In a neighborhood in a house which looked like a white picket fenced, well maintained stereotypical 1960's Home filled with Americano a young 16 year old girl with long blonde hair started waking up in her timber framed bed and she said while getting out of bed and putting on her army tank slippers, wearing her camo pajama's
" Well todays another great day!"
This is America. She is a patriotic, well intentioned, and freedom loving and very nice young lady who wants nothing but freedom for everyone. She started walking to her desk and said
"Better look at my resources a gathered today."
She grabbed a pack of cards wrapped in tinfoil which are her resources. It was the usual for her; It was Oil, produce, water, power, livestock, land, mineral ore, logging, fishing and most importantly Money. After getting dressed in a pair of jeans, a tank top covered by a air force jacket and a pair of goggles she started heading out to do what she does everyday; She trades. Her first stop is with her friends Canada and Mexico.
Canada is a nice and polite young lady who always dresses for cold weather such as a heavy hooded jacket and heavy snow pants despite the weather always being different to what she is wearing. she has long brown hair tied in a traditional native American pigtails tied together with seal leather. She has a collection of maple leaves and has a forest of maple trees in her backyard she has to gather maple syrup for export.
Mexico is kind of clingy to America as she has a crush on her but America doesn't share those feelings with her. Mexico usually wears a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt with a nice straw hat. She does a lot of traditional cooking and loves to share her good food. She gives a lot of it to America but she complains saying all that food is making her fat. Mexico does not listen to her so America just stores it into the freezer in her house and gives it to the impoverished nations who need it more. Mexico has always kept trying to get "closer" with America but she always denies her advances.
They all meet at the street corner near there houses where America can see Mexico and Canada having a argument. Mexico told Canada with a slightly bitchy attitude
"Well I think America likes my cooking more!"
Canada retorts with
"America has all sorts of ethnic foods. why do you think she would like yours the best?"
Mexico thought about it for a minute and told Canada in a proud way
"Well there's Taco bell!"
She beamed with pride but Canada only rolled her eyes at that remark.
America showed up and said to both of them
"Hey girls!"
The two other girls said back
They all group hugged and they started trading. America sent them both raw minerals, logging, Oil and Money and they sent back it her all the technology and food they had made for her. When finished they all heading towards The Middle eastern district where America is a little scared to go past by due to most people there not having very good ties with her. They all started walking through the district until Israel started running up to them screaming.
Israel is a highly religious and nice person. she wants no trouble but gets it a whole lot. Every time she tries to pray she is being bombarded by bombs and flaming cocktails and all she want to do is pray. She wears robes covering her long light colored hair and always carries a necklace for every religion that she is in.
She started running to America as Saudi Arabia chased her with a broken wine bottle. America broke up the fight and asked
"OK! What's going on here?!"
Israel said
"I was practicing my faith..."
Saudi Arabia yelled
"Well its the wrong faith!"
America told them both
"Guys. guys. Its the twenty-first century. We don't do that anymore. Now kiss up and make up because everyone is entitled to their own beliefs."
They shook hands and they both went their separate ways. America, Canada and Mexico continued with their walk until they made it to the cities trade center where everyone trades everything. It was a madhouse like always and everyone was trying to get the best trades. America had put down her basic resources and gold for someone to pick up and make into products to sell back to her. They started walking back home until they saw North Korea picking on her timid twin sister South Korea.
North Korea was a punk who believes everything is entitled to her and she will get mad at everyone because she wants to show her power off. She always wears a military uniform with medals and carrying a riding whip and has her hair in a bun held by a pencil.
South Korea on the other hand is a timid and kind soft spoken girl with long dark hair tied in pigtails and always wearing in a more traditional dress with sandals and her pigtails tied together with chopsticks.
N. Korea is bullying her twin until America broke it up and asked
"What is going on here?"
N. Korea told her
"Well Ms. Righteous all the time S. Korea here is not paying her reparations."
Canada spoke up and told them
"But she doesn't owe you reparations."
N. Korea dropped her twin sister and told them
"I'll will take over the world someday!"
America retorted back
"Yeah that will happen!"
They all laughed while N. Korea walked away in defeat.

The End