Close minded

Self centered.

All of these are pet peeves of me...though honestly boring can at least be arguable, since one person can find someone interesting, while someone else can just find them plain boring.

These are not in any sort of order, in which is worst to me. Well actually being fake is probably the worst, since I can understand in few situations where it would be better to not be yourself, like in a life or death situation for one, but still. So many people go around being this way, mostly to please people or try to fit in somewhere, that honestly most, if not all the time, doesn't even fit them at all. I know it's tough in this world to not be yourself, since constant judgment for literally anything from anyone on anyway you live your life...let me tell you this though, you are never alone, since always be someone that went or is going through same thing or similar thing. Better to be judge for actually being yourself, and finding the right people, than to actually fit in somewhere by keeping up a persona that isn't you. You will just be miserable in the end. You are you, even if so many people, so many quotes said the same thing. It's true, you are who you are, and being that person sets you apart from everyone. Dream, play, work, run, do whatever fits you.

Don't succumb to the constant darkness that plagues this society, in thinking that you always have to the be a certain way. Because seriously, being set in a certain way, is boring in every sense, if you are just exactly like everyone else. Uniqueness is something to be valued, and no one's wants to be exactly ike everyone else. Having no personality is probably the worst way to be boring, by literally having no mind of your own, taking other people's ideas and not understanding them well to make your own connections. Come on! Try writing (like what I'm doing), draw, go excercise, read a book, explore a forest….so many things can give you insight into life. Even video games, music, tv, and movies since you can apply ideas and concepts from those, and relate characters to people you know or even yourself!

Have an open mind. One thing I hate really is people thinking they are open minded, but are really close minded. I get it, so many people have to fight for so many things,like race and gender. It's tough to live in this world that constantly separates people in into groups,thinking anyone resembling something or someone of that group is the same way. Appearances are misleading for one, since even the scariest person in the room, can turned out to be one of the most good hearted and open minding people you ever met. Everyone is fighting both external and internal battles in this world, so never think someone is just fine. It's hard not to judge and keep an open mind, since society pretty much brainwashed us in thinking certain ways. Again don't follow society.,..

Self centered...look I can understand you been hurt to the point that you don't want to trust anyone, and decided that no one is worth your time, so you should only care what you want and need...or maybe you just think you are superior to everyone for some stupid reason...but the first thing is just a defense mechanism in that case, while the other is just you really don't care for anyone but yourself. People thrive on connections though...so just focusing mainly on yourself and what you want...what kind of life is that?...especially using people is even worse. People aren't objects that are used when needed, they are the same as you...humans trying to make it through the world, trying to find people to connect with and connect with other living things and life. Doesn't hurt to be a bit self centered though, cuz obviously you need to take care of yourself and not fully rely on others either...but still, would you want someone to treat you like an object that's only needed or used when they need it? Yes you have a right to live your life the way you want, but having a terrible personality is just the worst thing ever to have. Making people miserable since since you can't face your own insecurites, makes you weak to me, since you don't want to fight your own internal struggle, and rather cause more struggles in others instead.

The inside of someone is more valuable than the outside. The inside tells you more than what the outside shows. Compassion and understanding still runs around despite all the hate and judgment though. Helping others is important though, but not everyone appreciates it nor will do the same for you. Some people take advantage, and well that's the harshness of it, in which case, you have to walk away, considering its not worth draining yourself to save them.