Although some events throughout the series will be based on true events, some fictional characters have been placed into certain plots, replacing the real life people or added as extra characters. Some events throughout the series will sometimes have different outcomes to what really occurred.

Episode 1.

The Immortal White Chapel


Part I.






Late Victorian Era, April 3rd 1888. John Gayle a local Police man patrols the streets of the notorious district of the Metropolis, where Robbery and violence were common. A place where Poverty had people living on the streets and single women and mothers who would be forced to sell themselves to put food on the table. John knew how dangerous it was and could only rely on a whistle for hopeful back up and alert. John Gayle spots a bloodied young lady - Emily Marie Saunders - stumbling to her lodging at George Street and immediatley assists her to the local hospital, with the helping hand of Deputy Keeper Mrs Russell. Medical Examinations discover a blunt object had been inserted into her vagina, which caused a rupture. Emma reveals she was attacked by two or three men. John returns to his duties and told to keep a big look out for potential suspects.

Next morning, John is informed that Emma Smith has died, as she developed Peritonitis. Although off duty, he attempts breaks up a brawl in the local bar and is assaulted during the fracas. A young prostitute is impressed by his bravery, she offers herself to him, which he gently rejects her advances. John then spots a youth with a blunt bloodied object, which appears to be split in half and escorts him to the station, where the boy claims he found the object and has the weapon tested to which the Coroner claims it may have been used against Smith, but cannot prove the boy was involved as youths play with anything they find, in such times and also the weapon may have been disguarded.

"I can't just throw innocent people in jail, just because of hunches," the Inspector says.

"But, if there is a link of physical evidence in a potential suspects possession, then we need to consider -" John tries to explain.

"Look I don't need a regular street Bobby to tell me how to do my job. I don't like this as much as you do. It's just the way it is."

"But, what if I'm right?"

"Well, go on then. Do what you're paid to do. Not theorize."

"...Yes Inspector."




In Whitechapel, there is a major downpour and while on night duty, John puts up an Umbrella. Flashes of Lightening are seen and loud rumbles of thunder are heard.



A meteor rock several feet in length enters Earth's atmosphere.


Several strikes of Lightening later, a burning meteor rock split, burns up and is hit by a bolts of Lightening, which ricochets the Bolt into White Chapel, strikes John's umbrella and ultimately zaps him unconscious. A strike like that would certainly have killed him. In this case, minutes later, he awakes. Feeling groggy, he gets to his feet and the downpour recends and a full moon appears as the storm fades. Hours later, John stumbles to his front door and gently places his hand against, inadvertantly pushing it off it's hinges. John lays down shaken from his latest experience.

The next evening, John enters the bar and is attacked by some locals and he throws a drunken yob through the pub window, with one hand. Another thug hits John with a chair, but he recovers well after being floored momentarily. A third punches him in the face, but he absorbs it with confidence and knocks down the attacker. Terrified onlookers hold back, as John is left stunned that the attack on him, has had no lasting physical effect on him and he nervously vacates the premises.

The Inspector questions John on the altercations between the drunks and that he acted in self defence and is warned that he immediatley calls for back up in such circumstances next time, as they can't to fall on Police patrols, not while in a dangerous time.

John starts to have dreams of the lightening strike that felled him. He awakes still bewildered by the events of that night and tries to place them at the back of his head.

He visits the local doctor to discover if he has any medical issues, as he informs the Doc of his experience to which the doctor says that John should be dead if that's the case. The Doctor starts his examination procedure, by checking John's heartbeart with his Stethoscope. To his surprise, he cannot hear a thing and double checks to see if the instrument is faulty. John starts to worry. The Doc then places his ear against John's chest and still cannot hear anything. John starts to worry, when the Doc starts rub his head and not give an instant diagnosis.

"So?" John asks.

"Uh - I don't know. You may have a shallow heartbeat," The doctor replies.


"Possibly. You're not in any pain?"

"I just wanted to be sure nothing was wrong. It's just I had no after effects following the strike. Plus, All wanted was an opinion, but now you say may heart is shallow are we talking?"

"Actually I can't hear your heart beating."

"So, what you're saying is, 'I'm a dead man walking?'"

"No, come back tomorrow. I might get a second opinion."

"OK, I'll be back, just before I start my late shift."

"I heard you were involved in an altercation yesterday with three yobbos at the local pub."

"That's right."

"Some witnesses claim you dealt with them very easily and when they assaulted you - there was no injury."

"It's luck I guess. Look forget about tomorrow Doc. There's no need for a second opinion. I'm alright."

"OK. But, if you do change your mind, you know where to find me."

John leaves, leaving the Doctor feeling very uncomfortable.




John is patrolling early hours at around 2:30 am, near George Yard when he accidently bumps into a dark figure in the alley. He cannot see the figures face, due to the lanterns being quite dim and the figure quickly scurries away. John after a few more paces, makes a grim discovery of a possible female stabbed multiple times. John immediately blows his whistle and another officer close by hears the alert. When the other officer arrives, John runs several blocks to try find the person he bumped into, that made themself scarce.

The police try to determine whether or not the victims death - who is later identified as Miranda Scott - was connected to Emily Saunders, but quickly quash the theory. John is questioned about the identity of the man, who he crossed paths with in the alley, but John states that it was too dark to determine a clear and definate identification.

John is now off duty for one evening and strolls through the intense streets of Whitechapel. In an opposite street, he spots local girl Laura Hancock leaving her lodging and proceeding towards the river. Even though off duty, John proceeds to follow Laura cautiously without being seen. As she gets further and further ahead, John spots another figure appear from an alleyway and paces itself, too following Laura. John picks up pace. Nearing a bridge, the figure smartly dressed in a top hat, draws a sharp knife and proceeds to attack Laura from behind. He stabs her in the shoulder and she falls to the ground and then tries to fend him off, as he attempts to plough the weapon into her abdomen. John jumps the perpetrator, whom retaliates by striking him with the knife. John is wounded and struggles to tackle the assailant. John, however, manages to throw the unknown killer into the river and takes Laura to safety.

A police search is immediately sent out to search for the killer, but come to no success. The inspector suspects the murderer would drowned, but not so far down the river, the figure rises from the waters having survived John's fightback. Laura thanks John for saving her life and John is quickly taken for medical care, to which he and the Doctor are baffled by how quickly his wound has healed. John then starts to question himself.




During his night shift, John is alerted to a commotion on Buck's Row, where a cart driver makes a brutal discovery of a mutilated female. Using his torch, he finds a blood written message on the alley wall. "Your immortality will be my provocation. You can't protect all these whores copper. Try And stop me."

The Inspector realizes theres a dangerous person stalking Whitechapel and had survived the fall into the river. Plus, the killer has made a personal promise to John.

"I guess he was referring to you, Constable Gayle," the Inspector figures.

"I don't know," John shrugs.

"What did he mean by Immortality?"

"This persons crazy. He's obviously aware that his days are numbered and realizes he can play on the fact, that I almost got him for good."

"But, you know he aint gonna stop. This person is a lunatic. He's a threat to our families, our friends and our community. Children are not even safe to play outside, without the worry of some blade wielding nutter lurking around every corner. We don't know who it is, but we've decided to give this infamous prick a nickname - Jack The Ripper. And until this maniac is caught, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled, even your beds."

John hears the words "Your Immortality will be my provocation," repeat again.