Stacey Ribotsky is a New York-based individual who has always worked hard to promote women's welfare through the donation of services. The way she supported, trained, and motivated the kids at the Special Olympics with full dedication showed selfless concern. She is empathetic and feels that it is her responsibility to help the women going through adversities caused by divorce, mental and physical abuse, arrests, issues pertaining to children, loss of financial support, etc. Stacey's goal in life is to make a positive change in the world and a lasting impact on society. In that order, she speaks publically about issues of social interest.

Pretty passionate about art and sports, Stacey from New York is a mother to three children. She is quite fond of reading and writing as well. Stacey Ribotsky, in an exclusive interview with News 12, has also said that she is planning to publish a personal memoir sometime soon.

About Stacey Ribotsky

A mother to three children (two girls and a boy), Stacey Ribotsky from New York is a philanthropist. She is now looking forward to volunteer for some new organizations. Nothing pleases her as art and sports do. Stacey is a passionate reader and an exceptional writer who is hoping to publish her first book, which is a personal memoir, very soon.

Stacey has also helped the kids at Special Olympics by supporting, training, and motivating them for a few months. Talking about her professional experience, she was the owner of a retail store and a party planning business. She has also tried her hands in real estate but not as a broker.