Dear Diary,
Today I went on Another Date with Jack and it was great! My day began with me waking up to a phone call. My phone rang for some time until I woke up and answered it because I was tired and it was early in the morning. I answered with
It was Patrick and He said
"hey Paprika it's me Patrick."
I got out of bed, yawned and said
"Hi Patrick."
He said
"Nice to talk to you. I hope to wish you luck on your date today."
I was still tired so I said
"My date?... Oh yeah my date!"
He asked plainly and Nicely
"Are you ready for it?"
I started getting out of bed and said
He finished off with
"OK Well have fun on your date."
We both hanged up and I started getting ready. I Took a shower and started getting dressed. I put on a Light and short dress with a Print of Jungle foliage, Raindrops and Gecko's. It was really cute and It looked really good on me so that is why I wore it. Another reason was because it matched the theme of The natural history museum. I put on my Makeup Nicely so I would look as cute as possible. I also put on Heels and tied my hair in a ponytail and I was also carrying A pair of sunglasses and my purse.
I stood outside my apartment for Jack to pick me up and He showed up in his car. He helped me In as usual, I buckled myself in and we started driving to the museum. I sat there and asked
"So... what are we doing first?"
He looked at me, smiled and said
"Well at the museum we'll first go to the Paleontological Department where I work at."
I smiled and said
We drove for about 10 Minutes until we made it to the Museum and We walked In. Jack had a key card used for getting into the backroom and as soon as he used it we walked in. To get into the Paleontological department we have to go through a room full of dead sea life in jars; and there were a whole lot of them. probably in the thousands and I was scared. Jack noticed I was scared and said
"Its OK. I'll be here with you."
I smiled, Blushed and purred a little but stopped myself as soon as I realized a I was purring. I looked up embarrassed and he smiled which made me smile. We went through the maze of Pickled dead sea life and it freaked me out a little. I felt like they were all staring at me like they were ready to jump out of the jars and attack me.
There were Fish such as Angler Fish, Clown fish, Eels, Lion fish and Oarfish. there was even other animals such as crustaceans like Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, Giant Isopods, Japanese spider crabs and Shrimp. There were Cephalopods like Dumbo squids, Cuttlefish, Bioluminescent squids, regular squids, Giant Pacific Octopi, Blue Ring Octopi, Tiny octopi and Regular Octopi. There were even Sea slugs, Sea horses, Nematodes, Plankton, Sea cucumbers and even Star fish. There was a lot more I can't even begin to name.
We finally made it through the maze of Pickled Sea animals after five minutes and we entered the Paleontological department. It was full of Fossils, Paleoart recreating Prehistoric Life and Lots of Lab equipment. We went in there and Jack started giving me the full tour. He first took me to A Board full of semi-realistic Drawings of Dinosaurs and told me
"This is The Paleo-artists board. He draws all of the Paleoart for the Museum."
There were pieces of art detailing the Skeletal structures, Muscle structure and even skin with Fathers. Jack told me the animals on the board Included Diabloceratops, Yuchangsaurus, Miasaura and Nigersaurus. He then showed me next To a back room of the Paleontological Department where they keep the fossils. He pulled out the skull of a Monkey and told me
"This is a Skull of Darwinius. It is the common ancestor of all Lemurs and monkeys including all of Baboon's, Chimps, tree climbing Monkeys and all other land apes. Even Humans have this ancestor."
I was amazed by this ancestor and what's strange about it was it was small like me but it still lived a successful and great life. well by nature standards I mean as it was able to survive and have children and make those children survive and continue this process until death. we went to the next room which was the botanical Gardens and Butterfly Habitat. We went in and the butterflies were excited and they started swarming us for food. Jack pulled out a saucer full of Honey and gave it to me to feed the Butterflies. I giggled as the butterflies started tickling me.
We went to all other kinds of exhibits and storerooms and I loved it. after We finished He dropped me off and I kissed him on the cheek and I went into my apartment. I had a great day and that was it. Will write about next time. Bye.