I arrived at my home and when I entered I closed the door immediately and threw My shoes in the shoe basket. When I walked in I heard my Mom washing the dishes and singing the song that was on the radio but I could hear none of my sisters. I took the opportunity to relax by rushing upstairs and immediately taking refuge in the bed for comfort after dropping all of my stuff to the floor. It was weird I came home before my sisters though; Maybe They got detention or they have something to do without me but I doubt it because they always want me around when they do things together even when doing girls stuff. I always ask them why am I going despite me not wanting to go or That It's a girls thing and they would respond with stuff like "We enjoy your company!" and "We love having our brother with us!" and even "We want our brother to help us judge our new outfits!" and Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, you get the point. I began to close my eyes before I heard a voice yell from downstairs
"ONII-CHAN! The voice yelled "I'M HOME!"
Before I can even React the door busted open to reveal a cute young girl who is indeed my younger sister Rin Ichiimo. Well, she isn't my actual sister but my step sister. I live with my stepmom and my sisters ever since my dad passed away due to natural causes. Rin stood a good 5' 2" with a thin build with a slight bit of chub that makes her extra cute with Pink eyes and also with pink hair that is styled in a side Ponytail with blue beads that run the length of hair that goes down waist length. She, like my mother and other sisters, has a Japanese Tan as they all are Full-blooded Japanese and Rin also had A-cup breasts that help with her endless energy gives her that Childish aura.
"R-R-Rin..." I said Tiredly "I'm a bit tired today."
She ignored my warning and jumped on my bed, hugging me tightly with all her might. She just laid her head on my chest as she hugged me in which in return I wrapped my arms around her resting them softly on her shoulder blades which caused her to smile.
"How was your day?" I asked smiling myself
"It was great Onii-chan!" Today I learned about the battle of the alamo in American history class, I learned about the effects of Gravity in Physics class and I learned about Beuwolf In English class today!" She said happily
"I bet you liked what you learned," I asked
"Yep!" She said still happy
"What else?" I asked
"I finally finished that Manga during lunch break today and I loved the ending! Oh and I almost got hit by 3 pickup trucks, 2 motorcycles, and a school bus today." She said Happily acting as nothing happened.
"You weren't paying attention crossing the street again today?" I asked again.
"Nope!" She replied Happily.
"You know You lack Any kind of modern-day common sense. You know that right?" I told her.
"I'm sorry I'm just so happy to be able to see you at home!" She replied happily rubbing her right cheek against my left one.
"You know I still see you at school and even at lunch right?" I ask confused.
"Yep but I always want to see you Jackson-Chan!" She replied still rubbing her face against mine.
I then started rubbing her back and when I started doing so her cheeks started heating up and then She broke the hug and sat upon my abdomen and I can see she now has A Crimson shading on her face.
"Are the other's home?" I asked.
"Hinata is out shopping for new clothes, Kokoro is out playing at the Arcade and Leone is Training at the Gym!" She replied Happily.
"Like per Usual," I said.
"Yep!" She replies with that Iconic grin on her face.
Rin then jumped up off me with her school skirt flipped up revealing her bright pink Panties before slowly going back to slowly cover them as if she didn't care if anyone saw them that much. Rin then looked over her shoulder and smiled at me
"Come on Jackson-Chan!" She said, "Let's see if Mama made us anything to eat!"
She then grabbed my hand and dragged me out of my bed, out of my room, down the stairs and into the kitchen where Mom was making sandwiches for me, Rin and the other siblings when they get back.
Akari Ichiimo is my stepmom and she was beautiful, Curvy and young looking (As in she still looks like as in her early 20's) young Lady who stood 6' 3" (which is taller than me since I am 5' 9") with long Violet hair that goes down to waist length but is tied up in a Ponytail. She had breasts of the FF size which constantly keeps in her tight button-up shirts with chest wrap as she can be rather embarrassed by her huge... Assets but no matter how much Chest wrap she uses her chest still seems larger than normal. She also has pure white skin and Pink eyes that are the same as Rin's and my all of my other Stepsisters which explains where the inherit from.
"Mama!" She said, "I'm home!"
She turned to Rin with her gorgeous pure white smile (as my stepsisters also seem to have inherited)
"I can tell sweetie!" She said smiling "Here you go. It's your favorite."
She then handed her a Peanutbutter and grape jelly sandwich. Rin took it and ran into the living room and turned on the TV.
"Come On Jackson-Chan!" She said, "Our show is starting soon!"
I looked up to my mom smiling as best as I can
"H-Hi Mom."
It still felt weird for me to call her that Becuase I know she isn't really my Mom. Akari smiled before cupping my Right cheek, bending down to my height.
"Are you Hungry?" She asked.
"N-N-No Not really," I replied, "I'm just a bit tired from today."
I tried to keep eye contact trying not to look at her huge breasts.
"Why don't you go lay down then? She asked
"Rin wanted me to watch TV with her," I replied.
Akari smiled kindly. Even after dad died she was kind enough to keep me in her family and treat me as one of her own which I definitely owe her for.
"You're a good brother then." She told me
"I-I know," I replied trying not to blush.
She then bent down and softly kissed me on my forehead before telling me to go and sit down with Rin. I then walked into the living room and sat next to Rin to watch a Gundam Anime Titled "Ultra Gundam Kaiju Prime: The Expanded adventures" which My step-sisters introduced me too and we watched every night after school and had never missed an episode of and speak of the devil Hinata, Kokoro, and Leone showed up to watch the anime with us.
Hinata had her Fashionable clothing, Long green Hair with Pink eyes and cream-colored skin. She had some E-cup breasts and her clothing tries to reflect that all of that time; Kokoro had medium-length yellow hair tied in a bun with the same pink eyes and Cream colored skin with B-cup breasts and finally there was Leone with Short Length Silver hair with slight muscles across her body because of her martial arts training and she had some C-Cup breasts as well.
After A While I passed out due to my tiredness And when I woke up hours later I saw the TV was still on but the lights were turned off.
"Where are the girls?" I asked half yawning.
"I sent them to bed," said Akari.
I looked around to see where she was at and what I realized was My head was... On Her breasts and to make it even more awkward she loosened her chest wrap and My head was on the full size of her breasts which the first time I saw them without the Wraps and her Buttoned up shirt had to be unbuttoned or else it would be blowing buttons out on the chest area. I was confused and She explained it to me.
"I saw you were rather uncomfortable sleeping on the ouch so I thought my Breasts would make a good resting place for your head but I had to loosen my Wraps first so It would work better. I hope you don't mind." She explained
"N-N-No I don't mind At A-A-All," I replied trying to suppress my blush and failing to do so. She then asked a question that threw me off guard.
"Are they comfortable for you?" She asked.
"I-I-I... No... Yes... I mean... Yes! Yes, they are comfortable! I mean-!"
She then stopped me and told me
"I think I should take you to bed."
"O-Ok," I replied and then she carried me to bed with my head on her breasts and the other girls were up but with somewhat jealous looks on their faces which confused me but she took me to bed and as Soon as My head hit the Pillow I fell asleep.
To be continued...