Hey everyone! Here's a cute Thanksgiving story for you all in honor the holidays. Enjoy! =)

Chapter 1

"Honey, are you alright?"

I stared at him. I stared at the person who I thought I was hullucinating, but was actually standing there, signing autographs, and taking pictures with a few really pretty blondes, right in the middle of Local Mart.

"How is this happening?" I asked mom, stunned. "Can you pinch me?" She did so and I winced. "I'm not dreaming. That is really Dylan Shoupher, the man I have been in love with since I started watching Victoria Diaries!"

"He's just a person, Haley." I didn't say anything to that, knowing very well that he is not just a person. "Well, while you're standing there gawking at him, I'm going to finish our Thanksgiving grocery shopping. Now where was I? Oh, stuffing..."

Mom left, but I hardly noticed. Those girls left and Dylan looked over at me. My heart pounded sharply, and that gaze held for one magical moment. An older woman with white hair walked passed me with her cart full of grocieries, and I looked away briefly, but looked back and Dylan was gone. My heart pulsed in alarm.

"What? No!"

I walked around in desperation and couldn't spot him. I went down the cereal isle, the baked goods isle... "Where did he go?" I huffed. Maybe it was all just a hallucination. This just doesn't happen normally. Celebrities don't just show up in grocery stores, especially ones in our small California town. "Might as well find mom and help her out."

"Excuse me," I heard suddenly from behind me, which made me jump. I turned and gasped. My heart leaped to my throat, and I stared at him, stunned.

"Sorry, to startle you," he said, "but could you..."

"Oh my gosh, I love you in Victoria Diaries!" I gushed at full speed, not realizing I cut him off, and not believing that he was standing in front of me!

He smiled a smile that I sware made Madison Haines, his co-star in the show, fall head over heels for him. They were an item up until two months ago, after the fifth season came out. "Thank you, I'm glad."

"Can I get a picture?" I asked as my heart beat wildly in me and my face heated up to my hairline.

"Dylan?" someone called from the aisle over from us. Dylan's eyes widened in alarm and he quickly pulled me around to the next aisle and we stood near some Lays potato chips. He leaned into me, and my brown eyes widened as his brown eyes came dangerously close to me. I had to remember to breath as I eyed his fair, smooth skin and dark brown hair, which was a shade darker than mine.

"Sorry," he said, and I felt his hot breath hit my cheek. "I'm actually trying to hide from my manager. I'm trying to play hooky, but it's not working since I'm recognized everywhere. I should've worn my hoody and mask."

I stood still, ever-feeling his hand grip my arm. He let go when he realized he was doing so, and I missed the feeling of his touch. He noticed my expression. "I'm sorry again. You look kind of shocked."

I nodded and gulped. "I would be. I mean, my favorite actor is standing right next to me in a grociery store of all places."

He smirked. "I'm flattered. And I'm just passing through to Sacramento."

His name was said again and anxiousness encumbered his features. I thought of something quickly, as fast as my muddled mind could. "Um, I know somewhere you could escape that leads out to the back parking lot. I used to work here, so I know this store like my own house."

Relief took the place of the anxiousness. "Seriously? Awesome! Where?"

"This way."

I couldn't believe I was helping a celebrity escape, my favorite one, but I let this dream play on as I led him to a side door that had a sign reading 'Employees Only.' Thankfully, when we enterd the area where the store unloads the frieght from the trucks, no one was back there to see us. We walked through an isle of back-stock of cereal. We exited through a door and came out to the back of the store. No one was out in the cool, sunny fall day.

"Thank you so much, um, I'm sorry, I didn't even get your name."

"Haley Mendez."

"Well, thank you, Haley. You saved me from my manager. He's going to be absolutely ticked with me."

He grinned, and heat rode up my neck at the sight. I tucked some of my long brown hair behind my ear. "Um, no problem. I guess working here for a summer paid off."

"Yeah it did. Well, I should probably find my car." He looked around, probably wondering how he is going to get to said car in the front of the store without being seen. He looked back to me as I stared at him, still stunned that he was standing in front of me. "Oh yeah, you wanted a picture, right?"

"Oh, yes! That would be great!"

I got my white smartphone out of my pocket and held it out. Dylan leaned in next to me, and that made my nerves tingle all over my body. And boy, did he look good in that form-fitting black tee! I smiled and snapped a picture. We both took a look at it.

"Nice," he said. "Very pretty."

My heart jumped at the complement. "Well, um... my mom's probably wondering where I ran off to, so..."

He nodded. "Yes, and my manager is most likely wondering the same thing about me. I wanted to have a quiet Thanksgiving, but being famous doesn't allow that to happen."

I immediatly thought about how quiet and boring my family's Thanksgivings always are, due to our extended family being across the country and outside of it. My mouth worked faster than my mind...

"Thanksgiving at my house is usually pretty quiet. It is every year, actually." His brows rose, knowing what I was insinuating. "Sorry, yeah, that's a bad idea. I mean... yeah, nevermind."

He stood there for a moment, staring at me, and his arms folded over his fitted tee that showed what muscles he had underneath. He wasn't an extremely tall or large guy, but he was toned, and oh so good-looking!

"Alright," he said after a minute as a soft, cool wind blew my wavy hair. It was my turn to raise my brows in surprise.


He nodded. "Alright. Your idea actually sounds pretty awesome. I mean, I don't usually ask fans to take me home, but since I'm a little desperate here..."

I couldn't believe this was actually happening! "Are you serious?"

"If you are."

I stared at his brown eyes and brown hair, with his bangs gelled up. My mind whirled with how insane this all was. "I am. You want a quiet Thanksgiving, and my family could use some excitement since the holiday season is usually pretty drab for us."

"Drab sounds very appealing. Alright, I'm in. So... how do we convince your mom? I saw her pinch you in there, so she most likely knows who I am."

He noticed that?! "Yeah, she does. Um... how about we just go to our car and you can hide in there until she comes out? I have a key."


We went around the building, looking around to make sure people didn't see us. Good thing mom parked not far from the side of the building. We hid behind cars and made it to mom's silver Honda. I opened the backseat door and Dylan climbed in.

"Okay, I'll call her," I said.

He grinned at me from inside the car as I got my white smartphone back out. "This is way too crazy, but also way too exiting."

"Yeah, I agree. Now, you shoud duck."


I shut the door and he leaned down, not seen. I called mom, and after five minutes, she came out with a cart full of plastic bags that had groceries in them.

"Haley, where'd you run off to?" she asked as she fixed her blonde hair after the wind blew it a little.

"Um..." I started, wondering how on earth I'm going to begin to tell her this. "That's a long story. So, you know how we always have boring Thanksgivings? Well... is it alright if we make at least this one more exciting? While I'm home for break?"

She creased her blonde brows. "What do you mean?"

Dylan leaned back up in the back seat, and mom jumped. "Who... that's that guy from earlier! What is he doing in the car?"

She looked from him to me, stumped. I said, "He wants to join us for Thanksgiving. Is that okay?"

Mom looked at me, and that look she gave me I have seen before—this was the most insane idea that I have ever had. It was. I was still trying to believe that this was actually reality.

"Being in college for a couple years really has muddled your brain, Haley."

"Just this once, mom. He's..." I looked to him and he came out of the car, and stood several inches taller than me—my eyeline went to his chin. He held out his hand.

"Dylan Shoupher. Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Mendez." He gave her a charming smile, and she shook his hand. "Honestly, I don't normally ask this of people, but... why not spice up both of our Thanksgivings?"

Mom looked from him to me. I gave her a closed-liped smile, and she knew that I did that whenever I was either nervous about something, or just unsure. In this case, I was both.

"Alright," mom said after a minute, and my eyes widened. "But, I'm not going to be the one explaining things your father and brother when we get home."

"Right," I said, and we all pitched in and put the groceries in the car. On the way home, as I sat in the front seat, I ever felt Dylan sitting right behind me. He was reassuring my mom that paparazzi wouldn't hound our house as he stayed there.

Oh, what have we done?

Dad and Andrew stared stunned at Dylan as he stood next to mom and I in the entryway. We had just told them both who this strange young man was, and they were familiar with him, thanks to me gushing about the show for the past few years.

"This was her idea, not mine," mom defended and walked passed us into the living room, then out of sight into the kitchen, carring grocery bags. Dylan and I clutched some as well, in both hands.

"Haley, you actually brought a guy home, and a famous one at that!" Andrew, my fourteen-year-old brown-haired brother said. "This is definitely a first."

My cheeks heated in embarrassment, and I looked over at Dylan. He smiled and tranfered the bags he held in his right hand to his left hand, and held out his right hand to my dad. "I'm Dylan Shoupher. It's very nice to meet you, Mr. Mendez."

Dad shook his hand, giving Dylan that I-don't-trust-you 'dad' look. "Yes, you, too."

Dylan evened out the bags that he was holding to each hand. Dad still wasn't saying anything, but Andrew was beaming. "We're going to have a famous person in the house for a few days! Sweet!"

Andrew fist-pumped the air and I cleared my throat. "Well, the kitchen is through here."

I walked passed dad and Dylan followed. We walked through the living room of off-white leather sofas and through the dining room and saw mom in the kitchen putting groceries away. Dylan and I set the rest of the bags down on the floor next to the ones mom brought in. Dylan whispered to me, "I don't think your dad was too thrilled about this whole situation."

"Yeah, I know. And I'm surprised mom agreed to this in the first place. We had to convince her that you won't attract paparazzi since your manager knows you're here... which he doesn't."

"I'll think of something. And... thanks again."

I met his brown eyes, and he smirked. My cheeks heated up at how attractive he was. "No problem. Hopefully."

He chuckled at that.

"Well," mom said and we looked at her, "Haley, do you think you and your new celebrity friend could help put away the groceries?"

"Sure thing," I said.

"Absolutely," Dylan said. "Just tell me where things go."

We got to it, and I had to mentally slap myself when I stopped and stared at Dylan while he put things away in the cupboards and the pantry. This will definitely not be a boring Thanksgiving.