The next morning, bit of a cloudy Wednesday rose. Clyde woke up with more optimism than he had since his first encounter with Zap in the woods.

Quietly rising out of the bed to get dressed.

He saw the cocoon hanging from his ceiling full, no doubt Zap was still taking a snooze.

While a bit unsettling, in some way the loneliness that swerved around him evaporated.

He nearly forgot about the field trip to the local and abandoned Pinkerton coal mine as part of a research project for History class.

The thought of it bored Clyde to a degree as he put on a red shirt and blue jeans.

He made sure to carry the odd wire Zap gave him just in case.

"See you later" he said to the cocoon before leaving out the door.

Once he disembarked the bus, Greg caught up with him and began to nag about yesterday's craziness.

Clyde had to be careful not to spill the beans about Zap to him.

Just three more years and I can get outta this town he thought as they walked to first period.

Unbeknownst to Clyde, Charlie's predatory eyes caught notice of him while he was chatting with his fellow jocks.

This day's gonna be good he grinned seeing the lanky geek enter the school.

They got into partnered off pairs, but soon it wasn't long before they set off onto the bus.

Clyde ignored Charlie throwing junk food wrappers at his head from the back of the bus.

Eventually Charlie grabbed Clyde from the group and flung him to the wall.

"Come here, twerp! I'm not finished with you yet."

"The fuck do you want?" Clyde muttered with his face pressed up against the cold inner wall of the bus.

No one else on there appeared to pay any attention. They hadn't even reached the mine yet and already Charlie had struck again.

His body and brain tipping in between anger, fear and lust.

Charlie giggled at his stupid reaction. "You look like your gonna explode," he said slyly.

"No shit" Clyde responded still held in Charlie's tight grip.

"You gonna let go of me or what?" he asked while mentally warning a peeking boner to stay down.

He threw him into the wall and the wall crumbled, it collapsed behind them leaving Charlie and Clyde trapped together.

"Great, now look what you've done..."

Clyde's right shoulder ached as he tried to push himself up on his side. The rest of the group they were cut off from.

"What I did!? You pushed us into this."

His eyes straining to find a possible means of getting out.

Charlie huffed but deep down inside he was scared. "You listen to me runt. Your getting a pounding before I die, get unchanged!"

Clyde wasn't in any position to argue as he began to strip, the chilly air causing him to tremble with each article of clothing that fell onto the dirt floor.

If this had been under 'safer' circumstances, he would've been more thrilled but still disgusted by the kid who treated him like shit.

Charlie pulled his dick out, 6 inches and cut. He grunted as he looked at him Charlie spat on his hand and wiped his dick with spit.

Clyde absentmindedly licked his lips looking at Charlie's defined manhood. He had spent many a night jacking off at the thought of it.

Even now it apparently piqued his passion while making his blood run cold. Charlie pushed his fattened dick into his asshole, no mercy shown.

Clyde clenched the first rocky wall he fell onto and cried out as Charlie entered him.

Charlie was pining his ass roughly. He began moaning saying something about cumming inside the nerd he secretly pinned for.

At this moment-Clyde couldn't move, his own hardness slapping against the stone wall wanting to free its own load just as Charlie's was about to erupt.

He bit his bottom lip to contain his screams. Charlie took it out and came all over Clyde. He moaned and rubbed himself as he kept on going.

Clyde breathed heavily and kept his hands on the wall to keep himself steady, his cock warm on the verge of unleashing his seed on the dirt under him as Charlie's toned hot skin still remain close on his.

Clyde then heard a ringing in his pocket. He fished out the two... Shards of the broken antenna.

Suddenly a large explosion came from the collapsed wall and Zaptai stood there.

"I'm here Clyde!" Zaptai shouted in distress.

Clyde stared up at the ceiling awestruck by how Zap burst through the stone interior without so much as a scratch.

He turned to find a confused and scared Charlie petrified with his mouth gaping.

Zaptai helped Clyde up and looked around.

"Why do I sense misery from you Clyde?" he asked and then looked to Charlie who had just calmed down from the orgasm.

Clyde cut a disgusted glance at Charlie. He couldn't find the words but figured Zap would catch on instantly.

The word rape repeating in his brain.

He almost wanted to break down but still willed himself to keep standing.

Zaptai quickly flicked his tail and then the lights off making it completely dark.

All Clyde heard was a, quick frisk of Zaptai's tail followed by swallowing sounds.

Once the light came back on Charlie was gone and Zaptai burped with a big belly.

Clyde babbled unable and unwilling to accept or believe what just happened.

Part of him almost felt faint from terror while another warm with joy that his bully was finally gone. "Wh-how? Oh God..."

Zaptai smiled. "He's gone, hopefully you didn't need him" he said, no regret inhabiting his tone at all.

Clyde nodded affirming Zap's assumption. Quickly he started to redress in order to prevent dying from the cold.

"Zap, how are we gonna get out of here?"

Zap giggled. "It's okay." he said and grabbed him, he took him back to his house in a cocoon type drill.

Zaptai turned into a human once again. "Clyde, you made me worry so much. I was fast asleep."

Clyde sat down on his bed unable to look Zap in the face.

"I'm sorry...I didn't want to wake you and didn't know Charlie..." he closed his eyes and gripped at the bed sheet, willing himself not to cry.

Zaptai first showed some human emotion. "It's okay, your important to me. I just didn't want you getting hurt" he smiled.

"You're okay now, right?" he asked caressing the boy's right shoulder.

Clyde nodded as he leaned his head on to Zap's open shoulder. "Everyone's gonna wonder what happened to Charlie."

He didn't like the jock too much but knew he was popular in town and had a family.

Still, not having him bring anymore grief freed him from a great deal of stress.

Zaptai giggled "I think I can fix that. But for now, Clyde... I felt some urges coming from below there" he said.

"Want some help?" Zap offered as he smiled, the alien's penis stood to attention within a split second.

Clyde nodded ad then kicked his shoes off before unzipping his jeans. His eyes trailing up from Zap's cock to his handsome human face.

He removed his jacket without a word, still unsure what his 'protector' wanted him to do.

"I must say, your Charlie fellow is tasty. I got up to his balls now, he's got a lot of seed" he smiled and giggled as he then looked at Clyde.

"Hey, I wanted to ask, can, we do an ancient tradition us aliens usually do when we swear to protect our loved ones?" he asked.

"How does it go?" Clyde asked taken aback slightly. Whatever it involved, he hoped it wouldn't be far out bizarre than what he had seen today.

"Usually among my people, we urinate on the special parts of their body in order to say symbolic love,"

Zaptai said.

"O-okay, you c-can do that..." Clyde said. He'd heard in and around school some guys having secret piss fetishes but never really thought of it himself.

But for Zap, he couldn't refuse him this as he removed his shirt, pushed his jeans all the way off with his briefs.

Zap picked him up and looked around until he found the bathroom. Zaptai laid Clyde in the floor.

"I'll try and make sure it isn't acidic," he smiled teasingly.

Clyde nodded as his body laid on the cold tile floor waiting for Zap to declare his love for him.

Despite the danger, he closed his eyes and let all the nerves relax.

Ready and sure of his own feelings for the stranger come beyond the galaxies.

Zaptai transformed into an, alien and his elongated penis dangled down.

He held onto it and hovered, his penis squirted out like a hose squirts out a gush of water.

Zap sprayed it all across the crotch area, covering his balls, his public hair, his dick.

It squirted out until he no longer felt the desire.

What Clyde didn't notice is that leeches left Zaptai's body and slid inside his crotch area.

Zaptai knew, but wanted to make it a, quirky surprise for him.

Clyde opened his eyes, the twitching motion in his crotch area got his attention.

He barely caught sight of the leeches tails as they entered him.

"W-what was that?" Clyde asked nervously sitting up on his elbows.

"It's my commitment soul. It's something aliens do when they want to be connected by love," he said and smiled.

"Don't worry, it's okay. Most people can, handle it. It just makes it so your mine only-" he kissed Clyde and began humping him.

Clyde draped his arms around Zap's neck and gasped at feeling the alien's warm and slimy anus rocking against his hardened cock.

"Whoa...damn Zap, this is...awesome..." having the alien's soul committed to him was impossible to put into words but he didn't regret in accepting it.

Both Zaptai's alien penis and Clyde's erect dick were pressing against each other, moaning sweetly.

Clyde wrapped his left hand around Zap's thick and scaly textured cock with his own and began to masturbate them unashamedly.

Zaptai moaned a little. He felt his dick. Clyde felt Zaptai's dick, slimy and pink, really easy to fap off as well.

The moment was a roller coaster for Clyde. All the degradation, shame and humiliation wrought by his Dad, Charlie and others who ignored him melted away.

He was with someone who saw what was unique about him and it elevated his confidence as each pump they made on their members increased their climax.

Zaptai kept enjoying the humping, more and more, faster and faster, he hadn't turned into a human, yet but the feeling was still amazing.

Clyde was nearing climax until he heard his name being shouted from downstairs. It was his Dad!

He motioned for Zap to be quiet and mouthed "Go hide!" as he rushed to get his clothes on.

"Clyde, I know you're here, don't make me come looking for you!" Mr. Mewes yelled again standing in front of the staircase.

Clyde stopped in the middle of it on the way down.

"I'm right here" he said out of apprehension and sparking fury.