One Day Mexico was making a bunch of chimichanga's for the poverty stricken countries. She was making a lot for them and she has received the help of Canada, Brazil, Britain, France, China and Germany to help make the Food for the poverty stricken countries. Mexico was getting the corn husks in order to make them and when she came back she asked Britain
"Have you gotten the corn flower?"
Britain: She is a nice person who is somewhat high class. She is tall with long dark hair. She is part of the European district in town and she has certain liking to foods like Tea and fish 'n chips. She always wears a tight fitting buttoned up shirt, a pencil skirt, a pair of shoes and a hair bow. She speaks in a English accent of course and has a relationship with Scotland and has a friendship with Ireland.
Britain turned to Mexico and told her
"I did. I think China is making the tortilla's."
Mexico told Britain with a sour disposition
"Why did you let china do it? She has no idea how to use corn. You could've made Brazil do it."
Britain told Mexico Nonchalantly
"Well she does make a lot of weird food so I thought she can handle it."
Mexico told Britain with much annoyance
"Its take a country with Plenty of experience in corn tortilla making in order to make a traditional corn tortilla like they should be doing. Its a special art that takes time and skill not everyone has. You got that Britain?"
Britain told her friend with a hint of sarcasm
"I have no idea what you just said."
Mexico only gave her friend a slap to back of her head and told her to get back to work and then went to China to tell her what to do.
China: She is a beautiful if not controlling person. She thinks she has ownership over her friend Tibet but she really doesn't and whenever someone tell her that she doesn't she will deny it and ignore them for the rest of the day. She is a little overbearing and controlling but she is still a good person overall. She enjoys chicken and pork with soy sauce and with rice. She is friends with Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Taiwan most of Indochina and Both Korea's. She generally wears a red dress with sandals and her hair in a braided ponytail held together with chopsticks.
Mexico walked up to China and asked her
"How are the Tortilla's going?"
China told the young Burnette
"Good. I hope you don't mind but I brought Tibet here with me."
Mexico told china in a serious manner
"You do know You don't own Tibet and..."
China kept yelling
"I cant hear you! I cant hear you!..."
Mexico gave up trying after five minutes and told China to work on the corn husks and to tell Brazil to come over here. She obeyed and Brazil soon came over.
Brazil is a girl who enjoys nature and is immersed into Brazilian culture. She enjoys other things such as flashy clothing and the color blue. She has a pet Macaw and a Lions-mane monkey. Her favorite foods are martini's, Chicken and banana's. She always takes nature walks and takes in the scenery and a breath of nature. she wears a bright, blue and flashy shirt with a skirt and a pair of sneakers.
Brazil asked Mexico
"What's going on?"
Mexico told her politely
"Brazil I need you to get the corn tortilla's ready."
Brazil asked
"Why me?"
Mexico answered her question with
"Because you know a lot more about this than everyone else."
Brazil got to work and Brazil then went to France who is doing the meats and cheese to ask her how its going so far.
France: France is a high classed, high cultured somewhat narcissistic blonde with a curvy body and a great smile. she enjoys Roman and Greek art, high class cuisine, cultured events and art exhibitions. She wears a white dress with a big bow in the back, slip on shoes and her hair in a ponytail tied with a white bow.
Mexico asked her
"How is everything going?"
France told her
"This food is severely barbaric I mind you!"
Mexico got annoyed and asked
"And why is that?"
France responded with
"Such low graded Ingredients and the process... such barbaric cuisine. Heck I'm not even sure its food at all."
Mexico told her
"Well we are making it bulk so its not like we are making it high class. No please stop complaining and help make the food."
Germany was making the making the final product and everything was being finished. By the end of it They have made two hundred chimichanga's and they had all sent them to the impoverished nations and they all had satisfaction that they all did a good thing.