Note: I know I took this down the other day, but have been rewriting this story because I've been writing a long time and because of improvement. Have decided to change locations for the characters.

In Colorado, I was on the phone with my daughter, Hannah, who was on lunch break in Boston. We were having some sort of conversation that involved gossip but some of it I didn't understand what Hannah was trying to share with me. I depend on people all the time since I have disabilities and couldn't do much myself.

My name is Arthur Webber. I have the same coloring as my mother, Velma. I also have glasses, but unlike my mother, I can't see anything at all since I am blind. I live in Denver, Colorado. I am Mormon, but I don't attend church often. I have a brother, whose name is Henry, and he was the second born we had come into this world. I am the youngest of the three. My oldest sister is Stephanie.

Therefore, that's the three of us. My mother, Velma, is still going strong for her old age. I would say she did a good job on raising her children. Everybody else agrees. My brother, Henry, who I mentioned, was an actor for television. He doesn't appear on television much anymore since he wants to focus on me.

Hannah and my son, Arnold, are twins, but they don't look alike. Hannah had blonde hair and blue eyes while Arnold has blonde hair and brown eyes. They are young adults. Hannah is a senator in Boston. She and Arnold were born and raised in Utah, but when she and Arnold grew older, she was interested in politics and wanted to be a senator there. She is happy with the job she has. She never married, but hope to soon. Her dream job is to become President of the United States. We'll find out if that would happen.

Arnold still lives here in Denver, but he lives on his own in a group home, so they help him with things he wants and all that. They both are good young adults. I am divorced, but my wife, whose name was Claudia, wanted to keep in touch with me after the divorce. I know I just mentioned being a Mormon, but we are strict about marriage, but somehow the church accepted that about me. She died due to cancer, so there is no way to communicate with her anymore. As for Stephanie, life was difficult for her. She was always stubborn when we were growing up and was immature for our age. I don't want to give you all of the details.

We don't see her anymore since she is in prison for life. I don't want to give you details about the scary past. It had something to do with her marriage with a football coach who was for the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin. No, he wasn't Mormon. He was a Christian, but somehow she met him who wasn't one of us. This was her third marriage. I don't want to get through all the details, but I will share anyway so you know what happened then.

Stephanie had two children with this football coach named Roger Smith. They had two sons, Scott, who was the youngest while Alan was the oldest. They were only five years apart. I said 'was' because Stephanie somehow used Roger's medications to leave them out where Alan and Scott could get to it. They were in prison, so this was why I didn't want to share with you.

"Dad, I've heard of all this horrible news on the radio and gossip. Who was Coach Smith?" Hannah asked.

"Roger Smith was a football coach for the Green Bay Packers, Hannah, dear. He and your aunt Stephanie came out here with their children for our birthday. The children went sick when they were visiting us. They were sick because they took Coach Smith's medications."

Roger Smith was only sixty – eight years old, did have some issues himself, but it was mostly health is it was poor and he was home a lot but the doctors told his family he couldn't handle a job on his own. Roger wanted to work so he could have something to do than stay home twenty – four hours a day and seven days a week and some of it went pretty well, but still his family worries about him since you never know what would happen.

"What kind of medications was he taking?"

"I didn't ask because it wasn't any of my business, Hannah. Stephanie was saying he was allergic and had asthma," I said.

"Do you know what he died of, Dad?" Hannah asked.

I didn't answer her question right away, so I asked, "What kind of things did you hear from gossip and radio?"

"I heard that his children, one of his sisters let alone himself died," Hannah answered.

Hannah was never a big fan of gossip, but this was something she thought was worth sharing with me if she didn't hear about it before I did.

Roger had parents who were famous. Ariel, his mother, was a successful actress while his father; Michael was famous for acting in Broadway plays while Ariel acted in movies. Ariel acted in movies such as Back to the Future. No, she and Michael aren't alive anymore since that was a long time ago. Maybe about 1981, I think.

"Good grief! Which sister died?" I asked.

"Katherine Smith, RN. The radio said she died in Nashville just last night because all she did was cry. I didn't know they were a close family."

"I didn't either, but Stephanie somehow never mentions his family to us, so I can't give you any information about that."

"That's okay, Dad. I was only wondering. Aunt Stephanie knows better than that."

I had to agree. Stephanie has always been like this, but she was never a good Mormon, so she may not have the chance to go to Heaven with us.

About eight months ago this year, Roger died. At least we know he's in a better place. Crazy world.

Now four of the family members are dead. Sometime apart, but the children died first. How sad can you get? I don't understand this world sometimes, and neither do the people I know. Since I mentioned my mother not too long ago, let me mention my father. His name was Warren, and he used to be a recording artist. He was good, but he is also going to Heaven. That was only four years ago. I admire Mom who is still going strong. Yes, Dad was a good person.

I somehow never really wasn't sure about accepting Roger into the family. Since he was Stephanie's husband, we had to. Somehow, he had to change his beliefs from Christian to Mormon because of Stephanie.

"I don't know, but pretty sad. You should be thankful you still have your family, Dad. Grandpa Webber's the only one that we don't have anymore. I wish I got to know him better."

"So do I, but we don't make that kind of choice. Only God can," I reminded her.

"True," she agreed.

Henry, Stephanie and I were children of John Webber.

"You mean your great – grandfather Webber, Hannah. You and Arnold still have your grandfather. You two are very lucky. If my grandfather were still alive today, nothing would have happened if that kidnapper murdered him years ago. I hate that kidnapper!" I said.

We were born and raised in Utah, but now Hannah and Arnold have grown up, Hannah was a senator from Utah but now lives in Boston.

"I bet you do, Dad. You have every right to be mad at him. That is why he's in prison until death. I heard from Grandma that Aunt Stephanie is in jail for death sentence. We won't be seeing her anymore either," Hannah said.

"Darn. I loved her until she had all sorts of problems. That's just the way she always was. You still have to love her even though she wasn't a very nice person."

"But we won't be seeing her anymore. She is in the Denver Jail, I think. The Memphis jail couldn't have her because their cells are full. Dad, I have some news to tell you before hearing about it through the radio and gossip on TV."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I have a boyfriend."

"It better not be that jerk you were seeing before."

Hannah did see a guy for a long time but he had several friends who rode motorcycles and was the leader of that gang. After she found out and met his friends, she left him. She never heard about him since. There's no need to.

"Not him, Dad. This is something new. I heard that guy went into the Army. The guy I'm seeing has been around for a couple of months. You will like him. Trust me."

"I won't know until you introduce us," I said.

"I will. How about the next time you and Uncle Henry come out next time?"

"I'll talk with him later, but I will mention it to him."

"Thanks, Dad."

"You're welcome."

Since Arnold is with me at this moment, he could get the chance to fly out to Boston with Henry and myself. I'll mention it to Arnold at the same time so I wouldn't have to repeat the same thing for Henry.

Yes, Henry was home when I had the telephone conversation with Hannah. Arnold was in the living room, but he told me that he needed help.

I called Henry for help.

"Henry, could you help Arnold?" I called.

Henry is the middle child of our family, but was part of the triplets when we were born, but didn't mind being the second triplet but never had a choice. Henry never looked like me, but we were triplets, but he and Stephanie had their looks from our father, John.

Henry came down the stairs. I have no idea what he was doing the entire conversation I had with my daughter long – distance.

"What do you need?" Henry asked.

"Arnold, tell Uncle Henry what you need," I told my son.

Therefore, Arnold did and Henry helped as we asked him to.

I stayed in the living room. Before we left the house, there was an appointment for Arnold. Like me, he's in a wheelchair, but he had no choice with the wheelchair because of a car accident he was with his friends one time.

While driving to the doctor's office, I told Henry about Hannah's phone call.

"Flying out to Boston could be the best choice unless she and this guy of hers come here. I wouldn't be home for dinner tonight, Arthur. I remember I mentioned to you that I have returned to acting on TV. Do you remember that?"

"Kind of," I answered.

This was Henry's dream to be an actor when we were younger.

"I am leaving the Peters with you and Arnold while I'm at rehearsal and it's going to be three hours long."

"Okay," I said.

Victoria and Mark Peters are our next – door neighbors. They have been a big help to us while Henry isn't around.

Henry's been on different TV series, and not just the same one. I think he was on Family Ties and Growing Pains for a while. It worked for him, but they somehow didn't want him as a regular cast member. That was fine with us.

"What's the episode about?" I asked as Henry turned to a stop sign.

He told us. The doctor appointment was for Arnold.

An hour or two later, we saw there was a message on the answering machine, telling us we missed a call while we were at the doctor's office.

"It came when we just left the house," Henry said, seeing the time on the answering machine.

"It's Mom," Henry added, hearing the voice of our mother.

"Go call Mom, Henry," I told him.

"That was a good doctor's appointment today, Arnold. The doctor said you should be learning to walk again in a couple days or so. Isn't that great news? At least the doctor will help you with the walking again so you wouldn't do it yourself when none of us are around."

"Yes, I hate this wheelchair. It's not fun," Arnold said.

"I know what you mean, Arnold. Now you can get a job of your own, but I do not want you driving a car since that horrible accident you got into when you first had that chair. You hear me?" I asked, afraid that Arnold would get into another accident.

"Dad, I want to walk again. I haven't done that since that accident."

"I know, Arnold. I do not want another car accident like this first one. I mean it. Look what happened to Barbara Mandrell," I reminded my son.

Barbara was a country singer; so I learned about her story what happened.

"I know, Dad. You don't need to keep reminding me," Arnold told me.

"Of course I want to keep reminding you. You're my only son," I pointed out.

"I know that. I guess twins is enough for you and Mom."

"Of course. We were happy with both of you and your sister."

"True," Arnold agreed.

He and I kept talking like Henry is with our mother. Her name happens to be Velma, but she used to solve mysteries with her friends just for the fun of it. Since she's older now, she and her friends don't do that anymore. I heard their kids somehow took over. Which of course is a good thing.

When Henry hung up, he rejoined us in the living room.

"Mom says hi to you guys," he told us.

"Thanks," I told him.

"I need to stop into town at some point. I'm going to see if the Peters can come over for a while to be with you two. I don't want to leave you both alone because you can't do anything. I feel bad for you guys," he replied.

"We can't help that, Henry," I said.

"Of course not. Mom wanted to invite us over for dinner sometime this month."

"That was nice of her. I know she invited Arnold."

"Why wouldn't she?"

After he said that, I watched my brother go back into the kitchen and call the neighbors next – door.

I didn't bother listening to the conversation. All we heard was his voice. Victoria and Mark Peters do a good job on helping us out whenever we need it. It's good to know they care enough about their neighbors. Looks like we made friends with them.

Henry hung up a minute or so later and came back.

"Victoria said that she and Mark would be over in a few minutes. Then I will leave. How does that sound to you guys?"

"Of course not. Mom wanted to invite us over for dinner sometime this month."

"That was nice of her. I know she invited Arnold."

"Why wouldn't she?"

After he said that, I watched my brother go back into the kitchen and call the neighbors next – door.

I didn't bother listening to the conversation. All we heard was his voice. Victoria and Mark Peters do a good job on helping us out whenever we need it. It's good to know they care enough about their neighbors. Looks like we made friends with them.

Henry hung up a minute or so later and came back.

"Victoria said that she and Mark would be over in a few minutes. Then I will leave. How does that sound to you guys?"

All three of us heard the doorbell ring. It was Victoria Peters.

"Hi, Victoria. What happened to Mark? He said he was coming too," Henry said as she walked in.

"He's on his way. He was only taking a quick shower before coming. I told him that I wouldn't mind going over before him. Mark says that's fine."

"Of course it is. Arnold and Arthur are good for a while. You know what to do if these guys need something."

"We have done this for a while. No need to be reminded."

"Too late for that. I'm going now, Arnold and Arthur. I'll see you soon."

"Bye," we both told Henry as Victoria shut the door behind herself.

"Do either of you want to watch TV or anything?" she asked us.

"I can't watch TV," I reminded her.

"Sorry, Arthur. I guess I forgot about your being blind."

"That's all right, Victoria. I can just listen to whatever's on."

"How does that sound to you, Arnold?" she asked.

"Fine with me too."

Victoria was about to turn the TV on when Mark knocked on the door.

"I'll let Mark in."

We didn't need to be told.

The TV stayed on the whole time Victoria and Mark were here. The news was on. I don't mind the news once in a while.

During commercials, all four of us talked about different things. I am happy to tell you that Henry and I are thankful for Victoria and Mark.