Some Things Never Change

Marie quietly sat on her chair that morning, it was the first day of their Junior High days, and she was nervous. While she had some of her friends in the Football team whom she spent growing up with, she was still tense.

After all, they were now in Junior High.

Quietly fidgeting in her chair she spotted someone sit next to her, a boy her age and turned around and smiled.

"Hey there," He said offering his hand. "I'm Paul Silva."

"Maria Young," She smiled trying her best not to look awkward.

"Looks like we're going to be seatmates from now on," He smiled happily at her.

"I guess so." She said awkwardly.

Marie woke up as her Phone's Alarm started to ring.

"I'm up," She said fixing her that was a mess, recalling the dream she had. "I dreamt about meeting him for the first time huh."

That boy she dreamt, was Paul Silva. He was both her classmate and close friend. The two just met purely by coincidence by the two quickly became friends, realizing that both of them shared a common interest in Books and Movies as a result during their spare time the two would immediately go to each other and talk and simply hung out. And well it didn't take long until everyone in the class to realize that both were immediately attracted to one another to the point where their teacher purposely made them sit apart each time they would change the seating arrangement.

"I wonder how's he doing these days," She wondered out loud as she looked at the little keychain she had on her phone, it was just a small strap from an old series the two loved to watch back then.

By the end of their Junior High both of them transferred out before neither can fully ask to add one another at social media making any chance of them seeing one another difficult as the last memory she had of him was a keychain strap and an old letter as part of their graduation ceremony which is to write a letter to the person they're closest with.

Now a College Student, Marie quietly made her way into her classroom with her friends, both of them were talking about the next lesson and a potential quiz, but something caught her eye.

A familiar young man, his hair was notably longer and had dark circles underneath while wearing a pair of headphones.

Paul? She thought as she saw him but before she can try and approach the young man she heard her friends telling her that class was about to begin and they need to hurry.

"A triple date?" Marie asked her friends later that afternoon.

"Yeah!" One of her friends told her excitedly. "We just need one more person for it."

"Sorry but I'm not really into that stuff," She shook her head, she really wasn't entertaining the idea of doing that kind of dating in College. Especially since it was just an excuse to just get drunk and end in a one night stand, and she never really liked it given how shallow and at times toxic that

"Please you don't have to do much I promise," She pleaded. "I'll even help you with the homework in Chemistry!"

"Deal." Marie, who constantly struggled with that subject, said yes without hesitation after all she can't miss an opportunity. And if the guy she ends up getting paired with is the type that goes through women like they're clothes then she can just fake a reason to leave and go.

The 'triple date' that Marie's friends are organizing occurred later in the evening, and much to her fortune, or misfortune rather, her Class had ended early that means she would have to actually make an effort and look presentable in contrast to her original plan and just go looking like she just finished Class in hopes she can at least turn off the guy she'll be paired with.

Looking at herself in the mirror going for a beige turtleneck sweater and a black skirt, she shrugged at herself for a bit thinking, good enough and decided to just go there looking like that. But upon arriving to the meetup place she saw the man that resembled that of Paul, and once more she was stopped by her friends before she can even try and approach him.

"There you are!" Her friend said grabbing her hand. "We were just about to go in ourselves, come one let's go."

Later that evening two of her friends were already chatting with the two other guys, the third guy, however, was still no one to be found. She didn't really mind and she really wanted to leave but the friends of the third person insisted that she stick around because he's just running late.

I want to go home now, She thought holding back a yawn as she watched two of her friends continue to flirt with the two guys. This is definitely not worth getting an edge over Chemistry.

It wasn't long until the door finally opened revealing the third person. It was none other than the Paul Silva lookalike she kept on seeing today.

"Sorry I'm late," He said sitting down in the chair the opposite of Marie, he was about to explain but as soon as his eyes met with hers both of them were speechless.

"What's wrong Paul!" One of his friends teased him. "Did you fall in love at first sight!"

"Shut up!" He chuckled at him. "It's not every day I'd meet a close friend since Junior High."

"Wait is that really you…Paul?" Marie asked him ignoring the sounds of surprise and teasing from both of their friends.

"It's nice to see you again after all these years," He smiled at her tenderly, that look of his alone caused her heart to quickly race. "Marie."

"Yeah," She smiled back, fighting the urge to hold his hand. "It's good to see you again."

[Some Things Never Change]

A Few years ago, Paul Silva met a young girl on his first day in Junior High, her name was Marie Young. Over the next three years in Junior High both of them had become close friends, but for Paul's perspective, however, as the two of them became closer during the years Paul slowly fell in love with her.

How while she was quiet at times but when as he managed to get to know her, she would show this dorky and passionate side of her when they talk about the things she loves, how when he teases her she would give him this adorable pout as she threatened him with a pencil (though he would later hear from his friends that the said pout was actually a horrifying death glare but he passed it off as a joke since it wasn't even scary).

Needless to say, he was clearly in love with her and it was almost comical that everyone, including their homeroom teacher who kept on lecturing him how he should prioritize on his studies instead of flirting (as that's how it came off with their interactions) and resulted with her keeping them apart in class.

But before he can muster the courage to tell her how he feels he heard from his family that he'll be spending a vacation on Germany, and once he returns he'll be enrolling for Senior High elsewhere. While they both live in an era of social media neither of them has the time to communicate online so he decided on a gamble.

On the last remaining days of their Junior High, their class had an activity where they'd have to write to the person who made an impact on their Junior High Life. So he decided to write to her everything he felt for her, essentially confessing to her how he feels, and on the last day, he finally gave it to her before leaving. But he never got the chance to hear a proper response and eventually, he lost hope of actually getting a chance to properly deal with it.

Until tonight.

"I didn't expect to see you here of all places, to be honest," Marie told him as they walked together that evening. While their friends stayed behind, slightly getting drunk, the two of them decided to go somewhere quiet.

"I just got roped into them, to be honest," Paul shrugged glancing at her hand, wanting to go and hold her hand. Even after all these years, he was still in love with her even if he tried to move on and dated other women.

"You too?" Marie asked earning an amused laughed from him.

"Yeah me too," Paul answered with a smile as the two of them made their way into a small café, while both of them had already eaten the two did felt like having coffee.

"Man it's been years since we last hung out like this," Paul said, his cheeks started to sore from smiling but the fact he was with her again after all these years just left him ecstatic.

"Yeah," She smiled sweetly as they lined up and ordered drinks. "A long time."

"We definitely should catch up."

"That we should."

The two of them sat down on an occupied table, both of them just quietly stared at one another. For a moment, they were just lost in each other's eyes, neither one caring on what do next. Eventually, both parties realized that they were staring quickly broke away, Marie quietly and nervously fidgeting that loose braid of her hair while Paul remained silent and looked away turning his attention to the drink he bought.

"So uh how's it been?" Paul said starting the conversation between them.

"Good," She smiled at him. "Having a little trouble in Chemistry but I think I'll be fine. You?"

"Decent," He chuckled. "I'm faring a bit better on some of my subjects but there are some tough ones."

"So how's it been over the past few years?" He added, he really wanted to try and catch up with her. A lot has happened since he last saw her and he wanted to try and catch up with her, who knows when the two of them will ever meet again.

Eventually, she started explaining it to him, her life after Junior High and Senior High. The ups and downs she went during that period and what led her into studying into the University they both are in right now. And as soon as she finished, it was Paul's turn to explain, his vacation in Germany the ups and downs he went in Senior High and his life so far in College.

"—really?" He chuckled as he finished his drink as he paid attention to her story about how her friends kept on trying to get her a boyfriend. "They can't take no for an answer."

"Nope," She giggled in a low voice. "I kept saying no but they insisted, to be honest, that was one of the motives why they choose me to be their third person in this triple date."

"I owe them my thanks then," He chuckled he turned around and realized that the shop they were in was about to close. "Oh hey this is about to close, we should head home."

"Wait really?" She looked around and saw that the Crew was getting ready. "Wow, we need to go then."

Both of them chuckled as they made their way out of the coffee shop finishing their drinks and walked home with Paul offering her to walk her home in her dorm that evening.

"A lot of things changed between us huh," Paul commented in a low voice as he looked at the night sky.

"Yeah we were just twelve back then," She smiled as she walked beside him. "Now we're adults so naturally a lot changed."

"Some things never change though." He said smiling at her as he held her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. She stared at him for a moment and then finally smiled sweetly at him.

"Yeah," She said as her fingers intertwined with his. "Some things never change."