Blair's back arched up as James lips considerately yet bravely kissed upwards before his manhood graced her lips.

While never having really sucked off a guy before yet not wanting to look like a wuss, she sniffed the boy's tip before enveloping it in between her black-colored lips. James was silky warm!

He continued to eat her out spreading her pussy lips to get his tongue deeper his own cock dripping pre-cum slightly as he softly pushed more of his cock into her mouth.

Nails firmly gripped on both sides of James waist, Blair's tongue continued to work its way around the boy's length with meaningful bobs. The murmurs and sleek slurping sounds almost numbing her mind as James tongue had her six seconds away from orgasm.

"Mmm yeah..." James continued to eat her out making sure to hit all of her pleasurable spots as his cock still dripped pre-cum.

Blair's fingers pushed into the now reddening soft skin of James ass cheeks, the first drop of his pre-cum already hitting her tongue. She ran her hands around the crack in his butt to help bring him to paradise a bit more quicker. James pulled his tongue out of her pussy and began fingering Blair as he moans slightly from her sucking him off.

Blair wanted him, there and then. She looked at James and and told him that she wanted him now. Blair felt herself get turned on. She placed her right hand on his, and slowly guided his hand under her folds, in between her thighs. He made her so wet, so easily. James slid his fingers in her gently at first and then a little harder, She couldn't help but moan. Blair pushed her head back, being mindful that she was a bit dizzy at this point. She'd one hand on his back, squeezing him, and the other was on his butt. He was touching her so good that Blair inadvertently hit his left cheek and moved it into neutral. Oops, could you blame her?

James continued to finger her making sure to hit her g-spot as he fingered her. Blair groaned over James cock and yearned to take it all the way in again, she loved hearing him moan. It made her so wet, after a bit, She looked him in his eyes and told him to fuck me. James fingered her sweetly, If only he'd pull out of her mouth and carefully slip himself inside her. Blair felt his fingers entering her, and couldn't help but let out a loud moan. It was an incredible sensation, James thrust himself deep inside her. Slowly, then quickly. James pulled her hair, and she spanked his ass a bit, all while she moaned loudly, begging him to fuck her harder. She rubbed his balls, then gently kissed James tip right after, suddenly she heard him let out one last loud moan before he finished her.

Once Blair came James slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth as it was dripping with saliva and he positions himself in between her legs. James tip poking into her pussy slightly and he pushed his saliva covered cock into her. Blair's lips collided with James again, his cock creating more wonderful sensations inside the folds of her vagina.

She wanted to eat him up. Dark tendrils of her wavy red-streaked dark hair are stuck to her face and the back of her neck. Blair comes up breathless, sweating and panting, with he right hand between James crack. She didn't know how long her index and middle fingers have been moving lazily inside him. Blair brought them up to her lips half dazed; hazy, but lucid enough to wish the night would never end. He gave a light smirk as he began to pound into her deeply her saliva lubing up his cock enough that he was able to thrust hard and fast.

"Mmmm ugghh yeah, go on j-James. D-don't forget to p-pull out though..." Kissing him has become one Blair's new favorite passion.

But damn, fucking him after she's just been sucking his cock between her lips and tasting what he's just tasted is a whole other kind of high she'd happily want to experience again as it would never leave her memory after tonight.

He continued to pound into her the tip of his cock roughly pressing against her g-spot as he thrusts and he leaned in and gently gave her a love bite on her neck, biting hard enough to leave a mark but not hard enough to accidentally cause her to bleed. Blair got off on pleasing him anally, it's not something that happened with every boy she 'hooked up' with, but there's something about James that makes everything fade into the background in that moment.

It's a kind of hypnosis; a mysterious yet real arousal.

Maybe it's the way he touches her, like he's doing it solely for her comfort, that makes her want to test his limits and claim him even more.

"Fuck!" He pulled out quickly and came onto Blair's face and chest his cock twitching hard from him cumming.

This was better than any dream Blair had about boys or girls. She hugs James close, places his head on the edge of her right boob and touched his knees with her heels.

Despite her fearsome persona, she liked being this way. Open and exposed along with him. He swallowed her like sugary sustenance, there's an actual laugh emanating from their bodies from this almost unlikely hunger.

She grabbed onto him by his neck, her grip locked yet sincere, and then she felt it coming on.

Blair whispered out to James to kiss her, she wanted to wipe his mouth clean, but he doesn't stop until Blair come a second time.

"Still up for that smoke, cutie?"

"Sure" he said and smiled, "but... I'm going to go take a shower first."

"Want some company?" Blair asked as she slid her fingers up and down James cum shining chest.

" I would love some company" he said gently nuzzling his head onto her chest not minding that hes getting cum in his sweat-soaked hair.