Chapter 5

The evening shadows darkened the bedroom where Alexie and Harold lay naked on Alexie's bed, Harold exhausted from Alexie's physical stamina and technique, showing him positions he didn't know were possible. He had discovered another way in which Ally and Alexie were completely different in their outlook and behaviour – this time when it came to sex.

Whereas Ally was reserved, conservative and almost rigid, Alexie was wild, crazy, energetic, outgoing and uninhibited, so much so that Harold felt like he fell into another dimension he didn't know existed.

"You like my tattoo?" Alexie asked, noticing how Harold kept looking at her painted breast.

"I was surprised to see it," he confessed.

"I'll probably live to regret it but when you're young you don't worry about such things," Alexie stated.

"I guess you'll know what it means to commit to something, for better or worse, till death," Harold teased.

"Lots of women get breast tattoos after breast cancer surgery and that sort of stuff," Alexie said. "I got it near the nipple so I wouldn't have to worry about it being seen with cleavage."

Harold leaned in and kissed her as they lay on their sides facing each other. "Will you live to regret this?" He worried.

"No," she assured him. "We're still young enough to be entitled to our spontaneity and recklessness."

"What about your sister?"

"That's between you and her, Hal," Alexie told him. "Sooner or later you're going to have to make choices. I'll never tell her about this no matter what happens."

"I've never been spontaneous like this before," he admitted.

"Me either," she smiled.

"I should probably feel guilty about it," Harold sighed.

"You should," Alexie concurred.

"Don't you?" He asked.

"My sister always gets what she wants," Alexie complained. "Why shouldn't I?"

He stared at her for a long moment, unable to come up with something to say given the circumstances of his own guilt.

"Come on, I'll make you an omelet," Alexie said.

She rolled over him and jumped off the bed, looking around in the dim room for something to grab off the floor to wear but then she went to the closet and took a robe off the door. Harold found his clothes and dressed before following Alexie downstairs to the kitchen. He sat at the breakfast counter and watched her throw together some omelets for them.

"Alexie's would be a great name for your stylish café," Harold said with a smile.

"I'm not sure if I could ever run my own place," she said, her back to him as she worked the stove.

"Sure you could," Harold encouraged her.

"Well, let's just get through high school before we start worrying about our future," she suggested with a laugh.

"Maybe I'll go to Brown if you're going to Johnson and Wales," he said. "They're pretty close."

"What about Maryland?" She asked, bringing the prepared food to the counter, taking the stool next to him.

"I don't get the impression Ally cares where I go," Harold said.

Harold discussed his college selection options while they ate and Alexie kept smirking at him.

"What's so amusing?" He wanted to know.

"Nothing," she replied. "This is nice, that's all."

When they were done eating the delicious omelet, Harold helped Alexie clean up in the kitchen – one of the few house rules was that Alexie was required to keep the common areas as clean as she found them and was allowed to keep her room as messy as she wanted.

"Hey, there's a party at Rose Webster's house tonight," Alexie informed Harold when they were done with the cleanup. "Want to check it out?"


Alexie went upstairs and took another quick shower because of all the sex and perspiration and she returned wearing designer jeans and a sweater.

Harold drove them to Rose's house and they entered the home to find plenty of partying teenagers.

"Ally!" Someone yelled not long after Alexie and Harold joined the masses and Harold watched a guy with moppy hair and a thick beard approaching. He was clearly not a high school student.

"I'm not Ally," Alexie told him when he reached them.

"Oh, come on sweetheart, I'm not that drunk yet!" The guy replied.

"Who are you?" Alexie frowned.

"Come on Babe, you know my name," he laughed, giving her ass a pat.

"I'm afraid I don't," she said sternly, giving him the evil eye for touching her there.

"My name is Love with deep passion, stories left in the attic, buried in the heart," he recited. "Love is the name that I know, the name I want to be called, love to be told, and our love is to be bold, the great love that lives inside of me to remember you, so tell me my name and I'll never forget you."

"He's the poet," Harold realized.

"Hey, I thought you said you were in Maryland this weekend," the guy remembered.

"Ally never told you she had a twin?" an amused Alexie asked the guy. "That would have made for a great poem right there."

The guy glanced between her and Harold. "Seriously?" He asked.

"Did you sleep with my sister?" Alexie bluntly asked.

"Excuse me?" The guy frowned.

"I'm asking for a friend," Alexie said knowingly. "Did Ally mention that she had a boyfriend?"

"I'm her boyfriend," the guy insisted.

"So, you are sleeping with her," Alexie said with awed disgust.

"How else would he know she was in Maryland?" Harold sighed.

"What the hell are you doing at a high school party?" Alexie wanted to know.

"Because the college kids make fun of his lame poetry," Harold guessed. "That's why he hangs around the Hillsboro Library talking poetry to high school girls."

"Watch it, pal," the guy warned.

"Come on, Hal," Alexie said. "Let's get out of here."

"You sure you're not Ally?" The guy asked, still confused.

"You must be a dumb poet," Alexie said with a laugh as she walked Harold out of the house.

"She lied to me," a defeated Harold grumbled as they walked across the front lawn.

"Well, that should take some of the guilt away about what happened with us" Alexie said. "And it explains why she didn't want to have sex with you."

"Because she was having sex with him," he sighed.

"That would be my guess," Alexie confirmed.

"What am I supposed to do now?" He wondered as they reached his car.

"That's between you and Ally, Hal," Alexie told him once again. "But maybe it's time for you decide which Scanlon Sister you want to be with."

They were sitting in the car now. Harold stared at Alexie. "I'll take you home," he said.

"You going to spend the night?" She asked.

He didn't say anything as he started the engine.