An Ode to the One I Lost

Should I begin with an apology

One to assert this ending?

I know it was dead to you

Even before I knew.

I'm sorry I wasn't "enough", I'm sorry I didn't "try".

I'm sorry you felt I didn't care

That you mattered to me no more.

Yes, it's just your "problems"

You thinking you're fucked up

You deserve none, you need none

When you're nothing but a tired soul.

I tried my best, I know I did.

I bowed as low as I could,

Listening, begging, waiting...

But I'm tired, no, I'm exhausted

And seems like you can't understand.

I don't blame you, you think everyone leaves-The ones who love you, the ones who need you

The ones who tried for you...

It's what you know, its what you believe And I'm sorry, I can't make it change.

I hope one day you'll see you're more,

Far more than a mess of scars and nightmares,

That one day your fears wont hold you back no more.

I hope you'll understand I didn't stop loving you,

I needed some love for myself.

I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough for you, my love

I'm sorry I couldn't show you the you I see-A universe to explore and adore But...

This is farewell for now, I can't anymore. Maybe we'll meet again one day, and make a better lore

Till then I hope you live, love and try to be more.