By G.D.W.

Chapter 1: School Day:

Missy, short for Melissa Amy Berry, watched as her Daddy fixed toast. She giggled when he burned his hand a little. Her other two sisters and, their older brother came into the kitchen, and of course her older brother was bellowing about something her youngest sister did. He Lggos were missing. He was always loosing things nad, blaming her and her sisters for it. That's alright though because, Mom, sick of his yelling indoors, scolded him for it. Then, she told them to all sit down. School was soon. Just as the last scoop of oatmeal was gone nad, the last bit of grape juice was purling up by her disgusting older brother, the tell tale signs of the school bus was heard pulling up to the Berry home. Their home. There was a mad dash for the bus and, after getting on, the school day was underway. They were pulling onto the street that would've taken them to school when something weird happened to the day. Things got all jumpy and, they wobbled slightly. Missy wondered what was going on. Then, it felt like a bee stung her neck.

Chapter 2: Asleep:

What was happening? After this odd bright white light, which had nearly blinded her, bathed her in it's warmth, Missy looked around wonderingly. She was in a brightly colored place. it had a hospital smell to it. She didn't like that smell. She never had. Deciding to get to the bottom of what was going on, she began to walk out of the place, passing a girl that looked creepily like her in a bed. But, she made herself walk fast to get away from the smell. She didn't get a good look of the girl. There tons of people walking, even sometimes running, all about. Her youngest looked almost like her identical twin. Maybe this had been a dream and, the day hadn't''t started yet? That had to be. She walked on, shrugging as she did. Finally, she found her way outside. It seemed like it was outside. There was a huge parking lot and a very busy road ahead of her. The usual smells of the city filled her lungs. No...this had to be a dream. It was a strange one. The daylight was really bright. Almost as bright as that light from earlier. She thought as she kept walking. She kept walking until the sun started to set. She decided to walk down a gravel path that cut through the grave stone village, her older sister's words.

Chapter 3: Fanny:

As she entered the main thoroughfare, Missy, noticed an older lady in a white uniform of some sort, whom waved to her. She saw that her golden name plate adorning her left breast said, Fanny. Carefully not laughing at her name, she smiled and kept walking. She saw a couple walking their dog, a friendly seeming German Shepard. She waved at them, smiling. The couple waved in reply and, the dog wagged his curled, puffy tail in polite response. An old man hobbled past her also. A small girl skipped stones in a tiny pond on the right of the path Missy walked on. She wondered, why so many people were here now? Why so many people were randomly walking around in a graveyard? Pushing these thoughts back, she focused on getting through the place and, getting home. Then though, she found another couple. They were huddled into each other. In front of a grave stone? Why? She walked up to the couple, wondering who they were. It was as though, she couldn't resist. Like she was magnetized to the couple. They were crying? Again, she wondered, what the grave stone said. Who was buried here? What was the identity of the person under the cold earth? Finally, she got close enough to see it.

Chapter 4: Embrace:

It read, "Here lies Melissa Amy Berry. 2005-2019. Our friendly, fierce little peanut. Embrace the Angels, honey." Missy gasped. Her hand went unknowingly to her breast as it heaved up and down in utter disbelieving terror. This was it. The end of the dream. She wanted to wake up now...but ow? How did a person wake themselves up from a dream? had to be a joke her older brother was playing on her. But, if that were true, how had he set up all of the things you've seen? Missy hated it when the debate voice took over in her head. They did that now, like they always did. At last, she came to her own conclusion. She didn't care. She just wanted to wake up. Now. Somebody touched her arm. Missy spun around, preparing to tell her Brother to stop messing around like that. That she was scared. Not funny scared but, on the verge of a massive panic attack. But, it wasn't her Brother. It was the older woman in the same crisp, bright white uniform she'd seen just a little while ago. The lady's kind brown eyes smiled. Missy let herself be gently coaxed over to a nice, quiet spot between two trees. That's when the second flash lf light happened. But this time, she wasn't scared, but happy.

Afterward: Vermont: 100 Years Later:

Jessica Vanessa Blackthorn, once a Berry, closed her eyes for an afternoon nap at the age of one hundred and, six. Not know that the final thing she would see on earth was a new clipping. Faded yet fairly well preserved in it plastic laminate. The headline of which blared, 'WORST MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT IN HIGHWAY FIVE'S HISTORY. 19 SLAIN." The old coo-coo bird popped out of it's little hollow right at four thirty and, retreated again. All while Jessica was reunited with her she embraced the light.