"Hey ugly! Over here!" Trinity hollered. She was facing the back of a giant, muscular, human-like thing. Its soulless eyes locked on her and let out a battle cry. It charged at her claws flying.

"Were you expecting someone else?" She teased, diving in between its legs and turning to face her back. It let out another howl.

"Sorry I'm not fluent in howl." She said before driving her sword into the back of the creature. Right where it's heart should've been. It exploded into a pile of black goo.

"Why don't I ever get the ones that smoke?" She moaned, wiping the black ichor off her face. Where has Samuel gone? He was right behind me I thought. She walked out of the alley and underneath the awning of a bank. She was on the outskirts of city square. Where on earth is he? I don't see him anywhere in the area. She walked back into the alley

"Samuel Terence Gefferd!" She hollered. She continued down the alley and hollered again.

"Samuel Terence Gefferd! Show yourself before I tear the city apart!"

Nothing. She cursed under her breath and walked out of the alley and back under the bank awning. It was late afternoon and even the outskirts of town square were busy. Can't draw too much attention. She wiped the ichor off her hands and reached into her pocket and drew out her phone.

Where did you run off to!

Sorry Trin I have a lead on something.

A lead on how stupid you are? Cause I got a really good one.

Your still alive aren't you? You had everything under control so I decided to follow my lead.

Where are you so I can lecture you?

On the outskirts of town near county boarder.

Seriously! You are so dead once I get there!

Head back to base before dark. I'm fine and too far away for you to come join.

I hate you.

Get going rookie.

I hope your eaten alive.

I'll see you later.

She huffed and put her phone back in her pocket. It's a 20 minute walk from here to base. She groaned and started out of the square onto the main road. She hated Samuel.

She bursted through the heavy wooden doors into base. Home sweet home. She flew up the stairs and down the hallway.

"Michael Garrett Gusta!" She exclaimed on her journey.

She saw Isabella standing in the training room doorway looking at her curiously. She held a staff in one hand and was using her other hand to hold her inhaler to her mouth. Trinity continued down the hallway and kicked a dormitory door. It flew open revealing and empty room. "Michael!" She hollered slamming the door shut. She continued down the hall past Maria's office. She stood in the doorway watching her fly by. "Michael Garrett Gusta!" Exclaimed Trinity flying down a set of stairs and turning into another hallway.

"Michael!" She hollered slamming through another door into the library. "Michael!" She hollered. She only saw Lucas staring at her from the window seat. He was curled up with a book. He looked at her with wide eyes. She huffed and slammed the door shut.

"Michael Garrett Gusta!" She continued. She continued down the hall and turned into a sitting room/ living room area.

She saw him sitting at the table building a house of cards. He had his back to her, oblivious to her presence.

"Michael Garrett Gusta!" She exclaimed. He jumped and his house of cards collapsed. He turned and scowled at her.

"Yes Tris?" He asked.

"You made me patrol with Samuel while you're in here making a house of cards!" She hollered.

"I didn't make you do anything." He smiled at her.

"You were supposed to patrol with me but instead you gave me Samuel!" She snapped.

"I gave you the option of taking him along with you. I didn't force you to patrol with him." He explained calmly continuing to smile at her.

"Maria doesn't want me patrolling alone. So unless you take my next patrol I'm telling on you." She snapped.

"Oh grow up. Maria wants a lot of things but she doesn't get them all. Besides where is Sam?" He asked grinning. "County border following some lead."

"Lead to where his brain is?" Mike chuckled.

"Your dead." She snarled.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not afraid." Mike laughed.

"Does Maria know I patrolled with the imbecile Samuel instead of you?" Trinity scowled.

"She does now." Said a stern female voice from behind Trinity.

"I can explain Maria." Michael replied quickly.

"Start talking then." Maria scowled. Her hazel eyes scowled at his cheesy smile.

"Well ya see I wasn't feeling well earlier so I suggested Tris go patrolling with Samuel…" "And you know he has the attention span of a fruit fly. He's just like his father." She said coldly.

"Well if there was another person available I would've sent them." Mike argued.

"Why didn't you report to the infirmary then if you were too sick to patrol?" Maria asked.

"It was just a headache so I figured I would just hang out." He explained quickly.

"So you decide to make a house of cards instead of patrolling." Maria finished, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Exactly!" He nodded.

"Trinity leave us alone please." Maria sighed.

"Of course Maria." She said before departing.

"You need to get better and fast." Trinity snapped walking into the training room.

"What did Mike do this time?" Lydia asked, looking up from Isabella lying on the floor panting.

"Being his regular idiotic self." Trinity said harshly. Isabella started reaching for Lydia while wheezing.

"You already had it before. You need to learn to fight without it." Lydia said, looking at Isabella.

Isabella rolled onto her side and continued coughing. She start coughing up mucus.

"Lydia!" Trinity snapped, rushing to grab the inhaler off the bench and rushing to Isabella's side.

She helped Isabella sit up and held the inhaler to her mouth. Isabella passed out in her lap.

"Lydia! Really? Depriving her of her inhaler! She's still recovering from pneumonia!" She scolded cradling Isabella in her lap while pushing the button on inhaler while Isabella was calmly breathing.

"She needs to relearn how to live without it." Lydia explained.

"Give her time. It's only been a few weeks since she recovered." Trinity snapped.

"Sometimes you have to push the limits Tris." Lydia sighed.

She stood up and struggled to pick up Isabella. "You can tell Maria all about pushing the limits when's she's done chewing out Michael. I'll be in the infirmary." She snapped carrying Isabella out.