Matt saw Jake and Jim at school that Friday morning.

"Hi, Jake and Jim."

"Hi, Matt," Jim said.

"Have your mom and dad thought about trying to check out the church?" Matt asked.

"They were talking about it last night, but you know how they feel about people who aren't religious like they say they are," Jake said.

"How about your parents, Jim? Have they said anything about the invitation I gave you guys in the beginning?"

"Matt, that's something I've been meaning to tell you. I have never said anything to Mom and Dad because they are Catholics."

"That doesn't mean they still can't go to church with you, Jim. Thank you for saying something."

"You're welcome, Matt. I am happy to know you appreciate it."

Jake couldn't agree more with what Jim had just said, but was also happy that Jim spoke up about Allison and Donald.

"Sometimes Mom and Dad will talk about Jesus with me," Jim replied.

"That's good. Have you thought about going to church with them sometime?" Matt asked.

"Nope. Wherever Jake goes, I do the same. We never leave each other, right, Jake?"

"Exactly, Jim. Maybe you and I could read the Bible sometime together," Jake suggested.

"You mean the three of us or just two of you?"

"Three of us," Jake answered.

Jim and Matt both liked the idea.

"I think we all have different translations. I don't think that's a problem at all," Matt said.

Matt looked like he just had an idea.

"Jake, Jim, have you met Pastor Duncan yet?"

Both of them shook their heads no.

"I'll introduce you guys sometime. Do you think your mom and dad would be interested in meeting him?"

"Matt, I just told you that they want to see for themselves if the congregation are religious people on that."

"I know, Jake, but keep talking with them about trying to go."

"I will, Matt. By the way, the three of us watched online not too long ago."

"What did they think?"

"They liked the message, but still want to check out for themselves."

"All right. I'm sure our dads have talked about it."

All Jake could do was nod his head like he knew what Matt had said, but wasn't sure.

"Probably. Maybe the three of us can go on Sunday."

"Good idea, Jake. Let me tell Dad they will try to come."

"Thanks, Matt. If they don't accept what they see on Sunday, that's their decision and God's. I can't tell them what to think about the church."

"I know, Jake, but it was just a thought."

"I understand. I have no idea how God came up with the idea to open a door for you to join us."

"Maybe God thought He had something for the three of us instead of you being friends without anyone else."

"Who knows?"

"God," Matt answered.

Before leaving, Matt said, "See you guys on Sunday. Maybe you could go to church with your folks, Jim. It wouldn't hurt to do that once in a while."

"Let me think about it, Matt. See you soon."

When Matt left, Jake said, "I think Matt's right."

"About what?"

"Going to church with your mom and dad."

"I don't know. They know I have never been crazy about religion."

"I'm surprised Mom and Dad have never told me their story until now, but that's okay with me."

"And me," Jim agreed.

At dinner that night, Matt talked with Shawn and Erin.

"Dad, I talked with Jake and Jim at school."

"How are they doing?" Erin asked.

"Good. Jim told me something that I never heard about."

"Tell us," Shawn said.

"Jim said his parents are Catholic."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Matt. Doesn't mean Jim has to go to church with them," Erin said.

"I know. Jim said that's why he didn't share anything about our invitation to church with them."

"That's fine too, Matt. Not every person is a Christian," Shawn reminded his son.

"I know, but it's important stuff."

Erin agreed with Matt, and so did Shawn.

"Nobody is perfect, Matt. That's how God planned it. I guess Hosea was right about how they keep relationships personal with God. I would doubt Hosea thinks about politics before God."

"That's a good thing," Erin agreed.

"Maybe I'll talk with Hosea tomorrow at lunch and see if they would like to come here for dinner sometime."

"We can do it Sunday."

"That's a good idea, honey. I'll mention it to him."

"I mentioned to Jake that his mom and dad could go to church with us on Sunday. And he had an idea about spending time together with the Bible. I think that's a good idea, but I think we'll have to find a way to do it since there are so many translations out there," Matt said.

"That makes sense."

"Jake also seemed to like the idea of him, Jake and myself go to church on Sunday and meet Pastor Tim. They haven't done that yet."

"He's really nice. I spend time with her once in a while," Erin said.

"I know, Mom. Let's see what Jake says about his mom and dad on Sunday. He did give me his number so he would tell us and we'll go from there."

"Sounds like a good plan, Matt. You did a very good thing today at school."

"They somehow don't understand how God opened a door to have three people in their relationship."

"You mean they never had anyone else?"

"That's what they said to me."

"That's too sad."

"I guess some people are like that," Matt agreed.

"You're probably right, Matt."

Shawn had an idea.

"Erin, I have an idea."

"What's that, Shawn?"

"Why not invite our small group friends over on Sunday? It would give Megan and Hosea a good idea on our friends at church and if they would accept the people."

"I love that idea. Maybe not all of them might go, but we can still invite them over. We usually have it here anyway."

Matt loved the idea also.

"Good idea, Dad. I love it too."

"Thanks, Matt. I somehow thought you would."

"Maybe that could improve their relationship with God in public," Erin joined in.

"And maybe invite Pastor Tim so he could meet them. Maybe you could invite Jim as well, Matt. You said something about them only being together all the time and nobody else."

"I'll see what I can do. I will call Jake about it. I'll let you know what he says about the idea."

"And God loves it when people share their own stories with others."

Matt agreed once more with Erin.

"Mom's right, Dad. I love the idea. I don't have Jim's number, but I think Jake wouldn't mind giving it to me and have him involved."

After that, the three of them changed the subject and kept talking until they were all finished with dinner.

Matt didn't have homework this week, so he had lots of time to spend time with his Bible. He tries to make time doing this every day. It doesn't surprise Matt when he heard from Shawn that the Word of God was all that Hosea and Megan read and nothing else besides mail and newspaper. He's never known anyone like that until now.

Later that evening, Jake received a phone call from Matt.

"Hi, Matt. How are you?" Jake asked.

"Doing well, thank you. My parents and I were just talking not too long ago. Before I share, I hope I'm not calling too late."

"Not at all, Matt. It's not too late for me to talk. Tell me what your idea is and I will see if that's worth sharing with anyone else."

"All right."

Matt repeated Shawn's idea to Jake. He seemed to like the idea too.

"Do you want me to tell them now or do you want to wait until tomorrow?"

"Now would be fine, Jake. I don't mind waiting."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Jake, I'm sure. I thought it would be something to share with Jim too."

Jake disappeared from his room for a couple of minutes. Both Hosea and Megan were in the living room, talking. Jake wasn't sure what their conversation was all about.

"Mom, Dad, can I ask you something?"

"What's that, Jake?" Hosea asked.

"I am talking on the phone with Matt Saunders. We were talking about Sunday."

"What's going on Sunday?" Megan asked.

"Church for sure. Matt wants us to meet Pastor Duncan after church is over. He really wants you and Dad to be there on Sunday, whether you want to show up or not. He did say his mom and dad invited you guys over there after church is over. It's just going to be a small group of people."

"What do you think, Hosea?"

"Is Matt still on the phone or are you finished talking with him?"

"Dad, we're still talking. He didn't mind until I got an answer from you."

"We can check it out, Jake, but if we don't like it, then we will leave. Is that fine with you?"

"I'm okay with it."

He then left the living room.

"I bet it's probably Shawn's idea to do this for us," Hosea told her.

Jake did hear what Hosea had just said.

"It looks that way," Megan agreed.

Jake got back to his phone and said, "They're going to check it out, Matt, but they said if they didn't like it, then they're out of there."

"Understandable. I'll let Mom and Dad know you're coming over after church on Sunday. Do you want to talk about this with Jim or can I have his number and tell him?"

"I'll do it."

"Thanks, Jake. Call me when Jim gives an answer."

"I will. Talk to you later then."


Next Jake thought now was the perfect time to call Jim and tell him about Matt's idea. Jake remembered Matt didn't seem to mind about Jake going to church with Allison and Donald.

Jake listened to his friend's phone for a few minutes, but he ended up leaving a voicemail.

"Hi, Jim. It's me, Jake. I would like you to call whenever you get the chance. We need to talk. Hope to hear from you soon."