Glass that can cut through delicate skin.

Unworthy, ugly, useless... . And your mind goes on; listing every reason why you shouldn't be here.

So painful. Please make it stop.

And it hurts, burns, and leaves the ashes in an hourglass.

Swallow the pills, three? Four? I want more.

Alone, throbbing head, tears, misery.

I just want it to stop hurting.

I just want my life to end.

Today, I cut even deeper into my arm.

Funny how causing yourself pain can help you relieve your pain.

It's a twisted game I was forced to play. With no winners.

It's not like I am the only one.

We are all sinners.

It feels sad to be an empty shell of yourself.

Looking back and knowing fully well, you will never be the same.

Drives you crazy.

Sanity is overrated anyway.

Wishful thinking is only for children.

And dreams do not always come true.

Night terrors aren't just a myth.

And you do need to be aware of the monster hiding right underneath your own skin.

Because there is no escape from yourself.

Hello darkness, my old friend.

The sun creates shadows.

So please let there be no tomorrow.