Hey everyone who decided to randomly read this story!

First of all; Thanks for that! Secondly; There's one thing you gotta know before you read. This is one of my older stories. I wrote this in the beginning of seventh grade, until the beginning of eight grade (right now I'm in the middle of ninth grade).

It may not be extraordinary (not that my current stories are either, but my current stories are definitely better), but I hope you enjoy it anyway! All the characters in this story, except the dad and youngest child, are based on my real life friends. I've only changed their ages, and just slightly their personalities. And of course the fact that they're all related. None of them are in real life.
I did change one of the kids' names, because it's extremely Scandinavian, and English people never know how to pronounce it. Therefore "Olle" is "Oli".

Let's get into it!

There are lots of different types of families in the world. There's the normal little family, with two-three kids and a pet. Then there's also big families with up to five children, where they're all really close. Some families have the mom and dad in different places, and the kids move between them. All those families have got everything under control, and everything's calm.

But in some places in the world there's a rare type of family. The chaotic family with "too many" children. That was the exact type of family the Sievertsens were. The mom and the dad of the family, Emelie and Michael, had in the span of twelve years had eleven children. With eleven kids in a house with five bedrooms you can't expect anything but chaos. But the parents had their ways to get control.

Emelie, the mom who always looked perfect in her children's friends' eyes. But in the eyes of her own kids she could just as well be the world's worst mom. She had brown, pretty curly hair that reached her chest. Her almond eyes had a nice deep blue color. People often told her she had too many children, but she knew that she had gotten just as many as she had always dreamed of, and an extra by mistake. Of course she didn't view the three-year-old as a mistake, even though she wasn't supposed to exist. Both her and Michael thought that Elise was their best mistake ever.

Michael was a relatively handsome adult man. His hair was dirty blonde, and always lay as an organized mess on top of his head. Most of the kids had gotten his big green eyes, and many noticed that when the entire family was out somewhere. Generally many people noticed the family. Some thought it was a school class, before they noticed their similarities. Nine out of ten times, it was Michael who had to tell people they were a family, and that all the kids were biological. He was the more social one out of him and Emelie. Sometimes he could get in a bad mood easily though. Like when he got tired in the evening. But in the mornings he was always at a hundred percent.

Someone who wasn't at their top when she woke up in the morning was the family's oldest child, Hanna.

Like any morning, she woke up, feeling like she hadn't gotten a minute's sleep. She laboriously got out of her bed and dragged her feet over to the mirror in the room. A tall, tired fifteen-year-old stood in the mirror. She had dark circles under her blue eyes. Her straight, blonde hair looked like a bomb had just hit it, and it was chaos from the top of her head to the middle of her breasts. The girl's gray pajama top sat awkwardly, and was on the verge of exposing her breast.

Hanna quickly fixed the top, before turning around. She sprinted two meters from the mirror to her bedside table. There she loudly started rummaging around after her hairbrush. The loud noise from all the things being shuffled around in the drawer woke up her oldest little brother, Joel.

"Uuuuugh, what are you doing?"

Joel rolled over. He quickly started fumbling after his glasses, which lay on a book on the dresser next to his bed. The book wasn't there because he was reading it willingly, it was just a boring school assignment which had to be done. He didn't like reading at all. There really wasn't anything in school he liked. He was like most fourteen-year-olds in school. Both look and personality-wise.

His hair was very short, and pretty dark brown. He was one of the kids who had inherited Michael's eye color precisely. The only difference was that they were always shielded behind a pair of glasses. The reason for his glasses was his eye surgery at four years old - he was born cross-eyed. Emelie liked to point out that he wasn't making anything better by staring at a screen and talking to his friends digitally all day. What did Joel say to that? Well, he simply liked Snapchat.

Someone else who liked computer screens was Joel's ten months younger brother Hugo. Hugo woke at almost the same time as Joel in the next room. He had the same hair color as Hanna. Both of them had inherited the light blonde color from their grandmother. His eyes he had gotten from Michael, him too. Like Joel, he had glasses (Emelie of course blamed it on the screens and games). Computer games were the first thing Hugo did in the morning, and last thing in the evening. So like any morning, he got up and sat down by his desk. The night before he and Joel had watched Netflix for three hours at the highest possible volume. The Netflix volume was unfortunately still loud, and as fast as he got the computer started, the loud noise echoed through the entire house. Hugo immediately turned the volume down, but as expected, it woke most people up. For example the family's oldest pair of twins.

The thirteen-year-old twins woke up at the same time from the sound and sat up in their beds in sync. The two minute older twin, Jimmy, was like a perfect mix between Michael and Emelie. Emelie's blue eyes and Michael's green had blended perfectly into a teal color which both twins had. Jimmy had exactly the same hairstyle as Michael, but more of Emelie's color. Michael's hair was clearly better cared for, because (according to Jimmy), no one wants to waste time caring about what you look like. There are more fun things to do. You could annoy others, talk about very "important" things, or just goof around. Goofing around was at times his and his twin sister's favorite thing to do with each other. They did everything together. Twins who were better friends was hard to find. Emelie often used that line to describe Jimmy and Medea.

Medea had the exact same hair color as Jimmy, but her hair reached her shoulders. Their eyes were exactly identical, and many commented on their alike noses. Medea definitely agreed with Jimmy about the fact that no one wanted to waste time with appearance. She had even started her own campaign to get people to wear more colors. She performed this campaign by always wearing something of rainbow colors, unlike Jimmy, who wore the same clothes five months in a row.

The twins started every morning by drawing lots about who they were to wake up. They had a bowl with notes of everyone's names standing on the bedside table they shared. Jimmy took the bowl and held it out to Medea. She pressed her eyes shut while taking a piece of paper out of the bowl. She unfolded it.


The twins quickly got up, and walked out of the room, and into the room across the hall. Hugo sat with headphones by his computer, and Ossian had not so surprisingly (for him) managed to sleep through the sound of Hugo's computer starting. The twins sneaked over to Ossian, and gave him a rough shake. He awoke immediately, while the twins ran out.

"Jimmy! Medea! Go to hell!"

Tiredly and laboriously, he got out of his bed. He saw Hugo sitting by his computer, and decided that he would do the same.

Emelie sometimes wondered why Ossian didn't need glasses as well, judging by how much he sat by a screen. He did it almost even more than Hugo and Joel, seeing as he was on his phone as soon as they were anywhere where there were people. Ossian could be shy at times, and preferred to hang out with a maximal of five people at a time. Ossian himself thought it was hard being like that, but Emelie just thought it was cute. She ruffled her hand through his short, dark blonde hair, and told him to never change his ways. Ossian always just rolled his eyes, and fixed his hair back to its messy nature.

He dragged himself over to his computer and turned it on. The computer was so slow, Ossian managed to yawn thrice before it was on. He often wondered how Jimmy and Medea managed to have so much energy. Just as much as he wondered how they could be such great friends, as the family's other pair of twins were the opposite of friends.

Ylva and Oli had been fighting since day one. You could probably say that they couldn't agree on who would be born first in the womb. It had turned out so that Ylva was born first, and Oli five minutes later. They were kicking each other back then, and eleven years later, they were still enemies.

Ylva often bragged about being five minutes older, even though she was almost ten centimeters shorter. She and Medea had the exact same hair length, but Ylva's was considerably darker. Both Ylva and Oli had Michael's eyes, but Emelie's nose.

As if it wasn't enough that they were enemies, they were also polar opposites. Ylva loved to read, and was extremely sarcastic at times. Oli loved sports, never read, and was a person who always joked, at anyone's expense. It didn't matter if it offended anyone.

They woke up when Jimmy and Medea ran into the room and slammed the door. Ylva sat up in her bed, and rubbed her eyes. She saw just as little as before she had done that. So she turned to her bedside table and grabbed her contact lenses. Oli, who also had sat up, looked at her, grossed out as she put them in.

"Could you do that somewhere that isn't here?" He shook the uncomfortable feeling off.

Ylva gave him an irritated look.

"You can leave. Your world at least isn't blurry"

She shook her head and got out of bed. Then she turned to Medea and Jimmy, who had started taking clothes out of their wardrobe.

"And you can stop closing the door so loudly. I had just started falling asleep again after Hugo's computer"

Both Jimmy and Medea started laughing.

"Keep dreaming" Medea put on a turquoise glitter shirt.

Ylva rolled her eyes.

"Do it yourself"

When she turned back to Oli, he had thrown half of the clothes in their wardrobe onto the floor. After a closer look, Ylva noticed it was only her clothes which lay on the floor. All of Oli's clothes hung nicely on their hangers.

"Uuuugh, what the heck are you doing!?" Ylva fell to her knees and started plucking up her clothes on the floor.

"My favorite shirt hung in the far back, and your clothes were in the way" Oli put on the gray hoodie he had chosen.

Ylva looked at the shirt with an almost disgusted face.

"That's your best shirt?" She said.

Then she went back to picking up her clothes. A couple of seconds later the door opened, and Emelie looked inside.

"Breakfast's done soon, so get ready" She disappeared.

As both pairs of twins started dressing faster, Emelie continued through the corridor and down the stairs. She calmly walked towards the kitchen, and on her way, she shouted;

"Lilly! Liana! Five minutes 'til breakfast!"

"Okay!" Lilly shouted from the room between the bathroom and Michael and Emelie's room.

Eight-year-old Lilly and her two years younger sister sat on the floor of their room and played with plastic animal toys.

If you didn't count the twins, Lilly and Liana were the siblings who looked most alike. Both had long, dark blonde hair, and of course Michael's eyes. Lilly always had her hair released. Every now and then she put the irritating strand that hung in front of her eyes behind her left ear. She had her ears pierced, and almost always wore ear rings resembling small hearts or bunnies. Whatever it was, it was pink. Ninety percent of what Lilly owned was pink. When you looked at her, dressed in a pink dress, her hair in pigtails, and a white teddy in her hand, you couldn't think other than that she was an angel.

Though she wasn't always that. If you were being honest, it was rarely she obeyed Michael and Emelie, especially regarding candy. Lilly stole and ate candy so often people wondered how she was so thin. That wasn't the only mischievous thing she did. Emelie said it was lucky if you went through a day without her doing something she wasn't allowed to. Sometimes she also said that Lilly had two sides of herself. The mischievous side, and the side that actually was the sweetie she looked like. When it came to what Michael and Emelie wanted, it was never anything she wanted. But when Lilly wanted something, she was very careful to say 'please' and 'thank you'. Michael's most used phrase when Lilly went from mischief to sweetie was;

"Now the little angel's shining through the demon"

Lilly hated the saying, as she didn't believe in angels or demons at all. She, along with the rest of the family, were total atheists. Lilly preferred to see herself as the villain in a tale, and then the superhero shone through.

Liana looked up to Lilly as her own superhero. They had their differences, but many things were alike. Liana also loved dresses and pink, but her absolute favorite color was purple. She almost always wore a t-shirt, which she matched with a little skirt and a pair of leggings. What she preferred to wear the most was her white leggings with little bows. She wore them, and refused to take them off, even when they were covered in dirt. It always ended with Emelie giving Liana a 'prize' for taking them off.
Liana wasn't mischievous, and had no inner angel or superhero. She could just be very determined to get what she wanted. If she wanted a cookie, then she would get a cookie. There was no 'maybe' in her world. Sometimes not even a 'no'. But as the second youngest, she often got what she wanted. She was just as well-raised as Lilly, and always said 'please' when she wanted something. If she got a no, even when she said please, she could get a little mad and nagging. That often led to her not getting what she wanted because she nagged to much.

Someone who didn't nag often, in fact didn't nag at all, was the family's youngest, Elise. Elise was special. She was three years old, with dark blond curly hair reaching her shoulders. Emelie often put a white diadem in it. She had Emelie's eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. Before she turned two, the things she said could do the same. But right before she turned two, she stopped speaking. Around that time, she also lost interest in toys, and almost people in general. Soon after, the family got to know she had autism.

Elise's autism didn't make anyone drop one bit of love for her. Everyone almost loved her even more, and no one could do anything mean to her. She always smiled as soon as she woke up and got out of bed. Since she developed autism, her motor planning skills had decreased. Things that took ten seconds for others could take her a minute. After a short while she managed to get out of bed, and stand beside it. Just as she started walking towards Lilly and Liana they heard Emelie shout:

"Breakfast's ready!"

Just a minute later everyone sat at the table and ate. Sandwiches, cereal, yogurt and more. Emelie sat and drank juice in her seat at the end of the table. She let her eyes move around the room. The table in the middle, the TV and sofa in the corner, and the doors to the bathroom, the girls' room and Michael and Emelie's room. Just from that you could tell the house was too little. So it was lucky they were moving. Boxes stood every here and there, all filled with smaller things. Only the big important things were left.

"Everyone, have you packed for tomorrow?" Emelie looked out over the table.

Joel, Hanna and Liana nodded, Jimmy shook his head, Medea, Hugo, Lilly and Oli said "yeah", while Hugo, Ylva, Ossian and of course Elise didn't say anything.

Emelie nodded happily.