His greenish eyes fixed to the richly colored smooth pages, taking in the action occurring in each panel.

The trails of the comic's main hero as he bravely faced down multiple enemies after another.

Sixteen-year-old Clyde Mewes was momentarily deaf to his Mom's calls to help him set the table for dinner.

To his slight annoyance, Clyde's superhero escape time was interrupted.

"Okay!" he called back before whistling to his 5-year-old brown furred Great Dane.

"C'mon Ace." His four-legged friend readily following him at his heels downstairs into the kitchen.

The meal was set out in a nice orderly fashion. Clyde's Mom, a medium-length brunette 44-year-old woman was placing silverware next to the four plates set out.

Clyde helped her out without even being asked.

"Thanks Honey" she replied.

"Where's Dad?" Clyde asked.

"At Football practice with Ryan. Should be home soon..." she maneuvered behind her son to go get four glasses from the cupboard.

"Think he'll be able to go with me to the Art Gallery trip tomorrow?" he asked though not expecting a hoped for answer.

His Mom pursed her lips yet kept a mild tone.

"Oh I don't know darling...he's been pretty busy."

The very word a bad taste on Clyde's tongue. "He seems to have plenty of time for Ryan..."

She didn't really know how to respond. Before she did, her husband walked through the door.

He looked a little muddy from all the practice and fun he had had outside!

His Dad and brother's excited voices could be heard from the front door as they came into the kitchen.

"Jane, Jane! It was great, you should've been there!" Mr. Mewes exclaimed.

"Hi Mom!" Ryan replied obviously proud how he did, both not even noticing Clyde was there.

"How was practice?" Mrs. Mewes asked.

"Excellent! No doubt Ryan's gonna be top on the team, it's in the bag. He's got an arm on him I tell ya!" the 45-year-old head of the house said clamping a hand on Ryan's right shoulder. Clyde still not acknowledged.

"That's fantastic!" Mrs. Mewes responded as her husband and Ryan removed their jackets.

"Hey Dad, my class is going on the Art Gallery trip tomorrow..." "Uhuh" he replied not even looking at Clyde. "The Modern Artist showing at the community college..."

Mr. Mewes eyebrows crossed as he snapped back "So? I gotta sign a permission form or..." Clyde shook his head.

"No Mom already covered it."

"What then?" his Dad asked in an irritated tone. The smell in the kitchen overtaking his attention. "So what's for dinner?"

"You favorite lasagna" his wife responded placing the pan on the table which Ryan took a whiff of. "Smells great!"

They all decided to get ready for dinner. It was smelling quite good. The sun was setting outside the window and the day was coming towards a close.

"Dig in son, you earned it" Mr. Mewes said with a chuckle.

Clyde tried getting his Dad's attention again. "Dad, parents are welcome to come. It be great if you could come...Greg's Mom's going..."

"Clyde listen- I don't got time for that. You know how backed up it is at the factory. Production's hanging by a thread as it is."

"You can't take a day off?" Clyde asked.

"You know how much my business means to me. Maybe next time." His attention turning back to Ryan. "Okay son, soon I want to have a one-on-one with your coach..."

Clyde took his seat at the table, the rift between him and his Dad wider than it could've been.

Invisible more than enough to describe him as his family began to eat.

The food turned sour in his mind. It might just be best to go to sleep now... Still distraught and in need of some fresh air, Clyde decided to take Ace out for a walk.

Anything for time away from his Dad and brother's continual football talk. They were not even near the edge of the woods when Clyde's eyes caught a streaking ball of light fall from the sky.

Was it a meteorite or something else?

Clyde figured it fell a mile or two West. With nothing better to do and always a curious one, he began moving in its direction, whatever it is.