1. The Great Treasure of Disivira

She drove down the desolate road, the tires of her motorcycle hitting the dirt road, the muted buzzing of the engine drowned everything out and gave her time to think.

Her sister called her out of the blue, they hadn't spoken in how long?

She needed her help, something that hadn't happened since that day. Her sister had become an archaeologist over the years and she discovered found something. A great discovery she called it, an old and abandoned temple, sealed tight and seemingly impossible to open. The texts from her sister made it clear that "Impossible" was two hours.

Yet for her that wasn't the problem, just a few days ago she was called up for a chance to add in her own expertise to whatever was going on in that temple. If it was enough for her twin sister to call her then maybe it was something worth checking out. Not much of a genius like her but she did have an understanding of ancient puzzles and hieroglyphics which is what she was called up to help with.

She parked her bike close to the gates, her sister struck a deal with a business firm to run this expedition and they provided her with a way to close off the temple for herself. Which meant that it was walled off by large metal fences.

Right behind the gate stood a woman. She was dressed in a formal uniform like attire in shades of purple. Her long brunette hair framed a rather serious face as she glared at the other woman, her arms crossed as she watched the other get off her bike. The rider took off her helmet and ruffled up her short blond hair.

"I take it you're Susan Quartaro" Suzie felt she had to make a correction.

"Just Suzie Q if you would, and what does Lizzie want from me?" For someone reason the woman at the gate didn't seem at all pleased with the question deepening her scowl.

"Elizabeth is deep in the center of the temple, I'm Lily Varnae and I'm here to escort you to her" Not in the mood to answer any more of her questions the woman singled to a nearby worker to open the gate.

"If you would follow me" Abruptly walking away from Suzie without letting her ask any questions made Suzie not like her and that was under a minute and that had to be some sort of record.

Still she followed behind walking past stone doors deeper into the temple.

A long line of broken statues lined the walls, Suzie tried to ask her guide what they were all about but the other woman refused to slow down.

They stopped at in the very center of the ruin, a chamber with a long line of statues pushing against a large cube in the center. The large relic, black in color, had red lines glowing with some unknown power.

Her sister looked around the sides trying her best to decipher something.

"It's about time you showed up" Lizzie hadn't turned to her at all while saying that preferring to concentrate on whatever the problem was. Lizzie looked like her older sister with the same darker colored skin and blonde hair. Unlike Suzie she preferred to keep her hair long in an exquisite braid.

"Yeah I'm fine by the way thanks for asking Lizzie" Suzie didn't really want to have another fight with her sister but the nickname already seemed to annoy her causing her to tense up as she studied the cube at the center.

"...I need your help, this is the crown jewel of Disivira and I can't make heads or tails of this barrier" Taking off her hat Suzie stepped over to look over the cube.

"This is something, is this what caused you disappear off the map for awhile?" Lizzie turned to her finally, while Suzie had green eyes, her sister had blue and right now they were glowing with curiosity.

"Maybe it was, I'll tell you if you help me out"

There were words written in a dead language, luckily she had more experience with it then her sister.

She examined well for a moment as Lily started to discuss something with her sister that Suzie didn't really care all that much about.

'To those that wish it, she shall armor you, rejoice and you shall transform' That was written as large as possible on one side.

"Huh?" She looked it over and over. For any kind of warning signs, of danger or curses. She read on as she turned to another side of the cube.

"If you wish for her to be at your side ready yourself for...war" She had to scratch her head at that one.

"What exactly is this Lizzie?" Her sister turned away from Lily allowing the assistant to take her leave.

Suzie she walked over to address her sister.

"Susan, behind this barrier is the treasure of Disivira. If we figure out this puzzle we gain access to the greatest finding this world will ever know" That interested Suzie greatly.

She went over what she read so far as she started to form a plan.

"Okay then, I think I got an idea of what to do we got to find out the "She" in this puzzle" Suzie watched as Elizabeth took out a notebook, looking it over.

"There is some legends of the temple belonging to a patron goddess by the name Inanna"

"Interesting enough, didn't think you'd start chasing legends Lizzie Inanna or other wise" The temple started to rumble slightly. Suzie worried that something was bringing the temple down, Elizabeth merely focused on the large cube as it started to brighten.

"Susan, can you say that again?" Suzie turned back to her.

"What? Inanna?" It rumbled again then nothing happened much to Elizabeth's confusion.

Suzie looked to the cube for clues and noticed that the words for "Her" and "Transform" glow brightly with the same red energy.

"Lizzie I'm gonna try something" Elizabeth motioned to her to go on.

"Tranform!" Nothing, not even a small rumble.

"What did you expect was going to happen" Suzie scratched her chin.

"Not sure, the word Transform is written all over it" Lost in thought she stopped talking for a moment then it hit her.

"Wait I think I got it" She almost bopped herself on the head for how obvious it was.

"Inanna, Tahul" The cube started to shake again, segments of it groaned and seized up as parts of it moved away, the statues holding it crumbling away. The pieces moved away to unveil a statue chained to the floor, a stone like belt with a red jewel attached in the center perched on a pedestal in front of the chained figure.

Elizabeth was now even more confused.

"This is the great treasure of Disivira!?"

Suzie wanted to say something but a phone ringing cut her off. Elizabeth brought it to her ear and already looked displeased.

"What do mean by that?" She started tapping her finger on the phone.

"Then tell them to work around it?...What does that even-no, give me a minute I'll sort it out!" Well whatever was going on was a really big deal as Elizabeth went from annoyed to anxious.

"Susan, there's something going on with the workers, can you stay here and study the statue a bit further while I check it out?"

"Sure I can do that, but if you need me to provide some extra muscle" Elizabeth gave a nod then silently left the room. After she left Suzie decided to look closer at the statue.

Whoever made this really went for the realistic aspect as the statue, a far cry from the arts of the age.

A woman, sitting on a throne, her face obscured by a sort of mask. Suzie felt the mask to see what it was made of and whipped a thumb across the cheek. It had a lukewarm feel even through the gloves she was wearing.

After that she went over to the...belt? She wasn't sure what it was but she still lifted it up, as she brought it up to face level to study it, the belt had intricate designs, the characters written in a language she didn't know, which wasn't something she encountered often. Large block stones adorned the sides with symbols written on them. The belt had a buckle that was a circular shape, three red lines shaped like strands of wind all moved to the center with an indentation that seemed to indicate where the red jewel needed to be put into.

She noticed the red orb glowing, grabbing it she put it closer to the belt and as she did so she noticed the bright light getting stronger and almost dropped it when she noticed the same red light starting to course through the veins in her arm.

That was until the statue started to stare at her, then she did drop it. The red glowing eyes of the statue followed her movement, studying her. The stone on the supposed statue started to chip away.

Dark skin slowly unveiled under the broken pieces, the red eyes almost disappeared under long black hair.

Her chains still held, her stone mask stayed firmly on her face.

"Are you my abettor?" The voice harsh after centuries not being used. Suzie had little time to focus on that as she noticed more light over head, she looked up at three interconnecting eyes alight with indigo energy bearing down at them. as the rays of this symbol shined down on the two it also started to shine down on the statues around them.

The statues filled with blue energy, the power going through the stone like veins, fingers started to twitch, feet started to move. Suzie looked back to the figure who merely studied her waiting for her next move as the statutes started to move towards them,

Suzie turned around to them fully and backed up a few steps. She quickly picked up the gem she dropped ignoring the growing amount of power going through her blood.

"Are these friends of yours?" Suzie questioned the chained figure.

"No, they were created to keep me here" The statues started to move closer.

"Guessing they won't let me leave" She looked for a way around them but it seemed that they started to close in blocking any escape.

"You witnessed something you shouldn't have, those that chose to seal me will not let this secret get out" All options led to a single decision.

"Okay then, I'll be your Abettor as long as you keep me alive" She put on the belt as it fit around her perfectly. Chains started to break away from the figure sitting on the throne.

"Agreed" She slowly put the gem into the slot as the center of it started to alight. She pressed down on one of the buttons on the side of the belt, the middle buckle started to spin with red magic pour out of the turbine like part of the belt.

"Abettor! Are you ready?" The voice range out in the dark, the figure rose from her prison and stood behind Suzie.

Suzie knew what she needed to change in this moment. She brought one hand out, the magic surrounding it made the statues stop in place. What they didn't know was she holding down the button with a clenched fist until it powered up to full.

She moved the outstretched hand over to her left, to quickly press the button on the other side. Slamming her fist on it she took her other hand off the previously pressed on button and outstretched above her to keep the statues back.

"Tahul!" The stone that broke off from the other woman started to wrap around Suzie. A large red flame burst from her in a bright flash that pushed the stone creatures back further.

"Applause! The Indomitable Regalia! Inanna! Rayie!" The voice bellowed out as the flames died down. She opened her eyes to try and noticed that she stared through crimson lens. She looked to her hands only to see red gauntlets and black...spandex?

Then she noticed the red flash of warning from some sort of hud and in that moment Suzie realized that one of the statues decided to take a chance and swing a fist at her. Heeding it she moved out of the way as the red lens of her helmet cleared up ti give her a better understanding of her environment.

Another warning flared as the creature tried to grab onto the armored warrior and Suzie quickly dodged to the side and punched as hard as she could to knock it back.

"If dangerous is what you're after the Suzie Q has arrived!"

She didn't really understand the kind of strength that the suit gave her but she quickly found out as she hit a large hole through the statue's chest. Deciding to take a moment and capitalize on what she did, she brought the threat over her head and flung it away at the crowd.

Another went for a kick and Suzie wasted very little time taking her arms up to blocking it and grabbing it as soon as the creature tried to pull back. She smashed her fist down on the creature's leg breaking it. It started to fall back, Suzie ran ahead and before it could hit the ground. The Abettor wrapped her arms around the fallen statue's neck and slammed the creature into the floor below.

She got up as fast she could and watched the three remaining creatures surround her. On instinct she pressed another button on the belt and the red light of the jewel shined again. As the center of the belt started to spin she put her right hand into a fist as the energy started to glow.

"If you think you have what it takes, step to the mat!"

She waited until the statues were close enough to her.

"Ready? GO!" The belt yelled out as she ducked under a strong swinging punch and moved to one of the creature's side grabbing him by his stomach and lifting him into the air. Quickly slamming it into the ground. She wasted no time grabbing on to the statue's legs and swung it around. She spun in place, spinning faster and faster as the monster tried to brake free. The other statues were confused at what was going on until she let her captive go throwing it at one of its comrades.

The monster was able to knock away the thrown ally but failed to notice one vital thing.

"Alnihaya! The strength of Gugalanna!" She was in the air with a fist cocked back, the statue tried to block but when her red hot fist connected with stone it broke through hitting the monster square in the head.

She punched it completely into the ground, she landed past it and without much thought. The last creautre charged at her but she nonchalantly decked it in the jaw knocking its head off. She walked away realizing she was no longer threatened as she made her way outside to try and explain to her sister the dangers she discovered.

What she failed to notice was the statues catching blue flame and exploding.

She finally stepped outdoors, hoping to find her sister and explain what armor she was wearing but as she looked around she was given one impression.

Everything was turned over, cars in ruins, fires broke out as bodies laid across the ground, an impression of chaos.

She continued to find a way through it all looking out for her sister.

"Lizzie!" She heard something going on not far from her and went to investigate, She noticed them in the distance, more statues and at first it looked as though they were on the attack.

Yet as Suzie went in to fight she noticed a fist that broke through one of the creatures. When the fist pulled vack and the monster dropped it revealed two armored figures fought through the monsters with ease.

Suzie wanted to step in but they already broke down the stone figures in moments.

One in a navy blue armor turned to examine the area, Suzie got a good look at the helmet and wondered if hers looked the same, with the plate mouth piece, and large lenses that covered the eyes, she didn't have a mirror handy.

"The Aloadae are down" The voice indicated that the armored warrior was also female, another in green looked over to her.

"And who is that?" The two turned to her, she could feel how much they wanted to figure her out and Suzie had no reason not to at least try to give them some understanding of who's side she was on.

"I'm Suzie Quartaro but my friends call me Suzie Q, are there any survivors around?"

The one in blue was the first to speak up.

"We were able to get a few out of the area" Suzie then motion to herself.

"Any that look like me!?" The woman in blue crossed her arms for a moment and it took Suzie a moment to realize why.

"Oh statue lady, can you shift back?" Red fire like light powered down around her as she slowly turned back to normal, the woman that gave her this power stood at her side, Suzie was wowed at how tall she was.

Suzie had to focus as she turned towards the blue warrior she put a hand through her hair to show it off.

"Her name is Lizzie, she has the same hair and skin with blue eyes and a stuck up attitude" The blue warrior shook her head as she powered down as well, the green warrior did the same.

Two masked figures stood at the warriors side wearing similar colors of blue and green.

"I don't think we evacuated anyone like that..." Suzie started to worry but a phone ringing cut her questioning off.

The one in blue with a hand on her hat took out a phone with her other hand. She put the ringing phone to her ear and quietly listened.

Suzie worried, she started grasping her gloved hand.

The one in green noticed.

"Hey Suzie, I'm Jia, don't worry, we know a wonderful lady that can more then help"

The blue dressed woman put the phone away.

"There is a city not too far from here if your sister made it out she should be there"

"Are you sure? I didn't see much beyond the ruins" As far as she drove she never noticed any signs of her entering the city limits or much else on her long ride. She couldn't help but feel a tad worried that her sister could be wandering the desert.

"We're in the outskirts, if your sister is capable then it wouldn't take her long to get to Deativa" The woman in blue showed off her phone showing the small red line that was proof how close they were to the city.

"Okay then I'll trail behind you" If following them would help then she felt she had no other choice in the matter, Jia seemed delighted as the blue dressed woman reached out her hand for a shake,

"Alright, my name is Alex, keep an eye out on the road, our boss thinks there might be more out there" Suzie accepted it and the three walked out to their respective vehicles.

Three motorcycles roared down the road leaving the fiery wreck behind them for the police.

Suzie had to think about what happened as she followed behind the duo ahead, her sister, the old temple, the stone creatures, the mysterious figure, now these other abettors.

She thought about how she would speak to that masked figure, a dark energy ruptured open enveloping around her.

Suzie almost fell off her bike but was able to stop just in time.

The same figure who gave Suzie her powers sat at a throne, she sat with her leg over the other, her head resting atop a closed fist as she sat relaxed. Though she was still wearing the stone mask Suzie could feel the boredom radiating from the figure.

"It seems we finally have time my Abettor, let me begin by stating that I am Queen Inanna and we have much to discuss"

Suzie stared at Inanna wondering where she could even start with her questions.