The next morning the stress was real in the Sievertsen house. Emelie ran down the stairs. She could still hear all her oldest kids arguing on the floor above her. She walked past the long table in the middle of the dining room, and went and opened the door to Lilly, Liana and Elise's room. Her three youngest daughters lay in their beds, deep asleep. She almost felt a little guilty when she pressed the little button, and the lamp illuminated the pink room. Lilly and Liana blinked confusedly before they spotted Emelie. Elise just rolled over and opened her eyes.

"Mom? What time is it?" Lilly rubbed her eyes and yawned.

Emelie checked her wristwatch. The minute hand moved a step to the right.

"Five past four. Hurry up, the moving van is here"

She turned around just in time to see the girls get out of bed. A meter away from her stood Ylva with an angry face and her arms crossed. Emelie sighed, but could still feel her heart beat too fast.

"What is it now?"

Ylva huffed and started talking.

"Well, Medea and Jimmy are pulling this we're-older-fight again"

Emelie tried to come up with something good to say, but things just flew around in her head, and she didn't come up with anything good to say, and just said something spontaneous so she could keep packing and make sure everybody did what they were supposed to.

"Okay, tell them to stop. But also make sure you've got everything you need"

She hurried past Ylva, who rolled her eyes. She was just about to go get her boxes when Ossian came down the stairs with one of his. He let go of it on the floor, and it gave a loud noise.

"Electronics, check!" He turned around and ran up the stairs again.

You could hear the door to his and Hugo's room slam after he disappeared.

"Don't slam the door!" A few seconds after Hanna shouted, she came down the stairs. She threw one of her boxes on the shoe shelf before she ran up again, to some seconds later dump another box on the first one.

"Make place for my boxes!" Joel shouted when he came with a pile of boxes stacked on each other.

He put them right at the bottom of the stairs, but regretted it, when Medea and Jimmy came running down the stairs right after. They tipped over all the boxes when they ran through the hall.

"What are you doing?!" He shouted when they ran away into the kitchen.

"Don't know!" Medea shouted before she and Jimmy disappeared into Michael and Emelie's room.

Emelie was incredibly stressed. Everyone ran around like maniacs, put their boxes everywhere, and helped no one but themselves. But still, everyone sat in the minibus ten minutes later, on their way to the new town.

The trip there wasn't the best either. Everyone started wondering if it could get any more stressing. Liana felt sick, Oli and Lilly needed the bathroom, everyone was hungry. Everything was chaos.

"Can't we stop somewhere?" Oli asked after a third of the way.

"I wanna stop tooooo" Said Lilly, kicking the back of Emelie's seat.

"We may stop soon. But we have to and want to get there fast" Michael shouted.

"And I don't think there's any place we can stop in the following half hour" Emelie added.

"I want my candy!" Jimmy shouted.

"Me too!" Four others shouted.

Then everyone started speaking in each others' mouths about who would get their candy first. Until Liana suddenly spoke.

"Mom, can I please have my gummy bears?" She kindly asked, smiling her cutest.

Emelie started smiling too.

"That's what I want to hear! Of course you can get your candy Liana" She said.

She bent down to her purse and took out a gleaming bag of gummy bears. On the bag sat a little note, with the text 'Liana'. She held the bag up, and everyone looked at it longingly.

"Okay, everybody. Did you listen to Liana? She said 'please'. Listen to her everybody" Emelie said and gave Liana her gummy bears.

Liana happily grabbed a little red bear and put it in her mouth, while everyone else watched it with jealousy. Liana kept eating while everyone looked at her. Then it started again.

"That is soooo unfair!" Ylva angrily shouted.

The same thing kept going on the entire trip.