When they got back to the room, Derrick and Gareth were standing near the statue, talking in low voices. They turned as Jill came in.

"Jill, you're back. Did you find anything concrete?" Derrick asked.

"Actually, first, I need to ask Gareth a question." Jill approached the two, noting that Gareth seemed nervous again. "When you realised you'd lost the figure, what did you immediately do next?"

"Well, I…" Gareth hesitated, briefly glancing behind Jill at Fiona. "I saw Director Woodgate on the phone at the bottom of the stairs and rushed to tell her what had happened. Then we both ran back here and I called my supervisor."

"I see. Thank you." Jill then turned to Derrick. "Did you check the security camera at the front door?"

Derrick nodded. "We did. There was nobody suspicious on any of the footage."

"Right. Okay, thanks."

Jill walked away from the statue and stopped at the side of the room. Derrick joined her a few seconds later and the two glanced back at Fiona and Gareth. "So what are you thinking?" said Derrick.

Jill's gaze flickered from Fiona to Gareth. The director and the nightguard. So different yet so alike. There was only one thing on her mind.

"I think one of them's lying," she said grimly. "If the culprit is indeed a third person and not one of these two, then they must have escaped down that way. But they couldn't have."

"What?" Derrick turned his hard stare on her. "What are you saying, Jill?"

Jill narrowed her eyes at the wall, considering her words carefully. "There were three hallways coming off the place where Gareth Hamilton saw the figure run away. One of the halls led to a fire door that couldn't possibly have been opened tonight, one of them led to the front entrance with a security camera that didn't capture anyone coming down from the direction you said, and the last led down the stairs to where Fiona Woodgate was sitting at the time of the incident and she said she didn't see anyone come past her."

"So, in other words, there was no way out," said Derrick. "The figure couldn't have gone that way. Now I guess the only question is whether Hamilton was lying or mistaken."

Jill shook her head as something occurred to her. "No, that's not the only question."

Derrick frowned. "What, you think the culprit DID go past Fiona and she's covering for them, for whatever reason?"

"No, Derrick. I think neither of them are lying."

"But you just said-."

"Listen, we're going about this wrong." Jill gestured to the giant statue. "Look at this. We're both in agreement that this has to have been done by magic, yes?"

Derrick nodded. "Yes."

"Right. So if the culprit used magic to move the statue, then couldn't they have used magic for something else too?"

Derrick scrutinised her for a moment. "So you think the culprit used magic to disappear as well as move the statue?"

Jill nodded. "Yeah, I do. But don't worry, I can get the statue back to normal."

"What? How?"

"Leave it with me."

Striding forward, Jill pointed towards the director and the nightguard. "You two, come here."

Fiona and Gareth obeyed, coming to stand together in front of Jill. "Do you know who did it?" Gareth asked eagerly.

"I have two ideas. One of them will be proved right by what I'm about to do. If you could both hold out your dominant hand, face-up, please."

Fiona held out her left hand but Gareth hesitated. "W-Why?"

"I'm not going to hurt you, if that's what you're worried about," Jill said sharply.

"What ARE you going to do?"

"Either prove or disprove you as the culprit!" snapped Jill, losing patience. "Now just do it, please!"

Gareth quickly obeyed.

After adjusting the rainbow ring on her little finger, Jill lay her left hand flat on Fiona's and looked deep into her eyes. Within a few seconds, Jill had her answer. "Thank you, Director Woodgate, you can be safely eliminated from our enquiries."

To Jill's relief, Fiona didn't immediately descend into a rant about how ridiculous it was that she was even considered a suspect in the first place. Instead, she smiled gratefully. "Oh, thank you."

Jill then did the same thing to Gareth, honestly unsure of the result she would get. But after four seconds had gone by with no change, she had to conclude that he was innocent. "Thank you, Mr Hamilton. You can go too."

"What was that?" demanded Gareth. "Why did you do that?"

Jill held up her left hand, displaying her ring. "I was testing you for any traces of magic. This ring allows me to read your DNA and see if you're human, a carrier, or magic by changing the colour of your eyes accordingly. Mr Hamilton, your eyes didn't change so you are completely human. Director Woodgate, your eyes flickered a bit so that means you're most likely a carrier. But either way, neither of you have any magical powers yourselves, so you're both in the clear."

Fiona looked stunned at the revelation. "Wait, wait, hang on, so… You're saying this is a magical crime?"

Jill nodded. "That's right. After conducting my investigation, I've had to conclude that there is no possible way for it not to be. First of all, it would be completely impossible for someone to replace the statue with another one in a different pose in the ten minute time frame. And second, there was no way for the culprit to escape from the scene without using magic. They could have teleported through the fire door or used invisibility to sneak past the camera or Director Woodgate. If we assume that neither of you are lying about anything, then the only possible conclusion is that the culprit has magical powers."

There was silence for a moment. Then Fiona said, "Does this mean you have a suspect in mind?"

For the first time, Jill faltered, her eyes flickering downwards. "That doesn't matter now. What does matter is that there's someone I can call to fix this statue."

"You can?" gasped Fiona hopefully. "Oh, thank you! It's just that the board are supposed to visit tomorrow and I don't want to have to show them this."

"Don't worry, I can call him right now and you'll have your statue back before dawn."

Fiona gave a relieved sigh. "Thank you, Miss Knight. And thank you too, Detective Deluca, for all your hard work."

Derrick shrugged amusedly. "I didn't do much. It was all her."

He gestured to Jill, who couldn't force herself to meet his eyes. Instead, she approached the statue and gently touched it, feeling the slight sting of electricity under her fingers. In truth, she knew exactly who had done this and how.

And she wasn't looking forward to confronting him about the "why".