The darkness closes in, my path is no longer bright

I sit here and contemplate, my soul's ebbing light

Upon the sea of life my ship, does still sail

But the waves of unrest, pound me I fear, soon the hull will fail

The waves of sadness crash, crash against my side

My ship breaks apart, I am in the rising tide

Sadness grabs and pulls me, slowly pulls me under

Will I sink and drown this time, I cannot help, to wonder

Above the waters surface, my head carefully bobs

Deep within my soul, are rising mournful sobs

I try to cry out for help, but I feel so alone

It is the worst feeling, I have ever known

My voice has gone silent, I cannot make a sound

By the troubles of life, I have now been bound

Will I win this battle? It seems I'm on the brink

Will I swim away? Or will I finally sink?

From deep within my soul, for help I silently implore

Then I see a bright light, on the dark and distant shore

The light now moves closer, someone has heard my plea

Soon I will be rescued, from this dark and murky sea

A strong hand pulls me up, pulls me up from despair

I know I have help, Jesus heard my prayer

Stormy waves now calm, at the Savior's behest

In His strong arms, I can now find rest

In this life there are troubles, some will never cease

But in Christ my Savior, I can always find peace

The waves of life are unable, to lead me to my slaughter

My Savior's there to rescue me, my Lifeguard walks on water