3rd Person POV!
Jackson was a Young 21-Year-old man who works at a Cafe as a Waiter who has recently broken up with his Bossy, entitled, Bratty Human girlfriend was who just using him to get stuff and look good in front of her friends. You might have noticed I said Human Girlfriend and that's because This world is full of Monster girls who are of countless species that Inhabit the world. There are Manticore girls, Centipede girls, Sandworm Girls, Grabboid girls, Velociraptor Girls, Sphinx girls, Ant girls, Arachne girls, Succubus, Dragon, Mummy, Slime, Minnoutar, Centaur, Naga... You get point.
Jackson was kind of cute for a guy as in Like being a Teddy bear at being 5'5" with Jet Black, short, thick hair, Thick Black Glasses, and a Skinny/Feminine Build. He was Just at work one day where a Usual customer who is a Manticore Monster girl was doing her usual just ordering an Iced Coffee and a slice of Cheesecake while eyeing a Titular waiter which made him a little nervous as Manticore girls are Infamous for being Perverted and forcing men to be with them but He wouldn't mind that really as he did kind of like Tsundre girls a bit along with those Shy/cute types you always see in Anime.
He was just cleaning a Table when a friend of his slapped him on his back which startled him and said "Hey Man! I think that cute girl over there likes you." He was pointing at the Manticore girl in question.
"You mean Mandy?" He asked "No Steve, Mandy's just eyeing me. Manticore Girls always do that."
Mandy was her name and to describe her would to describe a woman who likes to show off as she was a confident 6'2" with Black Tattooed, Reddish skin with Long, Red Hair tied in a Ponytail and Bangs and also has A Bat's wings, Lions Feet (Which was black fur) and a Scorpions tail attached to a Girls body with the red skin, Tattoo's, her Massive Breasts and extremely curvy body that she clearly loves to show off with little articles clothing such as her white boots, Black shorts that were Unbuttoned at all times, white studded belt, a pink scarf, and Black, Flame printed Bikini top (Imagine Yoko Littner from Gurren Laggan).
She raises her hand and he Told Steve "Look Steve Mandy Is raising her Hand so I'll be right back."
Jackson's POV!
I walk over to Mandy with a Pen and Notebook in Hand and said "Why Hello mandy nice to see you again today. You want anything else to have?"
"Oh, you charmer you." She replied acting like I was flirting with Her. This was the Usual "No Thank you I'm trying to watch my figure (Especially for guys Like you)" I blush "But I do have a question though."
"And what Is that?" I asked.
"Would you like to go on a date with me?" She asked and I sighed.
"Look Mandy you're A Great monster girl and all but I just broke up with my girlfriend and I'm currently not getting back on the horse Right now but Thank you for asking anyway. Maybe another time." I replied Honestly.
"Oh, Ok." She said sounding disappointed and I felt kind of Bad but stayed firm on my decision.
She then paid for her Meal and left the establishment and a few hours later I bid steve goodbye and finished my shift. As I was walking home I felt a Stinging Pain in my shoulder and Look to my right only to see a Huge Scorpion stinger piercing it and I soon started to pass out. As I fell asleep I saw A Manticore girl looking at me with a devilish smile.
Time Skip!
I slowly woke up in a Bedroom on a Pink and frilly bed with heart-shaped Pillows and such. I tried to get up but I chained to the Bed stand and then I noticed a Figure at the Doorway.
"Why Hello Sleepyhead. Looks like someone is awake." She said. It was Mandy and I can't tell if I was shocked or Not very considering the Reputation of Manticore Girls. She was in her Usual Skimpy outfit and then crawled on the bed sexually to greet me. "You miss me?"
I sighed and told her "Look Mandy I can see you Like me but..."
"But what?" She interrupted me "I love you, Jackson. Your kind, sweet and basically a Little Teddybear for us Monster girls. You're perfect! And I want you so much right now."
She then shoves my face into her cleavage while Kissing my forehead and Nibbling on my earlobe. it was so Hot! But so wrong! I was about to call for help but then I heard a Voice near the doorway coming closer.
"Mandy I'm home! I'm sorry I'm a bit late but I had to work late to help pay rent and-" She stopped when she noticed us with Mandy straddling me and she was A Sphinx Girl. She had the waist-up Body of a Girl with a Pair of equally Massive Breasts attached to the pure white, Chest down-Body of a Lion and on her Back was a Pair of Golden hawk wings. She had Long Black Hair tied in a Braided ponytail with Tan skin on the Human half and was wearing Plenty of Golden jewelry, Tank top and Sarong that resembles that of an Egyptian Pharoh.
I thought she would definitely be some help as Sphinxes are some of the most intelligent and Reasonable monster girls Mostly putting Logic first over all other things.
"What the F Mandy! You know you Can't Do this!" She then ran to us and Separated Mandy from me Then Mandy started whining to her.
"But Cleo!" She whined "I love Him! He is so much different from other monster girls! Just look at him!"
Cleo then looked at me and her eyes soon went easy and she replied to Mandy "Well He is pretty cute and easy on the eyes."
"If I may interject..." I said before being Interrupted
"Oh, and He has so a cute voice as well." She continued.
"I know right!" Many replied.
They then walked away and started talking for a few minutes and then to my surprise they both Glomped me and started kissing the top of my head with it stuck in between their Massive Breasts.
"What the F just happened," I asked and they both Giggled.
"Well it turns out we both Love you know and..." Cleo began.
"Now we're going to share you!" Mandy finished.
"Oh No," I whispered to myself as they started stripping themselves nude and explained their Plans to me.
"First we're going to do some Sex tonight...!" Mandy began excitedly
"Then we're going on a date tomorrow!" Cleo finished with equal excitement.
"How do I know this is going to end Badly?" Jacksons said Half-sighing.
To be Continued...