I never thought I'd be branded a black widow. Me, of all people. Serena Fabray. I'm as sweet as a Georgia peach. As nice as they come. I better be. My Grandmama taught me right. But she also warned me. Warned me about our family's curse. Any man that dare love a Fabray woman, yes, you got that right, he'd die. We didn't kill them, of course not. I told you, it was the curse. Inside a year, most men would be six feet under. It was a shame.

We are the nicest family in Macon. Evidently, we weren't always though. About two hundred years ago, when my family made their way here to these shores, my ancestor was a scarlet woman. She had fled the confines of her upbringing and wanted to be a sexually progressive woman in a progressive new country. So, she slept with a lot of men; dozens to say the least. Well, the story goes, she slept with the wrong woman's husband. The wife was outraged. I mean who wouldn't be, right? Especially when my ancestor ended up pregnant. Far be it to kill a child, the victimized woman cursed our lineage. Any female child born from the blood of Anastasia Fabray would be damned. So, you see, it's not my fault I'm doomed to have all my husband's die on me. It's Anastasia's. She caused this.

Just my luck I always fall for the rich ones. I don't mean to; it just happens. I'm a sucker for the suave charisma that comes from a man with money. The confidence he exudes is like catnip for me. I've deliberately rebuffed their affections because I know what will happen to them. I've tried to scare them off, but for some reason, they seem to be drawn to me too. I've had 6 husbands already and I'm barely 32! All their deaths were accidents. 2 car crashes, a freak plane accident, and a mugging gone wrong. Things you hear about on the news but hope never happen to you. Oh, my favorite death was Alex's. He was a certified diver and lifeguard; at home in the water as well on land. He drowned on our honeymoon in Tahiti while we were exploring a sunken ship. How weird is that? I admit I do have a strange fascination wondering about how they will die. My most recent husband was Bill and he fell off a ladder while hanging Christmas lights. I told him it was dangerous and to hire someone to do it, but he insisted. Broke his damn neck. Such a shame, especially since I'd waited 3 years after Alex.

All of my husbands had left me everything. At least they were smart enough to make up a will before they croaked. Alex was the only one who really had a family and I gave them back whatever they wanted. I was well off without his money and knew they hadn't trusted me. Not with my track record. I don't blame them I wouldn't have either. They gladly took it, insistent I murdered him. Of course, there was an investigation and it was proven a tragic accident. Some kind of malfunction with his scuba gear. He could have made it to the surface. He could hold his breath a long time but he got "tangled" in some seaweed and well, the rest is history. I've gotten used to death, being around it so often, but each one still hits me hard. I hope that one day, one guy I find will be able to break the curse. Maybe my brother will have more luck than I. He tends to be choosier.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention I have a twin brother that's cursed too. My mother thought when he was born it meant the hex had been lifted. There have only been women born into my family since Anastasia. That is until Sebastion. We thought he might be safe, being the only male in our long line, but nope. It seems no one in my family can escape the curse of Anastasia Fabray. Sigh. What is the female equivalent of a black widow anyway? Is there one? I googled it and it doesn't seem to know. Neither does Alexa. But I'm getting off the topic here.

Sebastian was fearful of the curse. He waited longer until he was 21 before he started to court women. I was already on my second marriage at that point. He's only been widowed twice. Both Courtney and Angelica were amazing and 2 of my best friends. I'll admit I took their deaths hard, mourning right alongside my brother. So, why do you just not date people, you ask? Protect the world from ourselves. We've tried that. Doesn't seem to work. Somehow, someone always seems to find their way into our world. And I've already told you we try not to fall in love, but its primal. People need love. You can't survive without love; humans weren't made that way.

I do wonder, would the curse be broken if one of us fell in love with someone of the same sex? Probably not, since we thought Sebastian would be safe from it and he's still affected. It's nice to dream, that someday that could be true. Or maybe one day this horrible hex will just end. That enough time has passed and diluted our blood enough that we will be free from this awful existence. I am getting terribly tired of being a widow. My mom finally succumbed to her own broken heart after my own father died. He was her 15th husband and lasted the longest. He actually managed to survive the curse until we were 5. I think it was because he traveled so much and the curse only works if you're in proximity to us. Hell, I don't know. I'm grasping at straws here. Trying to come up with something that makes some sense, only nothing does. I wish she were still here for guidance anyway. I loved my Grandmama, but it's not the same. She passed away last year anyway so Sebastian and I are on our own. Probably for the best anyway.

I've started a little project, a genealogy project. I am hoping to find the name of that scorned women who cursed us. No one seems to know who she is, other than her name was Helena. If I can find out who she was, then I can trace her own family tree. Trace it all the way into the present and find her ancestor now. I'd go talk to her, get her to break the curse. If she even has any idea what I'm talking about. For all I know she's not even a witch. Even if she is, how do I know she's the practicing kind? I know how the world is about witches. Society says they're cool with em' and all the other types of people who had come out of the darkness and into the light of the 21st century but well. People still fear what they don't understand and they don't understand a lot.

Sebastian has used his own resources to help me out. He wants answers as well. We are getting close of finding her. I mean we know all this happened about 15 years before the confederate war. That gave me a place to start, but the records kept then were sketchy at best. Sherman had burned a path through the area on his way to Savannah and many things were lost. I know with a little more time I'll be able to find her and get to the bottom of this. I can't believe no one else thought this up before. Wish me luck. I don't want any more people to die. There's been enough. I promised myself that I wouldn't have kids. I don't want to subject them to this affliction. I mean I could adopt, but I don't know if that would even work. It doesn't matter, if we can't figure out a way to end the curse, I feel the Fabray line will end with us. Wish me luck. I'm going to need all of it I can get.