one of those Fridays you could hear them walking around the house and rumbling a few words; one word here one word there, just like a deja-vu; 'they fired the old manager because he would pay extra the employees in case of a buffet or a birthday party' 'hm so they remove you if you are employee friendly' 'yeah;' now the new manager not only does not pay extra but he told to the cleaning ladies that for the three days that they had worked extra hours they would not be paid; instead they would have a day off; one of them was crying; 'that's bad' 'i also have difficulties now; i used to work at the bar but now i have to work at the bar and at the restaurant at the same time; it is very tiring; i asked to be paid more for this but he refused; he says he considers me part of the staff; 'sure you are'