The Yokai corps

A man wearing a red and black oni mask creeps behind two israeli soldiers, he readies himself to attack when over his earpiece he hears "Stand down, Oni, those two soldiers are actually your points of contact." He stands, making his presence known with a simple grunt. the two soldiers look in his direction with their weapons at the ready until the recognise him, then they drop down to a bow. "Lord Oni, We are but simple Djinn, but we have information that could serve your people very well." both men say to the man that others would say look like every other undercover operator but these djinn and every other demon on the planet know him as Lord Oni, the great demon warlord, Possessor of the holy blade that contains the soul fragment of the demon empress, lillith, and leader of the Yokai corps, an army of demons that serve as an black ops group for ARC. "Tell me, what I need to know dJinn." "My lord, the human armies are mobilizing to attack a village that houses several assets valuable to your organizations." "Which assets, Djinn?" "A few demon families, and the tombs of the holy and demonic Imperial families." "Tell me, Djinn, which would you save the families or the tombs. For I am one single demon and youre telling me of an army attacking two separate entities, So in your opinion which would you save?" "Well my lord, I think you should save the tombs because what is the loss of a few demons over the loss of the imperials, they are nothing but lowly ants to the imperials that are residing in those tombs." "Thats the problem with you, djinn, you still serve the imperials but me on the other hand I.." the Djinn raise their heads to look at the Warlord. " I kill them, who do you think put them in those tombs, who do you think placed those demons there to keep humans out. And now i have two more bodies to deal with before my day is over." Oni unsheaths his holy blade and before the Djinn could retaliate, he cuts off their heads."Lucifer, did you get all that." "yeah, you know what this means, right?" "Yep, and rest of the corps isn't going to love this, But the humans are planning to attack Vanata." "So Sir what do you suggest we do?" "Well I'm going to the tombs for some archealogy, send Kintaro, Obake, And Yurei to evac the town and tell HQ that i want to talk to the director." "Done sir."

-2 hours later-

"Alright, everybody onto the plane!" yells a young man with blond hair and golden eyes wearing black battle gear carrying two daggers. A woman dressed in a white and gold kimono apears behind him. "Kintaro, most of the town has been evacuated, these are last of our people here, What should we do afterwards?" "Well, Yurei you heard the bosses orders evac the civvies, after that we're on our own time, So I suggest that We pull out, go back to base and chill for the night." "And what of Queen Obake?" "She'll obviously go check on the boss." "alright, you two get on that plane." A woman wearing the same black SWAT gear as Kintaro walks up to the two demons. "And Yurei, Change back to the uniform Master Oni does not like it when your wear that in the field." "Yes, My queen." The demon woman changes her clothing to white SWAT gear. "Hey, How come she gets to wear white?" Kintaro asks Obake. "She's Our empress, Lillith, incarnate. She is a symbol of hope for our people so she must be seen as such. Look at these demons and look at how they look at her, they know she is the best bet for demonkind to become equals to humans, She is the only imperial the Master Oni would never kill, after all Kintaro, He is her father."


"Luci, how long have we been working together?" Oni asks, looking around the tombs of the people he killed, people he worshipped and now he was going to have to destroy the last bits of them on earth. "Well, Sir, Officially we've been working together for 2 years but Unofficially, ever since Eden." "And what have we learned in all that time?" "Officially you're the most powerful demon on earth." "And unofficially?" "I'm lucifer, lord of hell and i work IT for you. This is the only truth, You're the most powerful demon on earth and I work for you." "Lucifer, I told you that can leave us whenever and you can be out in the field, hell you could even run this team. I may be a warlord but you are my lord." " Yes, My dear warlord, and that makes you stronger than me, when I see you I see the next Lord of Hell." "My lord, I could never." "Shut up, Oni and destroy the bodies of my brothers and sisters." "I'm Sorry, my lord." Oni finishes rigging the last explosive, looking at his work he sees how far he came from being a lowly demon who would cower from even killing a child and sees that the demon that he once was is different from the one that he is now. "Alright, Luce, my half of things are done, contact control tell them that we need the hammer to drop on my location, tell the team to meet me at the evac." "Want some hookers to accompany you to the evac?" "Not tonight, Luce but get us some drinks we're having a party with the villagers." "I love a good party, I'll see you there." "Over and out." Oni leaves the sewer system that housed the tombs and looks up at the sky to see two modified F-15's on a bombing course for his location. He wants to think to himself that he's finally free of his burden of the demon Emperess but he knows that its a lie, he knows that the young demon girl Yurei is the Emperess reincarnated and the only way to keep her from destroying the very world is to continue to mentor her, show her that humans and demons can work together and that even in the darkest of days there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He opens a portal and summons his transport from the town and rides out into the night.

-Evac. Site-

"Another round of drinks for our saviours!" yells an excited villager, He is surrounded by his family and friend s to live another, to be something other than a protector. "Was killing the djinn really necessary, sir?" kintaro asks Oni "Of course not Kintaro, But they had learn something about sacrificing the living for the dead." Oni looks at one of his two proteges, Kintaro, A 17 year old south korean boy that was possessed by a yokai and was originally brought to his attention as a takedown mission but the girl Yurei took a liking to him so now hes on the team as a way to appease her, He sees someone who could be the next demon warlord and protector of the demon emperess. "Kintaro, do you ever listen to the predators when they talk to you?" The demon Warlord asks the young demon, asking about his ability to talk to animals. "Not really, most of them are into killing everything that moves and asserting their dominance, Why do you ask?" "Those djinn are just like that, they only look for power so I had to remind them that I'm the biggest shark in their aquarium. The younger demon looks at his mentor and notices a subtle change in his demeanor, he sees the monster that hides under the man, The shark that swims with guppies, a shiver runs down his back, the boy grows cold under the eye of much older man, every fiber of his being telling him to run and hide. "Kintaro, i'm not going to hurt you or the others, You're my troops and as such I would be a horrible leader if I went off killing my troops." "I know sir but I know that you dont like Yurei liking me and that you didn't complete your mission when you let me live." "Kintaro, the second she told me her feeling towards you, my mission became making you a yokai troop. But you shouldnt worry about my mission you should worry about the girl thats been eying you since we started this conversation." Oni motions over to Yurei once again in her kimono, she notices that Oni was talking about her and comes closer the pair of male demons "Father, why are you bullying Kintaro?" she says with a grin on her, a grin warm enough to melt an iceberg. "No, My dear just giving him some advice." Oni begins walking away from the younger demons. "Lucifer, I know you're listening." A beautiful black woman steps out of the shadows near the warlord. "Oh, My naughty warlord, how did you know?" The warlord gives Lucifer a knowing look. "Did you tell HQ that I needed to talk?" "Of Course I did and the Director said that whenever you get a chance you and the team should get to California, He'll be there dealing with the Ravager situation." "I am not dealing with that, I told him not to create that thing, it will be the death of him." The Warlord looks around at the villagers partying, drinks being passed around, the demons dancing and chanting hoorays and oohrahs, he thinks about all the missions that the director had him do that lead up to this moment and sees that the director is too smart to do something that would destroy all the good in the world. Lucifer begins walking away "My dear Warlord dance with me." The Demon Lord of hell begins swaying her hips to the music playing, a slow seductive melody. The warlord approaches his master and follows her movements, he looks her in the eyes and notices a hunger that he has only seen before when he first met the demon lord, he knows that he shouldn't but he kisses Lucifer.

-2 days later, Los Angeles ARC HeadQuarters-

"5 demons walk into an abandoned warehouse and" Kintaro starts telling a joke, " Shut up, Boy." Oni stops the joke before he has to hear a horrible punchline. The men are dressed in business suits while Obake is wearing a lovely black dress with some heels, Yurei with her signature white kimono, and lucifer wearing a red bikini and flip flops. "Alright, team the director and the others should be here soon in the mean time, I want all of you to work on something to handle the ravager, even an exorcism." Oni informs his team. Lucifer disappears into the shadows, Obake transforms herself into a homeless man and leaves the warehouse, Yurei and Kintaro walk hand in hand towards the exit. "Kintaro and yurei, I want you two to scope out all local demon activities, find somewhere for us to stay and go on a date." the young pair look at their mentor surprised that he would give them such an order. "Why are you two still here? I said Go on a date." He looks at them with a smile on his face. the young demons continue to walk, happy that their mentor seems to approve of their relationship. "Oni, did you really just send those two out on a date?" Asks Lucifer, who hadn't left the room, the Warlord looks at her. "They're kids, Luce, I want them to have some fun." The two demons hear several vehicle park outside the warehouse. "Lucifer, Be civil." the warlord tell his superior. The doors open and 7 individuals step in. An elderly man in wheel chair being wheeled in by a beautiful african woman, A giant of a Man with a long beard and eyepatch, a blonde woman in a labcoat, a man wearing a simple leather jacket and jeans, a woman in black dress who seemed to be hovering above the floor, And a tall man in OCP's walk in they all look at each other with certain kind of respect, a kind of respect that is gained through working together and fighting a war. They all look at the two demons with this same respect. The man in the leather jacket steps forward, "Alright everyone, lets get down to business." He presses a dial on his watch and the dirt and grime along the interior of the warehouse dissappears, the floor littered with trash is replaced with a waxed floor,Consoles filled with computers and weapons sprout from the ground. "Ladies and Gents, welcome to ARC west coast Headquarters, on the outside an ugly warehouse thats owned by a shell company that we actually use for our charities in the area, but the inside is the best part, We have 1 above ground level, 16 subterranian levels with 3 exits leading out to the sea, 3 here, T satellite feed from our satellite network, a 50-car garage, and a fully stocked bar and grill." The young man in the leather jacket says. "Ah, Director, so this is the little secret you've been keeping for the past few months?" says the elderly man in the wheel chair. "Master merlin, this is something different, this is a gift to Oni and his team." Says the director. The blonde woman walks around the giant room at the various consoles. "Zeus, are you fine with these demons having access to your intel." Says the blonde woman known as the russian devil, Kremlin, the winter wife of Lucifer and hellspawn of the cold. the golden tanned man in OCP's looks at the woman. "My dear, Kremmy, Oni is just as capable in battle as 100 greek spartans and as deadly as a gorgon and other than the rest of you, he is the only being on this planet that I, Zeus, father of the gods, master of Lightning, and champion of the greeks, fear." The african woman looks to Zeus, " Master Zeus, you say that of most of us except for me and the witch."she says to Zeus. "Mistress Zulu, you and Lady Maya are just as terrifying as Oni, I do not fear you because I know you are both capable of being more than just operatives for ARC." Zeus looks at both of the young women with a sad gleam in his eye, He thinks back to all the times he and his own family had tried to leave their life of war and pain and but seeing no light at the end of their tunnel, but looking at the two women he knew that both women were destined to be more than weapons, they could be symbols of hope capable of bringing a new era of peace to the world. "Oni, I want a SIT REP on your team and a list of all your operatives and their missions. Zeus, I want a full update on your missions and whatever you can tell me about the new Olympians. Kremlin, update me on the ravager suit, Merlin, I need info on the atlantian representatives and whether they have some potential recruits; Zulu and Maya catch up to Oni's kids and Have the day off with them." The directors tell the others. The younger women look at the man with disbelief but before they could object they disappear into flash of light. "Thank you, Lucifer." the director says to the demon lord.


Kintaro and Yurei walk hand-in-hand through a farmers market, looking at the various demons and humans interracting with each other, some buying from each other, others doing the same as the two demons and on dates. Yurei looks at some flowers while kintaro speaks with a queen bee, reassuring her that her hive loves her just as much as the birds love the sky, when the smell of sulfur fills his nose and kintaro is suddenly being dogpiled by a young black woman and a young hispanic woman. "That damned demon lord and her fucking magic." says the hispanic woman named Maya. She uses her own magic to raise her and the young woman known as Zulu from the dogpile. "Lady Maya what are you doing here?" asks Yurei. " Yurei, we have told you thousands of times, we are just like you and kintaro, We're teens, our bosses always treat us as the warriors we are but they also remember that we are teens and that we should live our own lives. And seeing as we are all off the clock, we are just Zulu and Maya." Zulu says to yurei. Maya looks at Zulu, admiring her commanding attitude but also taking note of her softer side. Zulu looks at Maya and winks at her friend, "Now, Kintaro and yurei, we need lunch and to finish any business Master Oni gave you."