Right to die and Right to try are two rights of people discussed this week. Right to die is the right of the person to choose to end his/her life. This is mostly related to medical affairs and the term for doing this is called euthanasia which is Greek for "good killing" or mercy killing. There are 2 types of euthanasia Passive and Active Euthanasia. Passive Euthanasia is done by killing a patient without physically ending the person's life. This is done by ending the life support of the patient or pulling the plug. Active Euthanasia is done by killing a patient by physically ending the life of the patient. For example, injecting a lethal dose to the patient by the doctor or even by the patient. There is another variation of Active Euthanasia called Voluntary Active Euthanasia. This is done by asking consent first to the patient and his/her family whether he/she would want to be euthanized and when the consent is signed, the act is done by the doctor or the patient.

People argue that Passive Euthanasia is more moral than Active as no person would be killing the person. Ending life support would mean that you only let the disease kill the person, not the doctor or the patient whereas active euthanasia would have someone, dirtying his/her hands and tarnishing their morality. People also argue that Active Euthanasia is more moral as it would lead to a quick death wherein Passive Euthanasia would lead the patient to suffer more and more which would cause more ethical immorality with the physician. People would then argue that Voluntary Active Euthanasia would be the most moral of them. However, people would also argue that consent written by a person who is surely going to die would be signed by someone who is not thinking clearly, and a clear and rational decision is not quantifiable and cannot be determined. Therefore, consents should be able to be cancelled however, in this scenario, a dead person would not be able to cancel his consent which is done probably with an unclear mind.

Personally, I believe that euthanasia in general is immoral. Wanting to die is a common thing to say by people who are tired of living in a bed however for me, there is always hope.

This is where right to try comes in. Right to try is the right of a patient to try developing drugs that are aimed to cure a certain part of an uncurable disease. It is no bad thing to try a developing drug meant to cure the disease. However, people would argue that developing drugs should not be given as no one would know the side effects. Personally, I think that this is the main reason for these patients to try the developing drug, to help the researchers find side effects and even proof of the drug to cure the ailment. However, this developing drug may also cause death and which I believe that death through it would in a sense, help the researchers to develop it more thoroughly. This would mean that they had killed a person with an intention to cure them.