3. The Unassailable Scepter

For the night she slept in a fine little place, recommended to her by Silvia. It was known as the Shamhat inn and at first it was supposed to be for free under working with Glaive but Suzie didn't have the heart to not to at least through a couple of dollars their way when she found a vacant room she liked.

Here she dreamed.

"Damn it Lizzie come on, we got a few hours left before dinner can't we play a little more" They played out in the front yard, the sun started to set and she could smell the food from here but for her playing hero and villain was a fun time and she didn't want to stop especially when she got to play the bad guy.

"No you idiot mom said come inside and I'm not getting in trouble!" Lizzie always stuck to what mom said no matter what.

"A few more minutes I promise" Suzie pointed her little cardboard tube at her stick wielding sister.

"Kids foods almost ready!" They could hear their mother through the window and by the sound alone even Suzie realized that this was a non argument.

"Coming mom!" Dropping their weapons they both ran inside.

For a moment Suzie stopped, she could of sworn she saw someone close to the house. Yet as she looking back she couldn't really see anything.

The dream started to fade and thinking on it now she really wished she did notice someone. She would have smelled the smoke.

She struggled to stay asleep, to somehow hope the dream would go on and she could save the past.

Yet her eyes opened up all the same.

She felt a weight on the bed a bit heavier then her own, someone laying on her side, long black hair was all she could see as she turned over.

"Anna?" The other figure merely sat up straight sitting on the bed.

"My apologies Abettor, I merely rested for a moment" Inanna reached for something on the stand, putting on her stone mask before Suzie could even see her face.

"Wait you slept, do goddesses really need sleep?" Curiosity got the best of her and she had to find out.

"Not particularly but I find it comforting" Inanna stood on her feet. She wore some sort of red robe at first but ashen armor formed around her.

"Your compatriot needs you, I will await your summons" Before the red robed goddess could vanish Suzie reached out grasping the masked woman by her hand before it could disappear.

The goddess turned her head back and Suzie stared back at the stone mask. She put a hand on her abettor's shoulder.

"Don't you want to walk with me, see the world and all that?"

"Maybe someday, for now I will continue to see the world through your eyes" In a red flash of light Inanna had disappeared.

Suzie took a deep breath for a moment before hopping off the bed, she had to get a shower in if she wanted to try to score some points with Alex.

Alex awaited her in the lobby, hands folded as she leaned on the owner's desk. The owner seemed not too pleased but Alex merely stared ahead at the elevator doors as they opened. Suzie noticed her and waved ahead.

Alex didn't do much as Suzie moved in closer.

"Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long" Alex grumbled for moment before walking off, Suzie followed behind her yawning for a moment. When she stopped she almost missed a similar expression coming from Alex.

"Tired? This place has some great beds maybe they can spare you one" Alex turned on a dime to look back to Suzie.

"This place is constantly owned up, they only ever have very few rooms opened and I'm not going to just use it for sleep" Suzie Q got a tad close.

"Well then you can share a bed with me, I won't mind though you'd have to share it with Anna" Alex momentarily didn't understand the offer but she eventually caught on as her face started going red.

"I might hold you to that, for right now we have to proceed on our mission" Suzie giggled a bit before following Alex outside.

The ride along wasn't too long as they quickly discovered what the problem was from the smoke.

They drove around one the suburbs and a few of the houses burned on in flames, firefighters tried to contain it through firehoses or spells.

Alex got off her bike and started to scan the area, Suzie started to look wherever the Glaive agent's head turned.

Alex grimaced as she reached to her side, the belt of her goddess alighted with cyan light as it formed a weapon in her left hand. She extended her arm out as the light formed into a futuristic metallic gun.

Suzie watched over at Alex's concentration. Her face slant as her eyes moved back and forth, they started to glow with cyan power that shined through her very veins.

With a quick grunt she fired. The blast hit a creature in the smoke.

A stone like beast scurried out of the fire frightening the firefighters trying to stop the blaze. The two abettors chased after the monster as the Aloadae fled to the streets beyond.

"Are you with me on this?" Suzie turned as a blue dress figure stood behind Alex, her arms folded together leaning on her abettor. Her mask etched on in stone. She slightly turned her head to Suzie before looking on ahead.

"When am I not?" Alex curled her left hand up to her chest, her right fist tapping the right side of her belt. Opening up her left hand she showed the running beast the back of her hand bringing it over to her left side. She tapped the left side of her belt and in a quick motion she brought her right arm around to her left her fist raised close to her head.

"Abettor! Are you ready?" Alex only had one thing to say to that.


"Applause! The Unassailable Scepter! Durga! Mahaan!" Blue flames fired up around Alex as the goddess behind her let stone form around the goddess. She blossomed into a stone flower then fragmented to encase the abettor and cool off the flame turning into armor.

As the smoke formed another powered shot blasted away before the armor fully formed.

Before the fiery beast could get out of sight the shoot hit the thigh of the stone monster knocking it down for a moment.

Suzie turned back to Alex only to realize that she had vanished on the spot. Then the roar of a motorcycle engine roared past her as Alex rode her cycle towards the fallen beast.

"Try and keep up"

Suzie had to chuckle for a moment before calling on Anna.


She wasted no time climbing on to her bike as she transformed.

They drove a few blocks before Alex abruptly stopped at an alleyway. As Suzie slowed down she recognized what the agent was scanning for. Small puddles of orange appeared at different parts of the alley, each burned away at whatever it touched.

As the smoke rose Suzie and Alex approached slowly. Out of the darkness a small number of the smaller aloadae struck out. She remembered back when she fought these things when she first found her goddess.

They surged forth trying to block them off from the fiery creature but Alex had none of it. She punched her way through, slammed them into walls and shooting down any that tried to block her off. Suzie followed suit with kicks and throwing them into the ground until they shattered on the streets.

More filtered in the deeper they got into the alley.

It was cornered at the back end of the alley at the far end of an empty lot. The creature had several items clutched in its hands, they were slowly turning into ash. Alex had enough and fired off rounds that hit the creature's side forcing it to let go of what it held in its hands.

The creature screeched as it turned to the two, It slammed an elongated arm to the ground dropping bits of boiling blood on the dirt and swiping up the molten earth towards the two making them raise their hands and block the oncoming shot.

Alex had her weapon pointed towards where the monster was only to realize that it had disappeared from its spot. She aimed up as the creature started to scale the wall. Before she could even get a shot off the monster climbed on the wall and already climbed up the wall leaving melting brick in each grasp until it reached a ledge and jumped over.

Alex put her gun down. She reached to the side of her helmet.

"The target escaped, it seems that the Aloadae tried to destroy something" Alex continued to chatter on as Suzie turned to the item the fiery beast dropped.

Something about it must have caught Anna's eye as the system went wild scanning it. Suzie soon went over to the fallen object and after picking it up she felt the goddess step away from her as Suzie changed back to her usual self.

Suzie looked at what seemed to be the last piece of a broken tablet. Inanna watched her, barely moving. Her abettor looked it over until she noticed the goddesses not moving. Suzie brought the broken tablet closer.

"Do you know what this is?" Inanna studied it for a moment and Suzie gave her time to come up with an answer.

"Geshtinanna, She's my sister, I haven't see her in ages" She paused for a moment as she slightly touched her mask.

"Before my imprisonment she gave up her time on earth to descend into the underworld just for me" The world turned to black, For the moment the duo stood in silence as the broken piece started to faintly shine with gold light.

"I wonder if she'll still speak to me" Suzie reached the tablet out to her which surprised the goddess.

"There's only one way to find out" Inanna took hold of it carefully as though afraid it would attack her on the spot. When she had a hand over it Suzie didn't quite hand it off, first putting her other hand over hers.

"I'll be with you, I'm sure you can always rely on your Abettor right?" Geshtinanna hadn't seen her in so long.

Inanna focused her own power into the totem and waited. It started to glow with a faint gold glow.

"Geshtinanna can you hear me? I know it's been so long but I wish to see you" the stone piece glowed but for a moment there was nothing else.

"Tia your time in the underworld should be over, can you talk to me?"

Then there was a flash of light, an outline of yellow started to break through the darkness. Suzie and Inanna both looked towards it as the outline took form of someone that the goddess quickly recognized.

The figure started to take shape and Inanna was torn between happiness and worry. Suzie could see the similarities between Geshtinanna and her sister. Well as far as she could tell with the mask.

Geshtinanna had the same long black hair, same red eyes yet the sister chose to wrap herself in black and gold. The first thing that the sister did as soon as Inanna looked away from her was to grab on to her and hold her close with a hug.

"I wasn't sure it was you at first, it's been so many centuries" The dull red beneath the mask stared directly to her abettor but didn't say anything for a moment.

Then she started to describe what had happened to her long ago as she she moved back from the hug.

"Humans have become very crafty these days" Was all she could mutter as the red goddess went on to explain.

This caused the sister in yellow to turn to the only human in the blackened void.

"Yet you made one your abettor" That didn't sit well with her but Suzie wouldn't let that slide.

"Hey this human's got a name, try Suzie Q on for size" She glared at the other woman but Geshtinanna was merely amused as Suzie wanted to look angry but her face became comical in conveying that fact.

"Alright then why did she pick you Suzie?" The human for a moment didn't really have anything to say.

"There something that's going on, something bad and Anna is helping fight it before it becomes worse" That earned a raised eyebrow.

"Is that so?" The sister looked back to Inanna awaiting her answer.

"Judgment is coming and Suzie will help me, besides I doubt she'll know how to seal me anyway" Suzie started to bulk up at that.

"I wouldn't do that to someone besides I'm here to help and I'm very strong!" The over the top glare had not changed, what did change was that Suzie brought up her arms and started to flex them. That earned a laugh out of the golden goddess.

"I see, well I hope you would like some help" Inanna grabbed on to her arm as she ponder this. Geshtinanna had the broken tablet and it started to chip away, breaking under the golden sister's power.

She had a yellow gem in hand and wanted to hand it over to her sister.

"From you, always" She ultimately decided, reaching out she took the gem in her own hands and started to take off her mask.

Before Suzie could see she was forced out.

Back in the world she had to blink before realizing that Alex just finished talking to Glaive and got out of her transformation.

She spoke with her own goddess.

"Thank you again Durga, I hope this wasn't too taxing" Alex put her hands on the other goddess's shoulders. The woman wrapped blue and black patted her abettor on the head.

"No need to worry Alexandra, I'm sure you have a long battle ahead of you and I will be ready for it when it comes" The goddess disappeared in a shine of blue before turning to Suzie.

"The mission was a bust but looks like we found something that points us towards that club Silvia wants to send you to" Alex didn't seem all that pleased but at least she didn't make a big deal out of it.

"We need to head back and report, what's with that look?" Suzie appeared a bit sullen.

"I didn't really getting a chance to show off" She wasn't happy that she didn't get a chance to show off how skilled she was.

"I mean you're awesome, firing off those shots I didn't even get that fiery stupid at all" She scratched the back of her head annoyed at her current predicament.

"Suzie you did fine, clearing the way to try and get to that monster prevented it from destroying the idol" Alex tried to seem a bit standoffish fixing her hat but Suzie glowed at the compliment. Then Alex started to look around.

"Suzie Q, you had it last, where did the tablet go?" Suzie started to get a bit sheepish.

"Oh that, well..."

As they drove back Suzie could still feel the glare from Alex's helmet. Explaining that her goddess summoned another one didn't sit well with the agent.

Alex wasn't surprised that there were other goddesses that would lend aid. Yet she wanted to analyze why the home owner ever had these things.

She thought this over as the headed back up to the office, yet Alex made sure to press on a button below. Alex walked on as Suzie puzzled where they are.

"You're stepping into my office" Alex turned back to the other abettor waiting for her to catch up.

"Sure sounds like a great time" The abettor in blue waited for the bit of sarcasm to follow but Quartaro simply walked forward with a big grin on her face.

Trying to figure out why nearly caused Alex to miss Suzie walking past her then suddenly stopping.

"I hope your office isn't in a hallway" The blue abettor grasped her hand for a moment very annoyed but lead on.

As she took her seat and let Suzie take hers they spoke on about the mission, a bit about the golden sister, but that was all stopped when Alex had brought up the file on who owned the building.

"Lily Varnae? My sister's assistant? Friend? Whatever she is?" Suzie didn't really have much to say to this revelation. Alex watched her with an odd expression.

"Do you know anything about your sister's job?" Suzie had to honestly think that one over.

"Not really, we haven't spoken for a bit and a half up until very recently and Lizzie was sparse on details" The fact that it didn't really phased her didn't sit well with Alex.

Yet right now there was not much she could really say about that.

"Well your sister put a lot of money on her dig on the outskirts of town on the belief that Deativa was built near an old temple of one of the goddesses. Yet she got local help from Glaive, she only ever lived in local apartments and as far as our records show so did Lily" Suzie puzzled over that.

"So wait, if Glaive is all crime fighters and superheroes then how can that do anything for a dig site?" One of many questions on Suzie's mind.

"The mayor of the city didn't think that was possible however, Silvia believed in her and pulled favors making sure her excavation happened"

"I didn't know Lizzie had that kind of reach, really can't wait to ask her all about it when I find her" Suzie felt more determined to get to Carmilla's if it even has a hint. She'd be more then ready to figure it all out.

"I understand your enthusiasm but give it time, we'll have everything ready" Suzie simpered down a bit. She felt ready to leave.

"Is there anything else?"

"There's just one more thing" Alex felt she had to understand just one thing about her.

"We just need to make sure you're ready, before we commence the mission, I want you to spar with me"

"When?!" Suzie got a bit excited at the thought of getting to impress Alex.

"The day before the mission" Alex tried to keep her smile contained but it still came out as a small grin.

"Alright well I have to warn you I am very strong!" Suzie raised her arms defiantly.

"Lucky me" Alex felt a bit snarky.

"But if your skills aren't up to par then I got a few moves for you to learn the hard way"

"You can give me all you got as long as I can be better" Alex was caught off guard by the comment and she could feel annoyance at how it was becoming a common occurrence.

"Well we'll see, for right know I need to get my report together" she sighed for a moment as Suzie started to get out of her chair.

"Hey if you're feeling a bit tired you can always come home with me" Alex gaped at that for a moment before gaining her composure.

"Don't worry I'll keep you mind" Suzie left the office after that. Alex watched as she walked away with a feeling of being a bit unsure of how to feel about the new abettor.

Suzie started to walk down the stairs leaving the building when she noticed someone familiar about to turn the corner.

"Alyssa, how have you been?" Alyssa perked up at that as she turned back for the moment.

"I'm okay, just trying to figure stuff out, I wanted to check if Glaive found out anything yet" Alyssa tried her best to not fidget as Suzie got a bit close grinning all the way. She put her hands into her pockets waiting for Valentine's reaction.

"Yeah I get that, I think I'm close to figuring my own stuff out, but I think I can help you?" Suzie tried to reach out to Alyssa who didn't even tried to hide how uncomfortable she felt.

"Really? Well if it helps then why not"

Suzie told her the mission what part she played in it and that brought some joy to Alyssa.

"Really, do you think Vanessa is there?" The blond witness wanted to feel hopeful and Suzie couldn't help and want to believe with her.

"I can feel it" They shared a smile for a moment.

"Hey do you want to have go to dinner with me?" Out of the blue Suzie felt the excitement catch up to her and without thinking decided on something.

"Oh um well I don't know" Unsure Alyssa wasn't one to go around with people she didn't know.

"It'll be two friends exploring the town together!" Yet that never fazed Suzie who wanted to befriend someone like her.

"Well I am staying in the city for a few days" Alyssa wondered out loud but the abettor caught on quick

"Well if that's the case then we can stumble on some good eating, what do you say?"

"Okay but I don't know this city that well" That was quite the problem both would have but that didn't seem to bother Suzie.

"Me neither, do you need a ride?" Suzie looked around for Alyssa's bike but it seemed to be nowhere in sight.

"I don't live that far from here so I walked" Simple an explanation but the abettor couldn't stop the excitement from reaching her face. It was all going according to her plan.

"Alrighty, do ya want to ride with me?" Alyssa continued to be unsure but she simply shrugged, her mind set on just going with the flow and seeing how this was going.

"Sure" Suzie's smile turned into a teeth bearing grin. She grabbed onto the other woman's hand and pulled her towards her bike.

"Okay, okay, follow me!"

They drove around a couple blocks before Suzie found a place that she liked. It turned out to be some diner.

'NinMeSara Diner'

They had to stare up at the sign glaring down at them. Suzie grabbed Alyssa by the hand and pulling her towards the doors.

Alyssa lost track of time as Suzie chatted the day away with her, the fellow blond was able to get Valentine to talk to her even if it turned out to be a few words.

She stopped talking as they finally go their food. There was silence for a few moments as the two started to get comfortable just eating their fill.

"So you're tied to that goddess?" Alyssa had always heard of something like this but when the two abettors saved her days ago she couldn't help but want to know.

"Yeah, Anna is with me every step of the way" Such a strong connection Alyssa just wanted to know a few things.

"How does that feel?" Suzie pondered that for a bit. Trying to decide why the other woman became so interested.

"Great, I feel like I'm twice the Suzie I ever was before" The other woman looked at the abettor quizzically as Suzie finished her plate.

"Can I see her?" The question hung in the air for a moment. Suzie felt unsure on how the goddess might have felt on that.

"Who Anna?" Being a tad coy she wanted to gauge her thoughts.

"Yes, is that what you call her?"

"She hasn't hated it so far" Suzie trailed off as she thought over what to to say to the goddess.

"Hey Anna do you feel like showing off for my friend here?" She had her hand out for a moment.

"Summoning a goddess should be done with a bit more finesse, for now my abettor I'll go along with this" Instead of being next to her champion she instead sat next to Alyss who couldn't hide her amazement.

The stone mask of the goddess shined bright with gold lines strewn about.

"So how did it go with Geshtinanna?" Suzie could feel how pleased the red queen seemed under the mask.

"It went more then well, she'll lend her hand in future fights" She turned her head over to the other companion. Her red eyes studied Alyssa who's amazement didn't seem to stop.

"Why do you wish to see me? You've already been blessed by a Goddess" Alyssa finally decided to look away a tad embarrassed only to look to the abettor who looked on curiously.

"I found something, when I tried to find my sister in that house, a painting and it spoke out to me" She took a moment to think on that moment.

"She wants to help me but I wasn't sure I should really enter into something like this" Inanna then made her thoughts known.

"Your Goddess whomever she maybe will understand if you wish to discuss conditions, as with all mortals it is your choice" Inanna put a hand on the other woman's shoulder. Alyssa turned to her as Suzie finished her plate.

"Yeah if you don't want to you can call it off and come to me" Valentine pondered on and without think started to touch Inanna's arm.

"You're really strong" It sounded barely spoken, almost a whisper. Suzie heard just fine moving her plate and putting her elbows to the table, head in her hands wondering what would happen next.

The goddess amused decided to bring her face closer.

"It's been far too long since I've bedded a mortal, I may have you if you're willing"

Alyssa sputtered as Suzie started to laugh.

"No, I mean not that I wouldn't want to, but I don't even know you, maybe later, unless there are rules or something and I really don't want to break any but if there aren't then I" She was blocked off by Inanna who put a hand to her chin.

"Then we may discuss this another time" Alyssa lost her words at the moment turning to Suzie for some sort of hope to help her out of this situation.

"Hey as long as you guys have a wild time then don't let me stop you" Suzie couldn't help but tease even with the blush on her face.

"Maybe later..." She looked as unsure as before, so much though that Quartaro wanted to apologize for a moment.

"But I think you guys really helped me out" Alyssa looked at the table now taking a few bites as Suzie nodded.

"Made your decision?" She already could guess what Valentine's decided.

"Yeah I think I have, I'm ready to go home, can you give me a ride?"

"Sure, how about you Anna want to take a ride?" When they both turned to the goddess who no longer sitting there having disappeared.

"I guess she didn't want to do that physically" Suzie shrugged her shoulders.

"Well lead the way"

After paying for their meals Suzie led the way. As she sat on her bike she thought that she could find her sister. It wouldn't be long now.

With Alyssa wrapping her hands around her waist and Inanna staying in her heart, she knew that right now she was more then ready.