James Lancaster was a 10 year old boy, he wasn't your typical kid as he was already in high school despite being just a 5th grade student, he was already in high school.

James was in a predicament, he had agreed with his math teacher that he'd be given an A if he endured tutoring a young female helping her prepare for her upcoming math test.

He didn't know what this girl looked like but if he was being forced to tutor her it wasn't going to be good for him.

He had the designated textbook ready, a ton of pencils laid out and multiple sheets of paper to start their first tutoring lesson.

It was already 3 PM sharp and he was still waiting on this girl.

He sat up straight putting his act together as he heard someone walk in his eyes widened as he blushed not expecting who came in through that door.

Christine 'Blair' Fairfield is a 16-year-old beautiful yet brutal face to be reckoned with.

A Goth with all the attitude of a Saint Joan and piercing amber colored eyes to match.

Her dark red-streaked hair, black painted lips and penchant for wearing boys clothes made her the subject of rumors and fear around the school.

Usually at this period, she would harass younger kids in both the BOYS and GIRLS rest rooms for kicks or any slights made to her (some only in her head).

Her math grades in particular were anything but acceptable and her teacher more or less commanded her to go in for a tutoring session.

Coming to room 33, Blair's face went white as she saw a little kid sitting there waiting.

Are you fucking kidding me? she thought scoffing to herself.

This little punk's gonna tutor me!? Biting her bottom lip, she opened the door and stepped in.

James gulped as he saw this girl the way she looked the way she talked it was all so intimidating but he thought to himself that he shouldn't let his fears get the best of him stereotypes are what make people act the way they are perceived (seen) as.

He got up and walked over to her and raised his hand to shake hers.

No matter if she reciprocated those same kind of positive emotions he vowed to himself that he would not give up on this girl he needed the extra credit to get an A and she needed help to pass her class so in a way they needed each other.

He said: "Hi I'm James, it's nice to meet you, I'll be your tutor for the next two weeks".

Blair didn't talk as she sized up the Geek. She'd taken the lunch money, given Swirlies and kicked the asses of many a dork similar to this Twerp.

The right corner of her mouth rose up in a smirk as she tossed her bag down by the desk to James left and sat just as coolly. If her academic record and a dreaded lecture from her parents wasn't on the line, she would've slapped James hand away and stormed out yet to her own surprise grasped and took it.

"Aren't you a bit little to be in high school? Don't even look as if you can get it up yet." Blair chided James. Still, this might be fun.

James looked at her as he stated: "I'm 10 and in high school so yeah I know I'm real young to be attending high school but my age hasn't stopped me before and it won't stop me from doing anything anytime soon. I'm pretty sure this will be fun I never seen you around campus so it'll be interesting to get to know you".

He looked at her analyzing her reaction to what he just said to her. No doubt she was floored hearing a 5th grade kid speak to her like an adult.

Blair shook her head as she absentmindedly opened her notebook and James got the session started.

As he went on and on about the basics of Geometry, she quietly took in how cute the kid looked.

mostly boys were the last thing to concern her but this James was actually really smart and tasty.

Blair almost broke her pencil in half thinking the very word, never taking her eyes off the Genius boy.

James smiled as he thought that she was paying attention but once he made eye contact with her he saw the absent minded look on her and sighed as he closed the textbook as the conventional way of teaching her clearly wasn't working.

He looked her dead in the eye as he said: "I know your not paying attention to the math lesson I can tell you're just staring at me so tell me, how can I help you focus on this tutoring session, what can I do to make you want to study?"

He asked her this question because she needed to focus on these lessons immediately otherwise it would be just a waste of both their times.

He was obviously her means of interest so he just had to use himself as her item of motivation.

Blair smirked, this James wasn't as narrow-minded as most of the other boys in school. She leaned forward at him, able to take in a whiff of his scent.

He smells as good as he looks. Maybe the dork's not hopeless after all. Moving back into her seat, she regarded James before responding.

"I'm not a screwball Lancaster, I can hear you like a junkyard dog on trash night. Doesn't mean, I can't do anything...for you..." she rubbed the end of her pencil over James left knuckles, enjoying the surprised reaction on his face.

James chuckled as he wasn't expecting this level of confidence from Blair he liked it, but he wasn't going to let her have his way with him. He laughed and once he composed himself he looked directly at her as he said: "Listen not that I'm doubting you or anything but I have a better chance of teaching you then you showing me a fun time. But to put that to the test let's make this tutoring session more interesting...shall we?" If you can get every math problem right in this worksheet I will do whatever you say for the rest of the day no questions asked but if you get at least once answer wrong you have to do whatever I say for the rest of the day. Do we have a deal?"

James shook her hand as he knew that she wasn't going to pass up a challenge it was just straight forward common sense he took the next two hours to teach her and he let her answer the questions on the worksheet.

This boy's either got real guts or shit for brains. Blair did shake her head, not one to be shown up by anyone- let alone a geeky yet cute little shrimp. "Deal. But- if I pass, you gotta come over my house and do ALL-THAT-I-WANT..." her right hand snaking up James arm slowly, adding a squeeze on his shoulder. "Okay then Genius, put me to the test." Taking her pencil in hand, Blair took the worksheet off James desk with two fingers and quickly got to work, the lead tip scratching on the surface without taking a break.

James smiled as she was hard at work, making calculations with her fingers, talking to herself doing whatever she had to in order to get the right answer. He looked at the clock then at her a few times just to see how much time it took her to complete the worksheet, it took her about 35 minutes to finish the entire math worksheet. She handed it to him and he checked her answers, the calculations she wrote on the paper explaining how she got her final answer. He revised the questions one by one, she got the first two answers, James wasn't stressing they were fairly easy questions so there was no reason to panic just yet. He revised the questions one by one, there was no denying it once he finished going over her paper she got every answer on the worksheet right. He gulped and looked over at her and said: "Well a deal is a deal you got every answer right so I am obligated to stay at your place for the night and do as you say for the rest of the day.

He congratulated her and smiled as he packed his things in his backpack and followed her outside the school grounds and he let her guide him to where she lived. His parents were out of town for the weekend so it was good timing. He looked at her house and was amazed on how spacious it was. He certainly wasn't expecting something so classy from a girl with eccentric dark vibes.

Blair smirked as she picked up her books and began to collect her supplies. Just seeing the nerd so surprised made her feel even more triumphant and now James would be at her house, at her mercy. "Come on in, if you dare. My parents will be out late. Then, we'll see how cool you really are." She took in the awestruck demeanor his face showed. Picking up her bag she slowly walked towards the door. "Now I'm the one giving the lesson, Lancaster." That devilish smirk of hers never left her glossy dark lips.