The next day before Hannah could leave for a lunch break, Daphne was calling to return her phone call.

"Senator, you have a long – distance phone call from Milwaukee. Someone by the name of Daphne Black," her secretary Kimberly told Hannah.

Kimberly is Hannah's secretary, and Hannah liked her very much and had told her that. And Kimberly took Hannah's reply as a compliment.

"Thank you. I'll take this call before heading out to lunch," Hannah told Kimberly and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Senator Webber speaking," Hannah said.

"Is this Hannah Webber?" Daphne asked when Hannah got on the phone.

"Yes, it is," Hannah answered.

"My name is Daphne Black. I got your message," Daphne said.

"I was calling about those checks you have written to my father, Arthur Webber for five thousand dollars. What is that all about?" Hannah asked.

"I had no idea Arthur Webber was your father, Senator. Okay, we'll talk about those checks I've been sending. Those checks are part of a mission I am doing for my church. Your father is on my list. People like your father need money like five grand so they can get things they need," Daphne told Hannah.

"My father doesn't need money from people like you, Ms. Black. He has his own money. If he wants money, he can get it from us or some at the bank. He doesn't need any from a charity. Tell me more about this charity. Sorry if I was rude," Hannah told Daphne.

"That's why I send your father those checks, Senator. No, you're not rude. Now it's my turn. Do you hear me loud and clear?" Daphne asked.

"Sort of. Tell me about this mission besides sending money to people like my father without any details. Would you please take us off your list and send the five grand to someone else?" Hannah asked.

"I send it for another reason, Senator. The other reason is cures for whatever disease it is. That's why I send them out. I'll take him off your list," Daphne said.

"And I'm not single, Senator. I'm married, so it's Mrs. to you," Daphne said and they hung up after saying good – bye.

Hannah really didn't like Daphne that much. She was going to tell Henry to put the checks he had saved in my bank account at home. Hannah went out to lunch.

When she came to the house, she found me in the living room, watching TV.

"Hi, Dad. Where's Uncle Henry?" she asked as she watched me put pizza in the oven.

"Henry went to the gym. He'll be back in a few hours. I need help with the pizza, by the way," I told my daughter.

"Okay. Since you can't be here by yourself, I'll take you to work with me after lunch," Hannah said.

"Okay," I said.

I listened to Hannah as she put the timer on the stove.

After the pizza was in the oven for a while, she took the pizza out to let it cool for a few minutes.

"By the way, Henry made an appointment with the eye doctor back in Utah before we left on vacation to see you. I'm not too crazy about him. Why would he want to make an appointment in the first place if I'm blind?" I asked.

She didn't answer my question.

She took the pepperoni half of the pizza and sliced it on the other side of the counter by the veggie half.

"Looks yummy to me, Dad," she said.

She cut a veggie slice for me and a pepperoni slice for herself. She carried both plates to the kitchen table. She was going to start feeding me pizza when we heard Henry's footsteps coming to the front door. He let himself into the house and found Hannah and I in the kitchen and smelled pizza. Neither Hannah or us went out to eat much, so we mostly ate at home.

"Hi, Arthur, sweetheart," he said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Hi, Uncle Henry," she said, cutting another slice of pizza for me to chew on.

I spoke first.

"Henry, don't you remember about scheduling an appointment with the eye doctor before leaving for vacation?" I asked.

"An appointment, huh? I guess we should think about doing so. We know how busy you are at work, dear. We did have fun out here, didn't we, Arthur?" Henry asked.

"Yes, we did. A lot of fun," I said.

"Your father and I will leave first thing in the morning," Henry said.

"Okay. Sounds fine with me, Uncle Henry. I spoke with Daphne Black about the checks with Dad's name on them before coming home for lunch today. She told me the checks are part of the mission at church. She said it was for cures of diseases like Dad's and the money they need for that. You can just put those checks in Dad's bank account at home," Hannah said.

"A mission for a church? Interesting," Henry said, showing no interest at all.