During the morning, I was wrapped, in His grace

In the still of the night, I now seek His face

In the hustle of the day, I pushed Him aside

Now in the evening, I want Him, again by my side

Outside, I am alone, in the quiet of the night

A beautiful, soft light, soon fills my sight

Silver light, to earth, the moon does bestow

I stand amazed, awash, in its glow

The cool night air, softly kisses my cheek

A moment so lovely, I am unable to speak

Unable to utter, so much as a sound

By the beauty of this moment, I am bound

Sweet joy, to me, his beauty does impart

Yet, there is something, still troubling my heart

Outside, alone in the night, silently I stand

Longing for the touch, of the Master's gentle hand

I soon feel His presence, He is now near

I am no longer alone, Jesus is here

I cannot help but wonder, what brought Him to me

In a crystal clear thought, I soon see

Words were not spoken, but He heard me just the same

Because, when my voice is silent, my heart whispers His name