Chapter 9

Home base

When they walked out the front door Destiny spotted a teenage girl about her age. She had long and wavy brown hair and a black t-shirt with ripped denim jeans. She watched them come down the front stairs.

"Tiffany? That your name right? Same grade?" Destiny asked.

"Yes. For the past 5 years. I smelled you the minute I met you. You smelled like goodness and heaven. Still do." The girl huffed.

"Smelled me?" Destiny asked confused.

"I smelled your blood." She huffed. Destiny noticed her skin was pale. It had always been pale but today it was extremely noticeable.

"Good grief. I'm a vampire you idiot." Tiffany snapped impatiently.

"But how did you save my brother?" Destiny asked.

"My blood. Vampire blood has healing properties. And they say mystical creatures are stupid. It should be the other way around. Guardians are stupid." Tiffany scoffed, rolling her dark eyes.

"Thank you for saving my brother. But why? How did you know?" Destiny asked.

"I've been monitoring your house since the demon attack at school. I caught you guys dragging what I thought was his corpse. And then you came out next. I snuck into the van when no one was watching and treated him with my blood. They caught me in the act." She said crossly.

"Thanks for all your help. Where do you live?" Jared said annoyed.

"You think I would tell a bunch of guardians where I live? Yeah right!" She hollered before running away.

Jared scoffed.

"That's normal for her. She's a loner." Destiny replied, walking back up the front stairs.

"And she's in the same grade as you?" He asked, following her in.

"But how was she able to stand in the sun and not burn?" She asked when she reached the front door.

"The necklace she was wearing. It's enchanted to protect vampires from the sun." Jared explained pushing her inside.

"So now what?" She asked.

4 months later.

Destiny heard the bell ring and jumped off the desk where she had been talking to Mrs Denis. "See you tomorrow Mrs Denis. Same time?" Destiny asked grabbing her backpack.

"Yes. Thanks for your help Destiny." She spoke, looking up from the project she was working on.

"What are we doing tomorrow?" Destiny asked.

"I don't know yet." She shrugged with a lopsided grin.

Destiny walked out of the art room before running down the hallway and down the stairwell. She ran through the elementary wing and into the gym.

People were milling around the gym. Boys were starting a game of basketball on one side and parents were claiming their children off the bleachers on the other end. If you didn't know any better you'd assume that there was never a slaughter in this same gym.

She and Camilla were allowed to go back to school under two conditions. One they behaved and two they still continued learning about guardians and training after school. They were waiting for the demons to attack the school. They still hadn't figured out why the demons stole artwork. She ran out the gym doors waving goodbye to Mr Windsor on the way out. She ran across the parking lot and jumped into the passenger side of the van. Jared was waiting for her in the driver's seat.

"Good afternoon princess, how was your day?" He asked, planting a kiss on her cheek.

"Wonderful. Can we go home? I can't wait to start training today." Destiny grinned.

"Sí senorita." He chuckled as he started the engine and pulling out of the parking lot. "Although you just want to beat up Michael again." He mischievously commented

Destiny practically ran the whole way from the van to the training room. Her strength and endurance had improved over the summer during training. They had also discovered, besides being able to remember every single detail from missions, that she was the best knife thrower in the base.

She came to a stop in the doorway of the training room.

Kat and Tris were over by the ballerina bars with Jason. Isabella had a bow and quiver full of arrows on the other side of the room aiming at the targets. Jared chuckled and before Destiny could turn around he was gone. He had discovered how to make himself completely invisible for the most part.

He appeared in front of the target Issy was aiming at. She shot another arrow before noticing him. He caught it in his right hand and twirled it.

"I know brothers and sisters aren't supposed to get along but trying to kill me is a little extensive." He laughed.

"You moved in front of the target!" She argued.

Destiny left them arguing and saw Michael by the punching bag beating it up. He had some serious moves she'd decided. But got cocky and stupid when fighting a girl.

She walked over to her brother. He was doing his therapy. He took a step and then looked up to see her and lost his focus and fell. Tris and Kat got him back up and holding the ballerina bars from support.

"How's it going cripple?" Destiny teased.

"Shut up." He chuckled, grinning at her.

"He's getting better. He hadn't fallen down until you got here." Kat remarked.

"Do I distract you Jason?" Destiny teased, crossing her arms and popping a hip to the side.

"You are too beautiful for me not to look at." He smirked. Destiny blushed.

"Come on pretty boy. You have to finish the bars before were done." Kat reminded.

"Where's mom Jas?" Destiny asked curiously.

"Weapons room sharpening stuff." Jason replied, arms shaking as Tris and Kat let him support himself.

"Thanks I'll let you get back to walking." Destiny chuckled.

She walked over to the door next to Jared and Isabella and opened it. She shut it behind her so no arrows flew in. Her mother was sitting on a stool sharpening a sword.

"Hey mom." Destiny spoke, walking towards her.

"Hi honey how was school?" Lily asked looking up.

"Good. I'm starting to feel normal again. No demon attacks yet." Destiny remarked, stretching.

"I'm glad our family is back together." Lily smiled.

"So how long do we play the waiting game with the demons?" Destiny asked.

"Forever. You guys just have to sit and wait for the demons. Don't go looking for them." Lily explained.

The waiting game. Wait for them to come to you. But how long until they attack? She sighed and hugged her mother from behind. What was the true definition of normal?