3rd Person POV
After A While Cleo and Mandy believed they finally found the home was Jackson would maybe be at Becuase they heard the moans of 4 Monster girls and One man and Let me just say Mandy was pissed these Women were trying to steal their man from them and she ran to the door to pound on it several times until Missy went up to answer it but not before telling the other girls to stop with the sex so she can't miss any.
Missy opened the door and said to the two "Hello."
Mandy who was still pissed for this Cow Girl trying to steal her man along with a few Others said: "Hello, Yeah you see I think you have our man so We would Like Him back Please."
"I don't know what you're talking about?" Missy replied.
Mandy pushed Missy out of the way and Ran upstairs to Grab Jackson by his legs and pulled him back downstairs (Thankfully he was wearing pants) but then Mindy grabbed his arm and told her "You're not taking him.
"Why not?" Mandy asked her.
"Oh my god," Cleo said to herself knowing whats going to happen.
"Becuase He's Ours," Centura replied.
They started to argue over Him and soon this Turned to fisticuffs. When they were all fighting Jackson grabbed his shirt, socks, and shoes and then bolted out the door with none of the Monster Girls Noticing.
Time Skip!
Jackson was walking down the forest just wondering what he should do with 6 Monster girls after him as they seemed nice enough but they were way too clingy for his Liking. He made his way to a Forest where he felt something that felt like a Mosquito bite in his neck which made sense due to it being a hot summer day until he went to wack it and realized it was Dart from a Blow dart before Blacking out entirely onto the ground. Then a Goblin monster girl and an Orc Monster girl ran out of the forest to inspect their new Prey.
The Goblin girl was at about 4 feet tall with orange skin, Light Steel-colored eyes, Small breasts, A skinny Frame and Long white Hair with a pair of short Ram like Horns Protruding from the sides of her head. She was wearing a Lether Tunic made from deer Skin and Carrying a Blowgun with darts. The Orc girl stood at almost 7 feet tall has Light-Tan skin, Gray-eyes, long Steel colored Hair, Large Breasts, A Muscley Frame with a Purple Curved sword-like horn that protrudes from her Forehead and was Carrying a Steel Dagger and a Composite Bow while also wearing deerskin clothes.
"Wow, Riko. What do you think this is?" The goblin girl asked Her orcish companion.
"It's obviously a Man and a very cute man at that Tsun," Riko replied.
"I agree," Tsun said to Riko "I might want to marry him."
"If we want to Marry him or not we have to take him to the Chieftain," Riko said and Tsun nodded as they dragged him to the Orc and Goblin Monster girl encampment where their locals there were shocked and surprised to see a Man in their Village. They then walked into a Massive tent belonging to their Leader a High orc By the name of "Attila" (And yes she is A Girl. Attila is common name For High orc Girls in Orc-girl society). She stood at almost 10 feet tall with Light steel blue skin, Long White Hair with Big Blue expressive eyes that scream Fear me with Huge bigger than Melon sized Breasts, A Bodybuilders Frame and a Horn much like any other Orc girls except it's much larger and colored Bright red. She was wearing A fancy Silk floral printed grayish-Blue Kimino and was currently having Lunch which she was currently being disturbed of right now.
Attila took a huge chunk of Meat out of Her venison from her feast and asked them with anger "Why did you just disturb my lunch?!"
The two Monster girls cowered and Riko replied: "We found something you might want to see." And they revealed the young man to her in which her eyes lit up and she excused the other two for reasons of "Inspection of Dangerous Items" in which they left wishing mercy for their new crush.
She Picked him up to Inspect him and Held him upside down to Look at Him. She liked the way he looked as he was like a little teddy bear and to see what it was like to Kiss a man she kissed him while he was still passed out and she was Instantly Hooked. She decided when he wakes up He will be her husband and Chieftain of the Tribe and they will begin the Planning of their wedding Immediately. For now, she Laid down on her Massive wooden Frame bed that Buckled under her weight and her large muscle-bound yet feminine arms holding him tight in place as if to protect him.
Half an Hour Time skip!
Jackson then woke up only see his Face severely close to the chest of the High Orc girl and He tried to squirm away but she woke up and shoved his face into her Cleavage and she kissed him onto his Face.
She said to him "Hello Husband. How did you sleep?"
"H-H-Husband?!" He cried out.
"Yep! Now we gotta plan our wedding. How do you think about a Spring theme wedding?" She asked.
He squirmed out of her tight grip and replied: "How about no wedding and I'll go on my merry little way." He then backed up into a Large figure and a Small figure and asked: "Don't tell me what I think It is?"
Riko and Tsun started Hugging him in A Death grip and Atilla barked at them "What do you think You're doing with my Man?!"
"Well, I and Riko decided to have him and Not you," Tsun said Confidently.
"Why You little!" is all Atilla can mutter out before Tackling the two and in the fight, Jackson was able to make his escape to the forest outside where he most definitely encounters more monster girls at this Rate.
After he left the other girls followed his Trai here but were an hour too late and Mandy and Missy were slapping each other like little girls while The other girls Look for their man. The fight between the three other Girls then Poured out of Attila's tent fighting and Cleo being the reasonable one broke them up and Atilla asked her "What is it, Sphinx?!"
She responds "Have you seen a young man?"
Atilla then described Jackson to the final detail and when Mandy heard that she Screamed "No! I'm not letting any orc, high Orc or goblin girls getting my man! Don't worry Jackson I'm coming to save you!" She then ran out of the Village with Missy In tow and the other girls following them.
Cleo then Commented, "Am I the only sane one here?" And followed them.
To be Continued...