Jackson's POV
I woke up this morning and I started to try to remember what happened last night as I knew I slept on the couch and when I did I turned red as I remembered what happened. I started getting up and started to change my clothes as today is Saturday and I told my friend I would hang out with him today. I was in my boxers at the moment and I had my bedroom door open because I thought no one was up yet But I was wrong as Hinata and Leone were fighting over what Looked like to be a small, short Blue dress that would look kind of great on either of them if they were to wear it. It was the kind of thing that would Attract guys as it would accentuate a girl's best features. As they were fighting they stopped at my door pulling at the dress with fear one or the other might tear it.
"Stop! Just give it to me before It's ripped! I spent $100 dollars on that!" Hinata said to leone with fear.
"No! Just give it to me! It would look better on me because of my Muscle definition!" Leone replied.
Hinata then started to pull on Leone's shoulder-length, silver hair with one hand while the other one grasping the Dress. I jumped from my bed with nothing but a pair of Jeans on and got between the middle of their fight to stop them. I placed my arms at full length on either side of me to stop the fight and snatched the dress from them to further try to stop the fight. Both girls were blushing and looking at my abdomen in which was really toned as I am a part of the school's track team.
"What is going on here?!" I asked the two.
"Leone was trying to steal my dress which I want to wear today!" She replied
"Well, I wanted to wear it to Look Good for a Guy!" Leone replied.
"Who is this guy you want to look good so badly?" I asked
"That's for me to know and you to find out." She replied with a big Happy smile.
"Alright then. Then who does this belong to?" I asked them.
"That would be mine," Hinata replied Calmly with a winning smile.
I handed it to her in which she skipped merrily back to her room and Leone walked into her room to either find a new set of clothing and/or be training with weights as per usual. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to see Akari cooking breakfast while still wearing her Blue silk nightgown. She was cooking some Eggs and bacon and she seemed pretty happy.
"Hi, Jackson! Take a seat so I can serve you breakfast," she said while turning to me smiling.
I did what she ordered and sat down at the table where she served me the eggs and bacon in the shape of a smiley face which in a way made me feel special as I never had that growing up because of a lack of a mother. Rin then came down next in her Pajama's to also eat breakfast. She looked cute with her bedhead which only to increase her childish demeanor.
"Hi, Jackson-Chan!" She said.
"Hi, Rin" I replied.
She continued to smile and asked me
"You want to hang out with us today?"
"By us you mean...?"
"Me, Hinata, Kokoro, Leone, and Mom of course!"
Akari nodded and I replied to Rin
"Don't I always?"
"Yay!" Rin yelled as she reached across the table to give me a big hug just as the other girls were coming downstairs to eat breakfast with us. Hinata, Kokoro, and Leone were giving us some rather jealous looks which confused me but then Rin let's go and the started giving in their own hugs; Even Akari did the same thing.
Time Skip!
I walked downstairs after getting dressed in a t-shirt and jeans to the door where Akari was waiting for me and she was wearing a cherry blossom pink print dress that was cut on top to show her cleavage and you can even see some of her Chest wraps through the edge of the dress. Hinata then came down with the Blue dress she won and It definitely looked good on her as it accentuates her breasts the best. I was caught blushing and it only got worse as Leone came down in a grey T-shirt and a Pink and white striped skirt which is unusual for her as she never wears skirts and/or dresses and it worked for her as it showered off her toned arms and legs the best. Rin then came down wearing her typical T-shirt and skirt which always worked for her but now it was a little more suggestive as the t-shirt was cut rather a low showing a tiny bit of cleavage but enough to tease a man to know what the rest was. she still kept that childish smile on her face like she didn't know what she dresses liked that. That was when Kokoro came down in a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black and Jean shorts that just like Rin's T-shirt Just tease a man. I don't know what men they were after but I gotta bet those men are sure to be lucky get women like my sisters not to mention the man Akari would Possibly ever remarry.
Time Skip...Again!
I was walking down the street with Akari and the stepsisters and everyone was looking at me funny as if... They were My harem of girls in which Totally shocked me to be getting those kinds of reactions but I wouldn't blame them for assuming as I was the only guy in a group of only hot young women. Oh my god; Did I just call my Stepmom and Stepsisters hot?!. What the hell is happening here?!
We continued to walk down the street until the girls pulled me into a Clothing Store where Hinata, Rin, Konoko, and Leone were all picking out new clothes. I was pretty calm until I felt a weight on top of my head and When I looked up I turned blood red as Akari was placing her breasts on top of my head. She then wrapped her arms around my body and started hugging me. It was very comfortable and of course, it was very motherly as she was a mother of course. Rin then grabbed my arm and told me
"Jackson! Me, Hinata, Kokoro, and Leone want to try on new clothes and we want you to judge for us if they look good on us."
"Wait... Would that mean I have to be in the changing room right next to the changing closets?"
I immediately turned a deep red and Akari then replied
"You can count me in too sweetie."
And I realized this is going to be new levels of awkward and weird. Later I was in the Changing room outside the changing closets with some women giving me funny looks in which I Returned with Blushing and Just keeping my head down as I waited for Akari and the rest of the girls to show me their new clothing. I was still sitting there until I heard what sounds Like slapping and fighting from which some of the girls were using to change. It was Hinata and Leone I think who was in there I think but my suspicions were confirmed when the door opened and I saw the two In there Bra's and Panties slap fighting each other and I can hear what they were saying.
"Give me that You bitch!" Hinata said, "I am supposed to come out first!"
"Like so! I have a better body than you and you know it!" Leone said.
Hinata then Proceeded to Jump onto my Lap with my face redder than A Red star and she asked me "Jackson. Can you tell her I have a better body than Her?"
"I-Um-I-A-Um..." I try to say with my Brain on Haywire.
Leone then got on the other side of my Lap and said to me "Jackson can you tell her I have the Better body?"
I was about to continue to say with my Haywired Brain before Akari walked out in her own Panties and Chest wrap in which Hugs her chest only teasing me into thinking in how much Boob is under there and she stopped them by separating the two and she asked me in her usual caring motherly fashion "Jackson Honey are you Ok?"
"I-I-I-Um-oh-Um...I'm O-Ok."
"Are you sure?"
She gave me her warm smile as she kissed me on my forehead causing me to blush and start having a small but unnoticeable nosebleed. She then left to her Changing stall with The other two Giving me equally warm smiles before leaving for their stalls. It wasn't even five minutes before I was called by Rin and Kokro to look up and when I did I suffered a Major nosebleed. They were both wearing some sexy Two-piece Swimsuits. Rin's was wearing a Frilly Pink one that makes her even cuter and sexier than before as it was cut so It can show off her small Breasts and shapely Hips. Her Big Pink anime eyes were glistening in the light of the room and her Side Ponytail was laying on my Lap as he began to sit down on it with a smile plastered on her face. Then there was Kokoro who wore A Yellow striped two-piece that was even sexier considering she had a bigger cup size and she was in my face as she sat down on my lap looking shy as she did so.
"How do you think we Look?' Rin asked me.
"G-G-Good," I replied with my mind once again on Haywire.
Rin just giggled and replied, "Thanks But we want something from you."
"W-W-What is it?" I asked.
"This." She replied
Then unexpectedly Rin and Kokoro kissed me on the cheeks and I passed out both from shock and Instant blood Loss from my nosebleed and I didn't wake up for another 3 hours.
3 Hours Later...
I woke up in bed remembering what happened just a few hours ago. I then realized it was Akari's Bed which weirded me out just a little bit but when I tried to move I couldn't and when I looked around again I was just shocked as I saw Akari and the girls on top of me in their Bra's and Panties cuddling me and I turned a new red never seen before and my nose shot out blood. I then tried to squirm out And I then felt Akari grab my head and told me "If you wanted to do so badly why didn't you tell me so Jackson."
"What?..." Is what I replied before she pulled my face into her breasts which weren't Wrapped up so they were at full size and I couldn't breathe. This may be every man's dream but This is my stepmom were Talking about here.
"Mmmm... Don't be so rough Jackson. I'm too sensitive for that." She said as I tried to squirm out and because of all of my squirming, the girls woke up and they woke up Akari who let me out of her Breasts in which I asked Rehtoricly "What the Hell! Are all of you in Love with me?!"
The all had blushes on their faces and I realized they all are in love with me and they began to talk to me.
"Well, Jackson." Rin began "We do Like you. I mean we really like you."
"Yeah, Rin's right." Leone continued "We like you a lot."
"We really Like you because Your always so Nice to us and treat us like we're everything to you," Hinata said
Kokoro then said "Yeah and You remind us of our dad in so many ways. You always give us that loving feeling."
"So... do you return out feelings?" Akari finished.
I thought about it for a few Moments and I decided that Yeah I do return those feelings and that I might have never realized that before. It might be awkward for a little while but I do love them back so I told them before the squealed and glomped me. Akari asked me "Truth or dare Jackson?"
"D-Dare," I replied
"Ok then..." She responded, "Sleep with us tonight."
"O-Ok then," I replied and then they started kissing up and down my mouth and neck while cuddling me and stroking my chest. This May be awkward to say But I love my family.