Dear Dairy,

My name is Paprika. I am a Cathar. That is a furry of sorts as I have, pointed ears, paws for feet, a pair of canine like fangs and whiskers, A Long tail with a tuft of Hair at the end, yellow eyes and I also have Long rust colored hair.

but There is one thing that make me different. I am small. Or at least I am short as I am three feet tall and I have some kind of Napoleon complex as everybody tells me. I don't really think I have a napoleon complex its just Many people mistake me for a kid which really Ticks me off. I mean I'm 23 and no one can tell! It happens all of the time and I always get really mad about it.

I do have some family though. I have a pair of parents and I have two Sibling as well. My Father works as a Corporate Businessman for a huge company and My mom runs A Catering Business at Home. My siblings are Named Cindy and Patrick. they are both Older than me about one to two years and both have very good Jobs and such. My brother works as Lawyer at a law firm for small businesses and my sister works as a Accountant for The company My dad works at (and he did put in a good word for her). For me I am currently in college going for my Masters in Biology and I am currently Working as a Bartender at My local Bar at town Hall. So I'm doing pretty good for myself.

Nothing really much happened until two nights ago when I went to a party at my sisters workplace. I first did not want to go because I thought everyone will just mistake me for a kid but she encouraged me to go so I got into my Best Outfit. I wore high heels, A short dress and A Pair of sunglass on top of my head with my hair in a ponytail. When we got there everyone was mistaking me for some daughter or a niece so I soon had gotten sick and tired of it and went to The drink table and a man there asked me a question
"Hey why is a cutie like you doing in a place like this?"
I looked over and I saw a man. He was about Six foot 5 so he was about two of me put together but he has slight muscles, messy black hair, And he was a human so that was nice. He was wearing some pretty nice clothes as well as he was wearing a suit with some cuffing's and a Tie. I looked at Him and said
"I don't know everyone mistakes me for a child so..."
He looked confused and said
"I don't think you look like a child. I think your pretty cute."
I was silent on the Outside but squealing on the Inside but I can tell I was blushing a little and I said to Him
"You really think so?"
He said
I then said
"My name is Paprika
and he said to me
"My name is Jack"
he then asked me
"Do you want to ditch this place and get some dinner."
I said yes and as soon I told me sister where I am going we were off. He drives a nice car that was a Red Audi 8 and as soon as we went in He opened the passenger side door for me and said
"Ladies First."
OMG he was such a gentlemen. I never really attract guys who really aren't this sweet or nice so I knew I had to make a good impression. I had trouble getting into the car because Of my Hight he offered to help but I denied but I finally caved In after 5 minutes of squirming to get In. He lifted me and offered to buckle my seat in for me. I accepted though because he was being very nice. He started the car and we were off.
We started talking in the car and I started by asking what does he do for a living and he said to me with hands on the wheel and a smile on his face
"Well I work as a Lab assistant for the department of Paleontology at the Local university."
I told him That I work as a bartender at city hall and he seems into it. I then asked if he has any family. he said
"I have two parents and Two sisters and a brother."
I smiled and we kept on talking as we made it to the restaurant and we sat down at a table and as Jack was talking to the waitress she asked that If we wanted a (Sigh) Kids menu. I slowly turned around and asked her what she just said she replied
"A k-k-kids menu?"
I was about to explode with anger but jack stopped me and calmed me down and explained to the waitress what was wrong and she said
"Oh. My mistake."
And gave us the Menu's and left. I Felt embarrassed that I was about to go all off in front of my date but he didn't seem to mind at all. He was actually somewhat Impressed by it.
After Dinner he decided to Drive me Home and as soon as we got there he asked if he can walk me to my Apartment and I said
"I don't wanna be a bother."
He insisted and I caved in. He took me to My apartment and he asked while blushing
"H-h-h-hey do you W-w-w-want to Go out some other Time?"
I smiled and said
"Of course."
I kissed him on the cheek and went inside. I did not know why I did that but I at least knows he Likes it. so that is it for right now I will write more if anything else happens. Bye.