'Cheeky Bastards', or 'In Solidarity with the UCU Strikes'

Cheeky bastards, the lot of them -

Those sulky, stroppy traitors


Hateful, spiteful, disrupting

My train of thought.


my morals and my freedom

Of speech.

Greedy pampered whingers

Why does your money

Matter more than mine?

Cheeky bastards, those young bucks

To come for little

And stay for less.

Bright and brash and brilliant -

They line

My mind

And his pockets.

You try to convince them that they are lucky.

Cheeky bastards, on the line

In the sand. Take a stand

On the stones of promised knowledge

Hallowed words and broken oaths

To serve and protect

The few.

The many know exactly where they stand.

Cheeky bastards, those old-timers

Security, fifty years aged in oak panelling,

Poured down someone else's throat.

More time saving, less time paving

The way for the future. Of course,

You say this.

It doesn't affect you.

Cheeky bastards!

Out of line, are they?

Short-changed, are we?

Victim, am I?

Sometimes I can't believe what comes out of your mouth.