Wolf was, without a doubt, frustrated. Staring at their hands revealed nothing about the black stains that were now covering their fingers. They went over to the cauldron of water, and, with little fear of the bubbling water, stuck the tips of their hands in, hoping that the bubbling water would finally remove the black stains that had steadily been growing. They figured it was finally time to tell either The Chef, or Alexis herself and figure out what was going on. It wasn't even a minute after they thought that, before they heard someone slam the door open, and rush to Wolf. They barely had time to think and turn around, before their hands were being pulled out of the water, and looked at by The Chef.

"Chef, what's going on with my hands?" they asked calmly, and felt the same prickly sensation they always did when The Chef was half-way in one of his visions near them. They could hear him mumbling under his breath, but knew better than to try to understand what he was saying, knowing it was all gibberish to their ears anyways.

"You mustn't tell Alexis about this, child. Do you understand me?" he then suddenly asked, as he looked up and stared Wolf down, his orange eyes glowing deeper than they usually did.

Wolf's face, while usually very controlled, scrunched in confusion at this. "I'm not supposed to hide anything from Alexis, Chef. We all know what happens when I do. Plus, I'm a horrible liar," one of their eyebrows quirked up at the frustrated look on Chef's face.

"You are far from a horrible liar Wolf, your guardian is particularly skilled at picking up lies," Chef told them. "And I suppose it is time then, if your hands are doing this," he then added on, but suddenly, there was another loud bang, and then Alexis was striding into the room, whistling that odd tune.

"Ooo, did you burn your hands again, my dearest?" Alexis asked, and began to walk over.

The Chef turned around, and kept Wolf behind him. "It's nothing of important matters, Alexis," he told her. Alexis froze for a second, before her eyes narrowed, and Wolf knew something bigger was going on in that moment.

"I am their guardian, Chef. Not you. Move aside," Alexis said, as she finally stood in front of the man, towering over him, and stared right at Wolf. For the first time in Wolf's life, they understood why people were intimidated by their guardian. Broad shoulders, able to tower over anyone, it was honestly a bit terrifying.

Then, Wolf felt it, a shifting sensation, coming from their stomach. It wasn't normal. Wolf looked down for a moment, saw a small light emitting from The Chef's hands, and was about to pipe up, when The Chef spoke. "You see, Joker, you might be their "guardian", but everyone and the King knows that job was never meant for you." A pause, and the light got brighter, which caused Alexis' eyes to widen, and she began to pull her sword out. "That job was always meant for me," he ended, and Wolf was falling. Falling, or rising? They couldn't tell, from all their body was spinning.

As Wolf began to dissipate from the place, leaving by themselves for the first time ever, they heard Alexis howl in fury, and The Chef's panicked yelling, before they passed out, not knowing what was going on.

Not knowing what this had to do with their hands.

Not knowing.