The graveyard tenants, who serenely rest,

until this day, upon this sacred site. On

Hallo's Eve shall resurrect and celebrate

this holiday with frightenebrous demise.

Zombies and ghouls shall initiate the hunt and

pursue their preys 'til they with deathly horror

drop. Dracula and his wives shall soon begin to

prowl for victims to feed upon easing their

ferocious bloody appetites.

Pennywise, the dancing clown, lures children with

red balloons and sweets. The unsuspecting minor's

terrorized screams are heard throughtout the haunted

house then, down the mining shafts beneath.

The razor-sharp gloves you'll see are, Fred Kruger's

very own. Its screeching sounds are heard across the

city building walls. The spine chills alert, you're not

dead, yet or just hearing things. Your heart rate will

then accelerate by dangers you're starting to perceive.

His flesh burned hellish presence will undoubtedly make

you realize; He's real and not a nightmare dream, nor

dissipate if you should dare to close your eyes.

Michael and Jason shall also leave their trail of victims

on this satanic ghastly night.. Sadistic gore, and rampant

rage of macabre severely deranged minds. The death toll

increases with every tic and toc the clock sounds make.

Will these psychotic fiends ever desist or go away ...

And for those little ladies, who adore to play with porcelain

dainty dolls; You dress and comb their long lush hair; Until,

all eventually falls. You'll know when luck has deserted you;

If you encounter Annabelle. This cautionary tale, I hope shall

serve you; So, please be aware and listen well, ...

within her... DEMONS DWELL!

So If you're getting anxious and just dying to venture out.

"Before you leave your pleasant space, please pray." It's food

for thought. It might just shield or even spare you from the trick

or treater's fate. You could then claim to be blessed with divine

grace. if your mind is still intact and by some saintly miracle

survive,...this Hallo's Eve frightmonsterous feast.

Written on: October 26, 2019